Arsenal Shirt Giveaway Winner

You probably saw my post last week where I promised to give away this 2006 Arsenal shirt, possibly signed by the squad and manager. It’s definitely signed by someone, but I have no proof the someone or someones were actually employed by Arsenal at the time. Be that as it may, I said I’d give it away to a random twitter follower once I had 5,000 of them, so I have chosen one and it’s: @Nolly88, aka Mukani Arnold.

So Mukani, tweet me and I’ll get an email address from you, then an address to send the shirt to.

For everyone’s info, my randomiser process involved copying a list of my most recent 3,000 followers (approx – I wasn’t being exact on the numbers) into Excel, sorting them into alphabetical order (so they weren’t in order of following and I didn’t know who had followed when), split them into groups of approximately 200 then got my kids to pick a set and then point to a name, both without looking.

I didn’t use all 5,000 plus followers because (apart from the fact that copying the number I did into Excel froze it for about ten minutes anyway) the first couple of thousand had a chance to win a signed Fabregas picture that I also gave away when I got to 2,500. I have to admit I’m glad the shirt is going abroad, as the Fabregas picture went to an English Gooner, and the next thing I intend giving away is too heavy to send abroad, so that will be limited to UK-based Gooners only. I think I can just afford the postage for the shirt.

Twitter: @AngryOfN5


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