Arsenal Quiz Questions (And Answers)

All the questions and answers from last week’s charity Arsenal Quiz Night.

Quiz 18 april 13 picture roundAnswers:

1 – 1967    2 – 1992    3 – 1993    4 – 1995    5 – 2007

6 – Cesc celebrates scoring v Milan
7 – Michael Thomas scores at Anfield ’89
8 – Martin Keown taunts Ruud van Nistelrooy
9 – Charlie George celebrates in the 1971 FA Cup Final
10 – Santi Cazorla makes his first appearance on the Arsenal pitch

11 – 1990    12 – 2001   13 – 1998    14 – 1991    15 – 2002

16 – 1979-80    17 – 1989-90    18 – 1968-69    19 – 1975-76    20 – 1984-85

Round 1 Multiple choice
1 Which of these players did NOT score more than 18 league goals in a season for Arsenal:
Tony Woodcock; Alan Smith; Martin Hayes; Frank Stapleton

2 How many different players scored at Highbury for Arsenal in league matches between 1913 and 2006?
199; 268; 373; 508

3 How many north London derbies did Arsène Wenger take charge of before losing one?
Two; six; 14; 20

4 Which of these players did not come on as sub in the final league match at Highbury against Wigan:
Robin van Persie; Dennis Bergkamp; Cesc Fabregas; Freddie Ljungberg     

5 Which of these did Arsenal not play on the way to winning the 1993-94 Cup Winners’ Cup?
Torino; Odense; Sampdoria; Standard Liege

6 Who scored the most hat-tricks for Arsenal at Highbury?
Thierry Henry; Ted Drake; Jimmy Brain; Ian Wright

7 Which of these clubs have Arsenal not faced in a European Final?
Anderlecht; Galatasaray; Benfica; Parma

8 When John Lukic first signed for Arsenal, the fee was £50,000 plus an extra payment if what happened?
Arsenal won the League; Lukic played 100 games for Arsenal; Lukic played for England; Arsenal sold him for more than £1m

9 Who is the youngest player to win a Premier League medal for Arsenal?
Nicolas Anelka; Jermaine Pennant; Gael Clichy; Theo Walcott

10 Who was Arsenal Player of the Year in 1985?
Stewart Robson; David Rocastle; Tony Woodcock; Brian Talbot


  1. Stapleton – best was 17 in 1978-79
  2. 268
  3. Six (he lost the seventh)
  4. Fabregas
  5. Sampdoria – played them in the following year’s semi-final
  6. Jimmy Brain (11) (TH – 8; TD – 6; IW – 6)
  7. Benfica (Anderlecht 1970 Fairs Cup; Galatasaray 2001 UEFA Cup; Parma 1994 CWC)
  8. Lukic played for England
  9. Gael Clichy
  10. Stewart Robson

Round 2 Arsenal in the ’80s
1 What was the date and day of the week of ‘Anfield 89’?

2 Who did Arsenal play and lose to on penalties in the Cup Winners’ Cup Final in 1980?

3 Who happened in the 1980 FA Cup Final that eventually led to a rule change for sendings off for professional fouls?

4 What was Arsenal’s lowest league finishing position in the 1980s?

5 The first big screen in English football arrived at Arsenal in the 1980s – in which year?

6 Who came on as subs for Arsenal at Anfield 89?

7 The highest recorded Arsenal home attendance in the 1980s was 57,472 – against which club?

8 Liverpool made only one sub at Anfield 89, in the first half. Who went off and who came on?

9 What was the longest run of league matches Arsenal went without scoring a goal in the 1980s?

10 The run of matches without scoring were part of a longer run where we scored just once in nine league matches between January and March 1987 – who scored the one Arsenal goal in this period?


