Ray Parlour Had The Looks Of A Greek God!

Recently Arsenal went to Liverpool and won 2-0. Twenty years ago the same thing happened, with that match marking the third appearance of the young Romford Pele himself, Ray Parlour. Ray’s debut the previous season had also been against Liverpool at Anfield, where he gave away a penalty and Arsenal lost. But for this match at the end of August the story played out differently. Ray’s selection was described as a gamble, but a gamble that paid off. He set up both Arsenal’s goals and was described in this match report as ‘The blond teenager with the looks of a Greek god’!The match was played on a Sunday afternoon and shown live on British TV, allowing those of us with a video recorder to slap a VHS in and tape it to watch it again, as Ray himself is seen doing on his 21-incher in this report from two days later. “I was so excited I watched the second half at midnight when I got back from Anfield,” said 19-year-old Ray. But the “Essex lad with the golden locks” still had his feet on the ground and wasn’t even sure he’d be in the squad for the next match against Oldham. Fortunately a long and trophy-laden career awaited him.

Nice carpet too, Ray.

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6 thoughts on “Ray Parlour Had The Looks Of A Greek God!

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  2. Nice one. For me, Ray was one of Arsenal’s very best. Love the guy (those gorgeous golden locks!). Unlucky to be injured every time he seemed about to become an England regular. Like him now as a pundit.

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