George Graham’s All Time Arsenal XI

Some more nostalgia from 1992, as George Graham firstly tells us what a great season Arsenal are going to have in the new Premier League, partly due to his signing of European Champion John Jensen. Jensen of course turned out to be a disappointment, and Leeds and Man U fought out the title race while Arsenal concentrated on the cups. ‘Jensen to be my missing link’  was the full headline. Not so sure about that.

George also reminds us we had a lucky escape because his bid for Geoff Thomas was turned down. To be fair Arsenal did have a lot of quality players, but a few duds were also starting to creep into the squad – look, there’s David Hillier sitting next to Jensen in the team photo. George Graham on John Jensen 14Aug92A second piece had George picking his all-time Arsenal XI. George was always a student of Arsenal’s history and in a better position than most to judge the greats of the past. You could debate a few of his choices, and of course you’d now include Henry, Bergkamp, probably Vieira and Adams, in any all-time XI – which just shows how spoilt we were in the early Wenger years. Cliff Bastin, Alex James and Liam Brady are automatic choices, and many who saw Jack Kelsey play would say the same of him.Very difficult to choose between the three central defenders of McLintock, O’Leary and Adams – and then where would you put Stepanovs and Colin Pates? George GBraham's Arsenal dream team001Twitter: @AngryOfN5


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