David Dein’s Euro Super League Dream!

As we have had the Champions League draw today, here’s some more history from 20 years ago: it’s David Dein’s master plan for a European Super League! “I have a dream of a European League which I think would appeal to the players, the fans and the England team manager,” said Dein. Uh-huh. Go on. “It must benefit the national side if our players are able to experience European football on a regular basis.” Sod that, David, the national team will always be crap, take my word for it! We’re talking 46 years of hurt!

Dein saw Premier League clubs withdrawing from the League Cup – as Arsenal have successfully done very recently – and as many as 40 teams in this ‘Euro League’, including the top five in the Premier League and the FA Cup winners. Well, yeah, something like that might work, I guess.

A recent double-header between English and Scottish champions Leeds and Rangers had gone well and “the ban on away supporters proved a successful experiment”. You what? That doesn’t sound like the way forward to me. Interesting where those ‘Champion’; clubs are 20 years on though – Leeds trying to get back into the big time under perennial promotion hopeful Colin Wanker, while Rangers languish in the lowest tier of Scottish football, where I regularly turn down offers of a contract.

Hold up, David’s still talking: “We have to offer the fans a better deal. So far, sadly, the Premier League has provided all too little in the way of change.” Here’s an idea: get a foreign manager, for the novelty really if nothing else, build a new 60,000 seater stadium and charge £100 a ticket for a big game. It’s the future mate, I’m telling you. It’s the future.

7Nov92 David Dein's Euro league plan003

PS: Look at the nostalgia of that old crest. And it’s not even broken, given that Arsenal were top of the league at the time, and favourites for the title. Happy days.



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