Hello people of Iceland!

Hæ! Icelanders, according to my site stats, you are consistently the third most avid readers of this blog, behind only the UK and US, and a long way in front of everyone else. The population of Iceland is very small, so maybe the stats are rubbish and WordPress lies like a rug. But if you’re Icelandic, tell me why you’re here in numbers that are apparently totally out of proportion to your size of population. In return, here is a rare picture of Siggi Jonsson in Arsenal kit (not actually playing or anything, but he’s there, just next to John Lukic):

Also, here’s a picture of me and a waterfall. If you’re really Icelandic you’ll like this, and probably know where it is.



4 thoughts on “Hello people of Iceland!

  1. Seljalandsfoss 🙂 and I’ve no idea why there is so many Icelandic colleague of mine here. I appreciate the pictures!

    • I think it is Skogafoss! I thought you were right, but then looking at pictures of both, I think it’s definitely Skogafoss.
      But so far you are the only Icelander commenting, so I still don’t know if the stats are telling me the truth.

  2. I stand corrected! It is indeed Skógarfoss ( embarassing 😀 ) They could be, I’m gonna give them a little time to show up!:D

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