Blog Posts List

An easy reference for all the entries on this blog. As long as I keep it up to date.

1 Why Wenger must stay
2 Experts? What do they know?
3 Squad strength, Castrol rankings
4 Transfer window video
5 First Gooner piece – new stadium
6 Whose game is it – IFAB
7 What might happen at the AGM
8 Arsenal players with appropriate names
9 Gooner Gold, Burnley
10 Arsenale trademark infringement
11 Arsenal’s defence, form v class, Daniel Finkelstein
12 Giant inflatable panda on the pitch at Arsenal v Shrewsbury
13 Is RvP value for £37.5m? Sell in 2012
14 Where’s Tommy?
15 Football hairstyles through the ages, Gooner article
16 1961 reasons why Arsenal are better than Spurs
17 Sam Allardyce ES column etc
18 Gooner Gold, Arsenal v Leeds 1977
19 Letter to AFC Board from Clive Hill
20 Player power, Cesc, Nasri, Tevez, Modric
21 Tim Stillman in Gooner cartoon
22 Stan Kroenke interview with journos Oct 2011
23 Gooner Gold – 1994 and 1995 CWC finals
24 Fergie V Hitler
25 Practical Maths For Spurs Fans
26 Sylvain Wiltord – He Wasn’t Very Good. Gooner 122
27 The curse of the mural – Gooner 116
28 Arsenal Bad Hair XI
29 Moneyball (Moneybollocks) – why it doesn’t apply to football
30 Tony Adams tribute
31 When did The Arsenal become just Arsenal?
32 Henry at Emirates Cup 2011
33 Peter Hill-Wood Anger Management
34 Peter Drury
35 Emirates Cup pictures
36 Arsenal finances – the plain truth
37 Spurs IQ Test
38 Mental Strength – All in the mind Gooner article; mind games
39 John Pickford on Arsenal cash balances
40 Arsène’s Diary / Motivation
41 Golden Years, or Where Has Our Yellow & Blue Kit Gone?
42 Transfer window madness “A Day In The Life”
43 Bluffers Guide to Highbury part 1
44 Bluffers Guide to Highbury part 2
45 Arry The Hutt
46 They nearly came to Arsenal: Ruud Gullit and Geoff Thomas
47 Arsenal finance principles, 2 Gooner AST articles
48 Which Premier League Club Should You Support?
49 Alisher Usmanov and his 30% Arsenal shareholding, Take 1
50 Dalglish on Suarez: when will the penny drop?
51 Imaginary Arsenal part 1
52 Arsenal v Milan and Gooner statistics article
53 Piers Morgan graphics
54 Alisher Usmanov and his 30% Arsenal shareholding, Take 2
55 Usmanov given stately home – Evening Standard article
56 Imaginary Arsenal part 2
57 Which Premier League Team Should I Support? – Russian Version
58 How to eradicate diving and cheating
59 Contractually Obliged – list of AFC squad contract end dates
60 AKB / WOB / WTF? – Factions among Arsenal fans
61 Do you suffer from twitching?
62 Media Bias Against Arsenal
63 More Bias – Gooner ‘Highbury Memories’ article re my Dad
64 Which Premier League Team? – Russian translation
65 Classic Keeganballs
66 Imaginary Arsenal Episode 3
67 Man Utd to win  Premier League, and Gooner piece on same subject
68 Arshavin: Success or Failure – interview for Sovsport
69 Rise of the Arsenal Share Price
70 Classic Ronglish
71 Horseracing is pointless and dull
72 Fabrice Muamba – My Thoughts
73 My Revolutionary Tactical Idea – Gooner article from 2002
74 What Gap? Some egg on Spurs’ Fans’ faces
75 Hello People of Iceland
76 Spurs: How low will they go? “The Fall of The Planet of the Apes” poster
77 88% of Stats are Stupid & Pointless
78 Statistics Pt2: Putting it in Context
79 Mark Hughes: no likey – from Gooner Anger Management column
80 Gooner issue 224 Anger Management column
81 How Many Arsenal Shares Does Alisher Usmanov Own Now?
82 The Chelsea Quiz – Are You A True Blue?
83 Harry Redknapp’s ‘Happy Memories of Arsenal’
