Arsenal Quiz Results

For the benefit of those who attended the Charity Quiz at The Tollington on Thursday evening, here is the final table of results. The evening raised a big sum for charity, somewhere over £1,300, so thanks to everyone who supported it by turning up or just buying raffle tickets.quiz resultIf any participants have queries on the scores and really care that much, I have all the papers and can check things.

A few notes:

Bonuses were awarded to teams where anyone was wearing an Arsenal shirt – which was one team – and for the best Carl Jenkinson chant. (Team 15 came last despite the shirt bonus, but there were only two of them.)

I got an answer about Borussia Monchengladbach wrong; seemed like almost everyone knew that one except me. Some papers had Borussia marked as a wrong answer, so I adjusted those.

Juan Esnaider scored in every ROUND of the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994-95, he didn’t score in every GAME – if you put ‘game’ you didn’t get points.

Team 16 tried to play their joker twice! I didn’t let them get away with that.

Gus Caesar’s full first name is ‘Gus’, according to Andy Kelly, who has checked, and not ‘Pogus’ as I thought. There is a ‘Pogus Caesar’ who is a well known artist and filmmaker, apparently.

Gazza appeared in an Arsenal shirt at Paul Merson’s testimonial rather than Michael Watson’s benefit, where the other things mentioned did occur. I changed scores to give points for both answers.

The number of nationalities in the Arsenal squad listed on the back of the programme is 16 – this includes some loanees, such as Santos, but not others, such as Bendtner.

So after all that I think the table is fairly accurate, but I’m sure someone who was there will have a question!

I’ll put the questions up at the weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal Quiz Results

  1. Bogus Pogus. I knew where you was coming from regarding Gus Caesar. It had come up on The Tuesday Club podcast a few months ago. I checked the Birth register for him which is a transcription of what is on his birth certificate and it shows Gus Cassius Caesar. It highlights the dangers of using Wikipedia as a reference. Take a look at who wrote “Blue Is The Colour”.

    I think we looked like we had gained an unassailable lead as we played our joker before a couple of the other leading teams. Another couple of rounds and it could have been much closer.

    All in all it was a great night out. Everyone enjoyed themselves and three good causes benefited. Thanks to yourself Phil, Keith, Akhil and everyone who turned up. We’ll be more than happy to come back and defend our title.

    PS I don’t think anyone will forget the magic number of 1509!

      • You should have been there for the first FA Cup quiz that Arsenal organised.

        Question 1: What number did George Graham wear in the 1971 FA Cup final?
        Answer: 10

        The room stood up as whole and to protest. The question master assured us all that it was 10 and got out Fred Ollier’s book to confirm it. The look on his face when he realised he was wrong was priceless.

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