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Good blogging is not as easy as it looks. It’s time consuming, for one thing. So I’m happy to take guest posts now and again on pretty much any subject, though of course this is predominantly a football and Arsenal-related blog. If you want to offer something, please feel free. However, I warn you that my standards are high. For example, I like spelling to be correct and punctuation to be appropriate. I only like repetition if it’s deliberate – deliberate, I say.

You may also have noticed that a lot of my blog posts are useful as reference – eg who owns Arsenal shares, who are the true Arsenal legends. I don’t write so much about who should play centre-back on Saturday, because by Sunday no one is interested. I’m not saying that’s not a useful type of blog post, it’s just not what I normally do.

To reiterate, I’d like other people to write sometimes to save me time, so if I have to rewrite what I’ve been given it rather defeats the object.

So, the ‘rules’:

  • Any length
  • Any subject within reason, but Arsenal / football / sport preferred
  • Nothing defamatory
  • Nothing poorly written that I’ll need to rewrite – unless the idea is so stunningly brilliant it’ll be worth my while, but in general if you can’t be bothered to spell everything correctly and do your own proofreading, I won’t be interested
  • I offer no money whatsoever, but a good post with a catchy title can easily get reader numbers in five figures

If you just want to contact me for some other reason, you can also use this form. There is no guarantee I’ll reply.

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