84 RDM – His eyes are in the wrong place
85 Alan Smith joins Arsenal – and then plays against us – Arsenal programme 1987
86 Peter Marinello – the new George Best; Arsenal programme 1972
87 Sylvain Wiltord: 10 Years Since Old Trafford – explaining the offside law
88 ‘Arry & Sam: pictures of Allardyce and Redknapp
89 Brian McDermott: Then & Now – Evening Standard article and 1983 programme
90 History of Substitutes: Niall Quinn, record breaker?
91 Arsenal Legends definitive list
92 Arsenal ticket office sorted – from programme, 1983
93 Champions League Qualification or Domestic Cups – which is more important?
94 Charlie George Interview
95 Alisher Usmanov Q&A – Everything Arsenal fans need to know
96 The Origin of St Totteringham’s Day
97 More St Totteringham’s Day fun – Planet of The Apes poster
98 Reasons to be Annoyed
99 Spurs’ Season – A Series of Unfortunate Events
100 Arsenal and Spurs Groundshare
101 Is John Terry fit to lift the Champions League trophy?
102 David Dein discusses the Premier League
103 Changes to Plus Markets – will Arsenal de-list?
104 Sack The Board! Or Not
105 English Football’s Longest Bans
106 1989 Final League Table and pre-season matches v Liverpool
107 Spurs Champions League DVD
108 The 1970s: They Were Dull
109 Arsenal v Walsall 1933: The Greatest Cup Upset Ever
110 Arsenal’s Transfer Proceeds Account – The Basics
111 Chelsea, Champions of Europe: So What?
112 I Will Survive – Harry Redknapp cover version
113 Why did Arsenal agree to call it Emirates Stadium?
114 What would a rights issue mean for Arsenal?
115 Why supporter shareholders are important for Arsenal
116 Ivan Gazidis Q&A: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
117 Accountability Part 2: Arsenal Belongs To Us All
118 In Defence of Peter Hill-Wood
119 Is This Why Liverpool Were So Successful in the 1970s and ‘80s?
120 Rules of Substitutions
121 Experiments with the Offside Law
122 Redknapp Leaves Spurs – I Will Survive version 2
123 Harry Redknapp’s Brilliant Legacy
124 The WAG club
125 Walcott: What does 32 minutes prove?
126 Who likes Spurs? (Alleged celebrity fans)
127 New PL Rules: Does 30% For Usmanov Really Mean Nothing?
128 Better Atmosphere? Stop All-Ticket Matches
129 Worst Arsenal Kit Ever
130 The Arsenal Shares Mystery – Why won’t AU pay more than £14k a share?
131 Who should you support at Euro 2012?
132 No more Penalty Shootouts – alternative options
133 Arsenal Shares Traded on Plus Markets, since July 2011
134 That’s Another Fine Mess: Bendtner (0) v Uefa (€100,000) at Euro 2012
135 New PL TV deal: That’s All We Bloody Need
136 Man City Bid For Arsenal Player (Relax, it’s not RvP)
137 Arsenal Wages: Still Work To Be Done, Ivan? – Kyle Bartley and Rangers’ debt to Arsenal
138 Should Arsenal Sell RvP Now?
139 Spain Aren’t Quite The First Country To Win Three In A Row
140 In Defence (Partial) of Ivan Gazidis
141 Uefa – Who Do They Think They Are?
142 No Big Money For Arsenal To Spend – But You Knew That Already, Right?
143 Shock Horror! The Arsenal Transfer Proceeds Account Is Empty
144 Chamakh the Pony. So Why Pay Him So Much?
145 Equal Pay At Wimbledon – Justified?
146 What Arsène Knows
147 Arsenal Crisis – 1992 Style
148 Food References ‘not racist’ At All, says Ferdinand. Probably
149 Maximum Arsenal Share Price, 2007-2012
150 Notes On The Stan Kroenke Method Of Sports Club Ownership
151 Five Of My Arsenal Favourites
152 RvP Not Touring? So Who Actually Runs Arsenal?

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