  1. 26 May, Friday
  2. Valencia
  3. Willie Young scythed down Paul Allen
  4. 10th (in 1982-83)
  5. 1984 (Oct 20)
  6. Perry Groves and Martin Hayes
  7. Aston Villa (2 May 81 – Arsenal won 2-0 but Villa were crowned champions anyway)
  8. Ian Rush off and Peter Beardsley on (1 point for each)
  9. Six
  10. Niall Quinn

Round 3 This season
1. Where has Emmanuel Frimpong been on loan this season?

2. Who won Arsenal Player of the Month and Goal of the Month for both February and March this year?

3. Which stadiums have seen the two biggest crowds that have watched Arsenal this season?

4. Arsenal have just announced a deal with Telkomsel to be the official mobile network for Arsenal in which country?

5. Which two Arsenal goalkeepers have been yellow carded this season?

6. How many red cards have Arsenal had this season in the Premier League and in total in all competitions?

7. Which Arsenal player has the highest shooting accuracy in the Premier League this season?

8. What is Arsenal’s passing accuracy in the Premier League?

9. Who is the only ref to be in charge for four Arsenal league matches this season?

10. Szczesny made his 100th Arsenal appearance this season – against whom?


  1. Charlton and Fulham
  2. Santi Cazorla
  3. Old Trafford (75,492) and Allianz Arena (66,000)
  4. Indonesia
  5. Szczesny (v Chelsea & Olympiacos) and Damian Martinez (v Reading in the 7-5)
  6. 4 and 4 (none outside PL)
  7. Sagna – 100%
  8. 86%
  9. Chris Foy
  10. Tottenham (away on Mar 3)

Round 4 Arsenal Managers
1 Who were Arsène Wenger’s first two signings, both of whom arrived over a month before he officially started his job?

2 Who was George Graham signed from and who was he sold to by Arsenal during his playing career?

3 Which of these managers has the highest goals per game for Arsenal:

Arsène Wenger, George Graham, Herbert Chapman, Terry Neill?

4 How many different Arsenal managers have won major trophies?

5 Which Arsenal manager signed Malcolm MacDonald from Newcastle?

6 Four permanent Arsenal managers have received honours from the Queen – name them

7 Which Arsenal manager served in World War II in the Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt, and played for an Army team alongside Tom Finney?

8 Who was Arsenal manager last time Tottenham won the league?

9 Of Arsenal’s permanent managers since 1900, who had the shortest reign?

10 Who did Arsène Wenger say this about: “He’s out of order, disconnected with reality and disrespectful. When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid sometimes and not more intelligent.”


  1. Patrick Vieira and Remi Garde
  2. Chelsea, Man Utd
  3. Chapman (2.14 per game)
  4. 8 (Chapman, Shaw, Allison, Whittaker, Mee, Neill, Graham, Wenger)
  5. Terry Neill
  6. Tom Whittaker (MBE), Billy Wright (CBE), Bertie Mee (OBE), Arsène Wenger (OBE)
  7. Bertie Mee
  8. George Swindin
  9. Bruce Rioch (61 weeks)
  10. Jose Mourinho

Round 5 KeithTheGooner’s Infamous “Arsebusters” round details now included following legal assurances. You get a cryptic clue to the name of an Arsenal footballer, and the initial of his first name. Then you work out the full name. Easy!

Example question:
That’s nice of Jill’s brother to help out with the sheep. J
Jack Will Shear. (Jack Wilshere)
1) Why is that sailor watching a VHS at 3 in the afternoon? D
Day Vid Seaman (David Seaman)
2) Oh look. My Jamaican brother’s daughter has put a tent up but it’s gonna be freezing there. D
Da niece berg camp (Dennis Bergkamp)
3) Don’t do that to Arla. That’s not very nice. R
Rape Arla (Ray Parlour)
4) If I was from Norwich, I might try and do this. P
Pull my son (Paul Merson)
5) Chewbacca said this when his mate asked if he wanted to go to Nandos. J
Yo Han. Do you? (Johan Djourou)
6) That pit stinks of the smell of all of those dirty old clothes in it. C
Cess Fabric Gas (Cesc Fabregas)
7) Ahh check out Wrighty going down that mountain! L
Look at Fab Ian Ski (Lukasz Fabianski)
8) Yeah I’m just sat on a rapper giving myself a nice smooth bum. A
On Dre, Arse shaving. (Andrey Arshavin)
9) That bloke is just wrong. I
He ain’t right. (Ian Wright)
10) Why are you putting your tongue all over my martial artist? A
He licks my ninja (Alex Manninger)

