Unique Arsenal Record: Trophies On Every Day Of The Week

I believe Arsenal hold the unique distinction in World Football of having won at least one major trophy on every day of the week – certainly it is unique in England. If you know of a club anywhere else to have done the same, please let me know.

The full list of Arsenal trophies in day order is:

Day and Date Year Competition Opponent Venue Score
Saturday 26 April 1930 FA Cup Huddersfield Wembley 2-0
Saturday 18 April 1931 League Championship Liverpool Highbury 3-1
Saturday 22 April 1933 League Championship Chelsea Stamford Bridge 3-1
Saturday 28 April 1934 League Championship Chelsea Stamford Bridge 2-2
Saturday 25 April 1936 FA Cup Sheff Utd Wembley 1-0
Saturday 7 May 1938 League Championship Bolton Highbury 5-0
Saturday 10 April 1948 League Championship Huddersfield Leeds Road 1-1
Saturday 29 April 1950 FA Cup Liverpool Wembley 2-0
Saturday 8 May 1971 FA Cup Liverpool Wembley 2-1 (aet)
Saturday 12 May 1979 FA Cup Man Utd Wembley 3-2
Saturday 16 May 1998 FA Cup Newcastle Wembley 2-0
Saturday 4 May 2002 FA Cup Chelsea Millennium Stadium 2-0
Saturday  17 May 2003 FA Cup Southampton Millennium Stadium 1-0
Saturday 21 May 2005 FA Cup Man Utd Millennium Stadium 0-0 (5-4 on pens)
Sunday 5 April 1987 League (Littlewoods) Cup Liverpool Wembley 2-1
Sunday 18 April 1993 League (Coca Cola) Cup Sheff Weds Wembley 2-1
Sunday 3 May 1998 Premier League Everton Highbury 4-0
Sunday 25 April 2004 Premier League Tottenham White Hart Lane 2-2
Monday 22 April 1935 League Championship Middlesbrough Ayresome Park 1-0
Monday  3 May 1971 League Championship Tottenham White Hart Lane 1-0
Monday 6 May 1991 League Championship Man Utd Highbury* 3-1
Tuesday 28 April 1970 Fairs Cup Anderlecht Highbury 3-0 (4-3 on agg)
Wednesday 4 May 1994 European Cup Winners’ Cup Parma Copenhagen 1-0
Wednesday 8 May 2002 Premier League Man Utd Old Trafford 1-0
Thursday 20 May 1993 FA Cup Sheff Weds Wembley 2-1 (replay after 1-1 draw)
Friday 1 May 1953 League Championship Burnley Highbury 3-2
Friday 26 May 1989 League Championship Liverpool Anfield 2-0

* In 1991 Arsenal won the league by virtue of Liverpool losing to Nottingham Forest at the City Ground on the afternoon of May 6, and were thus champions by the time their evening match against Man Utd kicked off. You could therefore say that technically the title was won in Nottingham rather than at Highbury.

Many thanks to John Pickford (@theN5er) and Andy Kelly (@Gooner_AK) for compiling and checking this list.

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