How Much Do The Arsenal Board Get Paid?

This is an update of a bog post I did way back in 2012: a handy table showing how much the Arsenal Board have taken in salaries and expenses since 2002. Ivan Gazidis became the first non-football employee to take a base salary of £1m plus in 2011, and judging by his inflation-busting salary and bonus rises since then I can only imagine he’s doing a fantastic job.

Lord Harris remains the only director not to take any remuneration at all. The club make a donation to charity of their ‘standard’ expenses amount instead. However, he does of course get the same perks as the other directors: the best seats, free gourmet meals in the Diamond Club, etc. That kind of hospitality would cost anyone else a six-figure sum every year. 

The other thing this doesn’t show is the two fees of £3m that Stan Kroenke took in 2014 and 2015, as they went to his company rather than to him personally.

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One thought on “How Much Do The Arsenal Board Get Paid?

  1. thanks for your research on our club arsenal. its good for us fans to understand what goes on in the way the club is managed

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