Silly Walks and Silly Talk

This picture of Arsene Wenger reminds me of something:

It reminds me of this:

But it’s not just silly walks Arsene specialises in. Summer is also the time for silly talk. John Cleese is a comedian; as well as the silly walks, he’s meant to say funny things. But the Guardian today quote Wenger as saying: “As long as you are at the club you give your best for the club and that is the only pride you can have as a football player and as a manager. As long as you are somewhere you give your best every day for that club. If it changes, it changes. I am convinced that Robin is like that, he is completely focused every day on his job. He loves football, he loves the game and as long as he is here he will do that.”

And yet someone has decided Robin van Persie should not be on the plane with the rest of the squad for the tour of Asia. It doesn’t much matter who has made the decision, because either way if Van Persie was “completely focused every day on his job” surely he’d be with the rest of the team?


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8 thoughts on “Silly Walks and Silly Talk

  1. I never believe anything that comes out of the dictator’s mouth, every Summer he spouts rubbish and he expects us to believe it,’ The Emperor Clothes’ comes to mind with the Dictator

  2. Hi Phil,
    It depends on how cynical you are about this. Other players haven’t travelled either. Koscielny, Giroud, Podolski, Per.. RVP isn’t the only one left behind. Is fitness the prime issue? Probably not. But it can be one issue. Unless you think the other players have been left behind just as a cover for Van Persie’s absence.

  3. Anything Wenger says about Brave Sir Robin from now on is only designed to raise his transfer fee. Once you realise that, getting angry seems a bit pointless.

  4. Agree with you Nobby. And imagine the indignation of Arsenal bloggers if Van Persie were to make the trip and pick up an injury – now that would be right and proper anger. Of course, let common sense not get in the way of a good moan.

  5. Did you even notice that everyone else who was at the Euros is excluded from the touring squad too? I would like to advice you to use facts and look at the circumstances in question if you want to insult or criticize someone.

  6. Maybe the manager wants to se the players who are actually going to be ‘playing’ for Arsenal this season,rather than those that wont be, You might be better getting a job writing for some pathetic newsmedia company, (The Daily Mail springs to mind), Rather than spouting your anti Wenger views on here

  7. At least Wenger admitted they were negligent last season, because of the Cesc/Gollum affair. RVP has maybe a year of football left at the top level and may get injured again. To pay him £200,000 a week for four years will cause us more problems than it solves. Although Wenger is a great coach and somehow does touch a lot of people he also reminds me of Mr. Bean. I think a lot of managers respect him but privately think he is a bit of a nerd. He is both Mr. Bean and the Mad Professor. Half way between pathalogical naivity and genius. It’s touch and go with him if we win or if we lose. I have no doubt that if he got rid of his shortsightedness, signed a class player or two to bring us up to par, he could win us the league. Trouble he too shortsighted…is he really genuinely mad?

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