Theo: It’s All About The Money, Money, Money

At least that’s what just over 60 per cent of respondents in my poll think. theo poll 18Dec2012The biggest single group think that he really wants to stay, but is holding out for more dosh, presumably because he thinks his market value is higher than Arsenal think it is. From his comments I think it’s doubtful that he wants to stay, but then he could just be trying to make it sound like that – you know, it’s one of these ‘agendas’ that everyone is always on about these days.

Some say he is holding out for a signing on fee, and that’s the stumbling block rather than an extra £10k a week on the wages. If that’s true then all I can say is greedy bastard.

Oddly, exactly the same number think he wants to leave for more money as think he wants to stay to play centrally – 23.52% going for both those options.

Only 8.74% think it’s about trophies. This surprises me. Theo is already a multi-millionaire and will earn millions more in the next decade; does it really matter if it’s £45m or £50m? Doesn’t he want to look back on a career stuffed with medals? Don’t most players want some glory as well as money? Don’t they want to be able to tell their grandchildren, ‘I won the league’? Perhaps that would have been second choice for a lot of people – maybe it’s even second choice for Theo.

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5 thoughts on “Theo: It’s All About The Money, Money, Money

  1. arsenal is a crap team so theo just leave n join the rank of those great ex arsenal players who won trophies after they left

  2. Do we really want to pay top dollar for an unproven central striker – lets see him score against top clubs on a consistant basis then pay?
    Could he not sign a deal that escalates if / as he is succesful?
    Couldn’t we get someone better / proven for that money?
    Where woud £100k a week leave Jack / Ox / Santi / etc. – would they deserve more versus Theo?
    I do want Walcott to stay but I don’t think he warrants breaking the wage strucure for.
    There is no simple solution to me.

  3. Right arsenal needs Theo more than Theo needs Arsenal!
    So Kronke you stingy c@!? Pay the man and sell Gervinho to balance your precious accounting books!

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