Do you want a free Arsenal shirt?

I’ve had enough of Spurs fans’ abuse now after a couple of days of it, so here’s something different. I’m getting close to 5,000 followers on twitter, so when I get there I’ll give away this Arsenal shirt from 2006. As you can see, it’s the redcurrant ‘last season at Highbury’ special. There is no name or number on the back. Click the picture to enlarge it and you’ll see that it’s signed (allegedly) by the 2006 Arsenal squad and manager.

I say allegedly, because I bought it on ebay and I have absolutely no proof that the signatures are genuine. They might be – it was sold as such – but then again they might not. Anyway, I don’t wear it and as I don’t know if the signatures are genuine I don’t particularly want to hang it on the wall. So it’s largely been sitting in a drawer for six years.

The shirt is size XL (44 inch chest) and is in new condition – it’s been worn a couple of times and been machine washed. The signatures are written in silver pen, and washing made little difference to them, apart from perhaps making them slightly less shiny. They actually show up on the real thing much better than they do on the picture.

So if you want it, just follow me on Twitter – @AngryOfN5 – and I’ll find some random way of choosing someone to give it to once I’m past 5,000 followers.

ps – someone thinks it’s genuine – see comment number 3.


24 thoughts on “Do you want a free Arsenal shirt?

  1. I got one of these on a sponsors day, xl as well ( i suppose they had the most spare ?) – so i would suggest it is genuine

  2. That’s one of my favourite shirts, I’ll never give mine away.
    I’ve started a blog myself…
    come and have a look if you like, it’s a bit fresh right now but I’d be greatful for any feedback.

  3. Pick me, pick me! Impossible to find this shirt where I live (Chicago). I’d have some bulking up to do to fit in it though. I’d be very interested and even willing to pay if you don’t find a way to randomly give it away.

  4. I so welcome and love this indeed i have been looking for day like dis very historical in nature send me a jersey to post office in rivers state nigeria address no 10 station road portharcourt.

  5. Av been thinking of how to get dis season shirt cos av never missed a season without my arsenal shirt but am broke this time i promise to warship u if u can pls get one 4me thanks boss

  6. Amazing competiton you got there @AngryofN5!
    The way my luck has been going, I am pretty much sure, I won’t be winning the shirt, but I certainly am not the one for not trying! 😀
    Been an Arsenal fan for 8 years now, barely missing a game over the years, and some of which even have lasted up to 4:00 AM in the morning! Made the pilgrimage of nearly 6300 miles to the Emirates 3 years back, but didn’t get to watch a game! However, the dream remains!
    Been an Arsenal blogger for around half a year now.
    Have 4 jerseys, but only one is authentic. (Henry 06/07) Would love to have the beautiful jersey above. I have searched for it all over the internet, but in vain, and if you were to choose me, I would be on top of the world!
    Supreet (@SupreetKini)

  7. It will be a great pleasure if i get one coz a couple of years i hav been strugling 2 get an original arsenal shirt.

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