Rafael Van Der Vaart Leaving Things

Last summer Rafael van der Vaart left Tottenham.

Today he announced he has left his wife.

This is Tottenham:whitehartlanetotts win leaguetotts losespursvertonghen-fullkitborough of tottenhamTottenham-RiotsTottenhamCentre

This is Sylvie van der Vaart:s2 s3 s5 s6 s8

Which decision looks like a mistake?

raf vdv

Twitter: @AngryOfN5


13 thoughts on “Rafael Van Der Vaart Leaving Things

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  2. I think leaving his club was mistake but not his wife,one thing people must undestand is no man will leave his beloved wife and vander vart by doing so the is reason for that and iam sure his going to get one more beutifull than her,bro do not lose hope remamber ladies are like taxi,you lose one and you will get another one

  3. So whatever brains he regained by getting out of Tottenham, he just threw away again along with his wife. I guess you can take the fool out of Tottenham, but you can’t take the Tottenham out of the fool.

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