Who Owns All Arsenal Shares?

Here’s some more info about who actually owns all Arsenal’s shares – this post replaces the one on the same subject from last week, which I have now deleted.

First how many shares are there? When I tweet about shares, I’m often asked and I immediately answer: 62,219. That’s the figure given on the ISDX website, and they should know.

The share register maintained by Capita Registrars gives the figure as 62,217. They should also know, but they don’t include two single subscriber shares held by the club that aren’t available to trade.

The largest block held these days – indeed the largest ever held by one person or organisation – is the 41,698 held by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (67.02%). KSE UK is wholly owned by Mr Enos Stanley Kroenke.

The second largest block is the 18,695 (30.04%) held by Red & White Securities Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Red & White Holdings, which itself is owned jointly by Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri. Figures for these two shareholders are regularly updated on Arsenal.com, so we know they’re correct.

That’s a total of 60,393, or 97.07%. This leaves 2.93% for everyone else, which is 1,826 if you want to go with the ISDX total figure, or 1,824 if you believe the Share Register. (All figures to this point updated to be correct as at 1 October 2015.)

As at the end of July 2012, there were 637 entries on the share register, which on the face of it is 637 different shareholders. If only things were that simple.

A lot of shares are held in the names of Nominee Companies for the purposes of the Register, which is not unusual with shares. People who trade shares often leave them all with a nominee, often a bank, for convenience, but it also has the advantage of keeping the name of the real owner private. And it means that one nominee Register entry might cover multiple real owners, or multiple nominee Register entries might have the same real owner.

Additionally, some shareholders have multiple entries on the register. This can be for various reasons, including where parents have them for their children, or where shares have just been obtained at different times.

In the case of the big two, Stan’s shares appear as one block, so that’s nice and easy.

Red & White’s entry says they have 10,592 shares, which is clearly not the whole story. But there are 8,062 shares held in 34 separate nominee entries. These include blocks of 6,559 and 1,348. Clearly R&W own most of those, but not all, because that would give them a total of 18,499. That’s only three more than they’ve got, but it’s enough to complicate the position. Do they own all but three of the two big blocks of nominee-held shares, or fewer than that but some of the smaller parcels of nominee shares? To be honest it probably doesn’t matter, as I can’t get to the bottom of it either way.

What I can tell you is these facts:

  • 41,698 shares held by KSE UK
  • 10,592 shares held directly by R&W
  • 8,062 shares held in nominee names
  • 224 shares held by people who have no known address – these were probably all purchased in the 1912 share issue, and the original holders are almost certainly long dead
  • 56 shares held by people who are definitely dead, as the Administrators and Executors of the 13 individuals concerned are included in the listing
  • 13 shares held in the names of three members of the Dein family; none for David, but three for everyone’s favourite agent, Darren Dein
  • 9 shares held by Piers Morgan (plus one he’s given to his son)
  • 14 shares held by David Bernstein – but not the one who is head of the FA
  • There are 376 entries of a single share on the register, but in a few dozen cases there are multiple entries for the same person or organisation
  • There are 84 entries of two shares each
  • There are 32 entries of three shares each
  • There are 25 entries of four shares each
  • There are 18 entries of five shares each
  • There are 15 entries of six shares each
  • There are four entries of seven shares each
  • There are 51 entries of eight shares each
  • There are three entries of nine shares each
  • There are three entries of ten shares each
  • There are no entries with 11 shares, but 22 entries of between 12 and 115 shares each



19 thoughts on “Who Owns All Arsenal Shares?

  1. Interesting to see Darren Dein shareholding considering he is pimping his arsenal clients to other clubs. Surely a successful arsenal is more beneficial to him?

  2. Two little things that may mean something (or maybe not frankly).

    Firstly I notice there are quite a few with 8 shares – I’d guess that they all held one share before the 8 for 1 issue. Also the no known address shares are a multiple of 8, as are the confirmed deceased. Only mention that as it may help age the shares.

    Secondly the two ‘missing’ shares. Not sure what the term means but in the past I’ve read about ‘orphan shares’ . I believe one was given to AST and maybe one to Ken Friar? May be way off but could that be the two?

    • The ones with no address have (I assume) had no known address since long before the 8 for 1 split. I guess if they were easy to find someone would have found them, given the recent interest from certain parties.
      The deceased (ie the ones where the register is marked that Executors or Administrators are in control) have different amounts, they’re not all 8s.

      • I think you misunderstand. If they had no known address before the 8 for 1 then their 1 share nka would have turned into 8 shares nka at the issue. No biggie though, I just found it interesting the number of 8’s that turned up, and that the 8 share owners were at a far higher level than 7 or 9 for instance.

      • Yes, I get that, but obviously wasn’t explaining clearly enough in my last reply. It’s obvious that the NKAs were all there prior to the split. I know for a fact some of them have been there a very long time, probably all at least 80 years.

  3. use money to get money do’nt be a training wing for others n you think you wil win even a bronze arsene we are heart broken this is not the arsenal we love pliz do something n save us from this mess. gud luck arsenal n all the funs

  4. say someone goes to a car boot and buys a share in arsenal dating back to 29th march 1965 is there any chance this would still be live , ie one of the missing share’s .
    i hope you can understand if i dont give the share no. on here.

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