Signed Ian Wright Poster & Football Winner – And More Free Stuff Coming!

My competition to win a signed Ian Wright poster and football produced entries from as far away as Scandinavia, Asia and even New Zealand.

The prize was courtesy of, who recently produced the brilliant Ian Wright video in their Nothing to Something series – watch it here. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is definitely worth spending 25 minutes of your time on, believe me.

The competition question was: Against which club did Ian Wright score his first FA Cup goals for Arsenal?

Not a huge number of correct entries – quite a few people said Leicester (who he scored his first goal against, but that was in the League Cup, or Capital One Cup as it is this season), or Sheffield Wednesday (against whom he later scored in the FA Cup final).

Having done a quick internet search, the correct answer is not immediately easy to find, but it was in this blog post from last week. In fact the answer was Yeovil Town, against whom Wrighty scored a hat-trick on January 1, 1993 – the first match of Arsenal’s FA Cup winning run that season.

The Yeovil fans responded by chanting ‘You’ll never play for England’ at the Arsenal striker, who in turn responded with this V-sign.

Considering Arsenal turning up at their non-League ground brought them more fans and money than they normally got in a year, you’d think they’d be more grateful.

Anyway, the competition winner, selected by my usual rigorous random processes, is: Jovan Milenkovic of Serbia.

Jovan – I have passed your details onto, who should be getting the prize out to you very soon.

For those who didn’t win, I will be giving away some more exclusive Arsenal stuff very shortly. Some of it MONEY CANNOT BUY.  Well, I say that. Obviously if you have enough money and willpower you can pay a Chinese factory to get your own stuff made, but you can’t get some of this gear in shops, that’s for sure.

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