I’m Sure MotD used to be a GOOD programme.


13 thoughts on “I’m Sure MotD used to be a GOOD programme.

  1. Have to agree, its full of smugness. Arsenal games are always last and when they are featured earlier, you can see they really hate to give any credit and every year we are written off.

    • …And Spurs (who are always listed as at least the second coming) have won precisely what? I know we’ve won nothing recently but we’re not the only club in that position, but we’ve gone longer without a significant win and survived, guess that’s why it’s called “supporting” not championing or bragging!
      We still have a right to not be mugged off by Lineker/Hansen/Shearer et al.
      Just think if the “doing the Wenger” had been aimed at any other successful (and dare I say it, English) manager, but we’re fobbed off with “it was just a joke” and whilst it wasn’t actually offensive there are standards to be met, so we know there’s a bias and we know it’s against us don’t buy in to their validation of it….!

  2. I can assure you all that MotD was a very good programme ‘years’ ago.
    I saw the very first one (aged 10) in 1964; Liverpool versus Arsenal.

    Haven’t seen it for 12 years, since emigrating.
    However, luckily I’ve seen EVERY Arsenal League game (live with English commentary), plus most of Arsenal’s FA Cup, League Cup, and European games. Even pre-season friendlies would you believe. We even get ‘Arsenal World’ and ‘Arsenal 360’.

    Every League game is shown live on designated channels, plus repeats of each and every game throughout the rest of the week.

    European Championships, World Cup, German, Italian, Spanish… we have it all.

    Third World country, First World footie coverage, for sure.

    • What country would that be? I’d move away from England in a heartbeat. This country is quickly going to the dogs. No more opportunities.

      • Didn’t read the name. Sorry lol. So Thailand has this absolutely fantastic coverage of my beloved team. And I’m sitting here in wet windy Britain trying to catch highlights for any little scrimpings of the Arsenal? I smell a conspiracy

  3. Irish TV does a fairly good job of covering the premier league . The programme lasts for an hour and a half, but like MotD it suffers from the “waffle brigade” I always change channels between games

  4. I wasn’t bragging btw, chaps, just an attempt to enlighten you if you were to be unaware of the love of football in South East Asia. There’s a bar (pub) in Singapore that is basically an ARSENAL bar, I believe; mostly locals with a mix of expats… I haven’t looked on the web, I’ll do it later… go Googling… key into Search engine: “Bar Singapore Arsenal’ – might work (?).

    ps: forgot to mention re TV coverage over here – Sun 30th September: ARSENAL LADIES, live on ‘ESPN’ channel, 4.30pm UK time; 12.30 AM Thai time.

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