60,704 Arsenal Tickets – Who Gets Them?

The capacity of Arsenal’s stadium at the start of the 2022-23 season was 60,704 according to the official Premier League figures. That’s a lot, but demand has never been higher and tickets are like gold dust. Sales to Silver and Red members are done in minutes, which leaves some desperate supporters spending hundreds of pounds on the secondary market. How the tickets get to the secondary market is a subject for another time, but where are the tickets allocated to begin with? 

This is my best guess on how the 60,704 are allocated:

The number of season tickets is the balancing figure to get to the right total (I rounded down the 4). Most of the smaller figures are known, so unless I am missing a category of tickets that includes a few thousand, the numbers should all be pretty accurate. Unless you know better? Feel free to put me right…




6 thoughts on “60,704 Arsenal Tickets – Who Gets Them?

  1. I think you are spot on… and as a Silver Member of about 15 years, that explains why I’m constantly one of the 11 out of the 12 who don’t get a ticket!

  2. You would think the club would consider increasing the capacity of the stadium, especially with the spuds and hammers having a bigger stadium.

  3. My son and I live too far away to come to the Emirates very often. We’ve tried every match since Christmas and got 1. Paying the Silver sub for us is just to get tickets and is pricey too. Have asked the club to consider an element of allocation so everyone gets a fair chance.

  4. And for those who would only ever be able to make one or two games a season, you ain’t got a cat in wotsits chance….first you got to be a Member Red/Silver/Gold, then you might try Ticket Exchange, costs involved in all that, then there’s the cost of ticket itself if you can ever get one and then on top of that you got travel expenses, from my neck of the woods that’s another £100 straight off :-(, and that’s before you even get into the Armoury for another shirt and gawd forbid you ever want to buy a pie :-(. Some of us may never get to watch the Arsenal live again :-(…….Oh how I miss the days where you just turn up at the turnstile had over your quid and get in, these days you got to plan at least six weeks in advance before you go to any football match with such military planning it ain’t fun, even getting tickets for my local side the Posh ain’t easy anymore.

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