I get a bit hacked off with Gooners having a go at each other on Twitter. Is there another club with more different factions and views? We have so many different factions of fans that there is always someone having a go at someone else. Healthy debate is good, but too often it descends into mindless slagging off and name calling. I do wonder what the hell drives some people.

Suppose for example:

Arsenal are linked by a spurious rumour to a teenager

I’m removing most of the swearing, but the Arsène haters come out and say:

  • “He’s lost it”
  • “Wenger is useless”
  • “Can’t he see this experiment with kids has failed?”
  • “Spend some ****ing money”

Arsène lovers say:

  • “Look how many times he’s produced a superstar”
  • “So he shouldn’t have signed the Ox, should he?”
  • “He can only spend what the Board gives him”


Arsenal are linked by a spurious rumour to a world class star

Arsène haters say:

  • “That’s shit, X will never sign for us, we’re in decline”
  • “Wenger never spends any money anyway so it won’t happen”

Arsène lovers say:

  • “It shows big players still want to come to Arsenal”
  • “They all want to play for Wenger”


Arsenal lose a game they weren’t expected to lose

Arsène haters say:

  • “We’ll never win anything with him in charge, he’s got to go”
  • “Who else would be allowed to go seven years without winning anything and not get sacked?”
  • “We should never have left Highbury”

Arsène lovers say:

  • “Look what he’s done for the club, without him we’d be mid-table”
  • “You’re happy we lost to prove your point”
  • “He’s Arsenal’s greatest ever manager”
  • “Look at all those consecutive seasons in the top 4 and Champions League”
  • “Who else could do what he’s done?”


Arsenal comfortably win a game against top class opposition

Arsène haters say:

  • “It doesn’t make any difference, look where we are in the table”
  • “He still has to go at the end of the season”

Arsène lovers say:

  • “Now who looks stupid, where are the Wenger haters all of a sudden?”
  • “He’s proved yet again he’s the best man for the job”

Trouble is, the truth is nearly always somewhere in the middle, and the points being made are starting to get tedious. To be honest, most of the comments apply in nearly every situation listed and numerous others. If people want to make specific criticisms, great, then we can discuss. There’s no point discussing anything with people who overreact to one game, or one incident in one game.

Here’s an idea for Arsène lovers: accept that no one is perfect, not even Arsène, and some things definitely need to change if consistent success is coming back; the manager will need to change his ways. Here’s an idea for Arsène haters: accept that no one is perfect, not even you, but some things definitely need to change if consistent success is coming back; but top level football management is not as easy as it looks, and only one team can win the league each year.

Right, now everyone shut up a minute while we at least try and make fourth place safe. (And no, that is not a trophy, and yes, we must do better, but let’s be realistic and start from where we are.)


8 thoughts on “AKB / WOB / WTF?

  1. Wenger supporters, of whom I’m one, generally react to insults and accusations rather than initiate discussions on how wonderful the man is. I personally am happy to listen to legitimate criticisms but too often they are just unrealistic ravings from people who want us to buy success in a way we can’t afford and rarely come up with a serious suggestion of who should replace Wenger.

  2. Well said. Let’s just get behind the team for now and save our judgements for end of season. Who knows, we might even nick 3rd place. Let’s play our part in the last eleven games and that is to support the team we suppossedly love. #COYG

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