The Worst Arsenal Kit Ever

No, I’m not referring to the new purple and black monstrosity of an away kit, that might still grow on me. But following a Twitter conversation earlier, I dug out these pictures from the Arsenal programme from the match against Everton at Highbury on 8 April 1989. The front cover shows Perry Groves in action against Southampton two weeks earlier, a match that we won 3-1 with Groves scoring.

As you can see, Southampton in those days wore a predominantly red shirt with black shorts. So we turned out wearing our away yellow shirt and socks, with our home white shorts. We looked like idiots. We’ve had some crap kits over the years, but in this case we decided to make a crap one out of two fairly decent kits. In fact the Southampton match was just two months before the away kit was immortalised by Mickey Thomas at Anfield on 26 May.

It wasn’t the first time we’d done this – the season before was the same, the famous match where Alan Shearer made his full debut and scored a hat-trick in a 4-2 victory. The Daily Mirror back page showed Kenny Sansom in yellow shirt and white shorts, while Shearer scores one of his three: Why did we not have some yellow shorts? Or some red ones? Or a third kit? I was personally embarrassed by our amateurish appearance.

There may have been other occasions too. Anyone remember any?

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23 thoughts on “The Worst Arsenal Kit Ever

  1. Wenger buyin giroud is a waist of money why dont u buy demsey insted of giroud giroud is like chamack we need gud players not pples ok fukin greedy manager

  2. I’m sorry ? What are you saying ? I can sense a lot of confusion in your words, confusion and ignorance that makes them unworthy.

    Giroud has been the Ligue 1’s top scorer this year, and has scored for last two seasons more goals than Marouane ever has. He is fairly athletic, quite skillful although being a little bit slow, but has the qualities to be the number 9 ” fox in the box “, a Drogba-ish or Dzeko-ish player that Arsenal hasn’t been able to get for so long. And he comes quite cheap due to his release clause, I wouldn’t see Montpellier letting him go for less than £17 M otherwise.

    Dempsey is a good player indeed. But i’m not sure he is the one we would be looking for with the current attacking options at the club, although I would welcome him.

  3. Where in this post does it mention Wenger or Giroud? Have you even been to the Emirates? Do you even live with 50 miles of the stadium? I doubt it.

    By the way, the writer is spot on. The combination of the yellow away shirt with the white home shorts, is absolutely vile!

    • The internet is as wide and varied as the reach of AFC. You have no knowledge of where this person is from?
      Because someone is lucky enough to live near the ground or get to the games, this does not make them an ‘elite’ fan. It’s just a geographical fluke. When will people stop saying these types of stupid things to make a completely unconnected point. Disagree by all means but why try to disregard any opinion based on such silly assumptions.
      P.s born and bred in Islington. (luckier not better)

  4. The Green & Blue was to celebrate a Scouts anniversary or something…hence the colours. It was bad…but not as bad as the awful “splattered bee” kit of 91-92. That’d be closely followed by the EXTREME AWESOMENESS of lightning bolts on the 95-96 away kit.

    We’ve been quite lucky with home kits, I think…with the exception of the stripy home shorts of 86-87…

    • I actually liked the green and blue. Was it really to do with scouts? Can’t remember that. The lightning bolt away kit was crap, agree with that. The home kit I’ve hated most was the one with the white panel right across the back, about ’97 I think.

    • Not quite. We wore the green & blue away kit only for 1982-83. Even though we never won in it I quite liked it.

      At the start of 1983-84 we played against Aberdeen in a game to celebrate the centenary of the Boys Brigade. For that game we wore something like a blue shirt with red sleeves. It is on the front cover of the programme for the first league game of the season against Luton.

  5. I can remember a couple of League Cup games against Blackpool at home in 1976 where we wore or normal home shirts with red shorts. It remember at the time thinking it looked weird. 36 years on two questions have just struck me: 1) why didn’t Blackpool change their shorts (as Arsenal as the away team did in that game against Southampton) and 2) where did we get red shorts from?

    • I have very vague memories of seeing us in red shorts, but no evidence of it. It’s been mentioned on twitter too, so I’m sure it’s happened, but good question, where did we get them from? Perhaps they weren’t even ‘branded’ in those days? Came from the local sports shop!

      • Phil, if you’ve got access to The Times archive there is a black & white picture of Liam Brady wearing them. It is in the issue on 29 September 1976.

  6. The worst kit we had was the green & blue kit in the 80s.. absolutely rotten lol.
    Amadi , your a Twat go back to Shite Hart Lane with the rest of the inbred mugs

    Up the Arsenal

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