It’s been 20 Years, So Will Spurs FINALLY Finish Above Arsenal This Season?

No, they won’t.

I won’t waste any more of your time. Thanks for dropping by.


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7 thoughts on “It’s been 20 Years, So Will Spurs FINALLY Finish Above Arsenal This Season?

  1. You’ve encapsulated all the facts there.. subject closed. Next is rodgers selection dillema. He’s added so much dross to an average squad, he will have tremendous problems selecting a team this season

  2. NO – Not a chance without 2 strikers (Hernandez & N’jie or Berahino) plus a midfielder-
    Also need ADe gone [ Soldado, Lennon, Townsend sold. Then we’ll be in the top 4-
    2 places back of Arsenal.
    If we don’t move soon, we won’t make Top 4.

  3. Its funny you say that karma has a way of kicking you in the nuts . This is the year we have our best chance for 12 years , we have the team and people are taking notice . There hasn’t been one stupid spurs supporter/player/former manager or dribbling on about this is the year , and its always the way when you not trying you sometimes pull something out of your arse . I think they have no chance either , but karma is a bitch and he who laughs last laughs loudest , lets keep it in check till Saint Totteringham’s day and then we can rip the shit out of the spuds .

  4. Shameless. Although your in depth analysis was spot on, the post was filled with pompous self gratification and consequently 14 words too long. A simple NO (in bold) would have sufficed.

  5. Absolutely brilliant, probably your best “post” ever, concise, truthful, straight to the point no messing about and on top of that made me larf 🙂 of course they won’t finish above the Arsenal, spuds be lucky enough to make the top six, have high hopes this season, finally managed to beat that id*ot in the blue corner now to take the title off em. Up the Gooners 🙂

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