Round 6 Video Celebrations Round
Viewable via this link

Round 7 Arsenal in the ’90s

1 Arsenal lost one League match in 1990-91 – on which ground?

2 How many League matches was Pat Rice officially in charge for between Bruce Rioch leaving and Arsène Wenger arriving?

3 Against which team did John Jensen finally score his first goal for Arsenal?

4 What year did Highbury become all-seater?

5 Name Arsène Wenger’s first two league opponents? (One point for each)

6 Andy Cole played just six competitive minutes for Arsenal in his career, against Sheffield United in 1990 – in which competition?

7 Who was Bruce Rioch’s last signing as Arsenal manager?

8 In the 1995 Cup Winners’ Cup Final against Real Zaragoza, Juan Esnaider completed a feat that no one else had ever done, though Ian Wright also hoped to do it in the same game – what?

9 Who scored two goals in Arsenal’s 4-0 win over Everton that clinched the 1997-98 Premier League title?

10 Who knocked Arsenal out of the UEFA Cup the same week Arsène Wenger officially joined as manager?


  1. Stamford Bridge
  2. Four
  3. QPR
  4. 1993
  5. Blackburn away followed by Coventry at home
  6. Football League
  7. John Lukic
  8. First player ever to score in every round of any UEFA club competition – Ian Wright could also have achieved it if he’d scored in the final
  9. Overmars
  10. Borussia Monchengladbach

Round 8 Trivia
1. What country was Lukas Podolski born in?

2. How much money ‘went missing’ from the total of £1,576,000 Arsenal thought they’d paid to Brondby for John Jensen?

3. Former Arsenal player Kolo Toure was caught having an affair recently. What job did he pretend that he had to woo his conquest?

4. Paul Gascoigne played in an Arsenal shirt, Arsenal Ladies played Doncaster Belles and Shaggy performed live at Highbury. What was the occasion?

5. What colour shirts did Arsenal wear for a pre-season friendly in 1983 against Aberdeen (the match celebrated 100 years of the Boys’ Brigade)?

6. Including caretaker managers, how many Arsenal managers did Tony Adams play under?

7. How many points have Arsenal won in the Premier League since it started?

8. What’s Gus Caeser’s full first name and middle name?

9. In the 35-man squad listed on the back of the Arsenal programme, how many nationalities are there?

10. When was Gunnersaurus ‘born’?


  1. Poland
  2. £676,000 – Brondby said they’d received £900,000.
  3. Car salesman
  4. Boxer Michael Watson’s testimonial fundraiser after he suffered brain damage in a fight – at least, that’s what we thought, though it seems Gazza appeared for Arsenal only at Paul Merson’s testimonial. Both answers were allowed.
  5. Red shirt with navy blue sleeves (and navy shorts and red socks)
  6. Eight – Terry Neill, Don Howe, Steve Burtenshaw, George Graham, Stewart Houston, Pat Rice, Bruce Rioch and Arsène Wenger
  7. 1509 up to and including Everton
  8. Gus Cassius – though Wikipedia has his full first name as ‘Pogus’. There is a Pogus Caesar, who is an artist and film-maker, but has not played for Arsenal.
  9. 16 – Polish, French, German, Belgian, Czech, Spanish, English, Brazilian, Welsh, Swiss, Russian, Italian, Ghanaian, Ivorian, Moroccan, Argentine. This includes Santos, who is in the programme list, but not other loanees.
  10. August 1996

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  1. What team played Arsenal on their final game at Highbury. And who scored the 3 goals for Arsenal an at what time in the 1st and 2nd half?

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