Clive Allen’s Anniversary

I’m reminded by Arsenal on This Day that today is the 32nd anniversary of Clive Allen leaving Arsenal for Crystal Palace. Thirty-two years is a long time to hold a grudge, but Mr Allen seems to be managing it okay. See how he almost barges a frail pensioner out of the way on the touchline at a recent North London Derby, in his efforts to try and join in and get a kick in a competitive game for the Arsenal. Go on Clive! Get in! Meanwhile ‘Arry seems to have fallen asleep or is pretending not to see the incident, and Joe Jordan appeals unsuccessfully for offside.

“My ball!”

“Ha ha! Out of my way, skinny!”

To be fair, I’m sure Clive’s a lovely fella*.


*No I’m not.



4 thoughts on “Clive Allen’s Anniversary

  1. Have you also talked about the bitterness displayed by players like Ian Wright and Paul Merson towards Arsenal and Arsène Wenger? I guess we’re just so great that it’s difficult to take for these bastards when we tell them to go.

    • I don’t think either Wright or Merson have any bitterness towards Arsenal at all. They may not like how Wenger treated them, but that’s a different matter.

    • Wrighty and Merson just love having a dig at our club when then chance arise. I’ve lost all respect for both of them too.

      • I disagree – if you saw the programme about Wright on ESPN the other night, he has nothing but respect and love for Arsenal. He knows what Arsenal did for him. If he has opinions on people at Arsenal that differ from yours, or even differ from 99% of Arsenal fans, then so what? We all have different opinions on what is best for Arsenal.

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