What Do Spurs Players Think About Arsenal?

They seem to think they’re better than Arsenal, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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70 thoughts on “What Do Spurs Players Think About Arsenal?

  1. We are. Your just lucky that all the fixtures fell right for you (Wigan 3 days after FA cup final, Newcastle after they are safe, QPR after they are relegated, Man U after they were the champions ect.) and extremely lucky with referee’s (Norwich, Man U ect.). If you compare the 2 teams we have the better team.

    • Luck was all yours in the run in scoring late undeserved goals in all your final games. Earlier in the season you had zero congestion by being dumped out of both domestic cups in the first round, and in the run in you played against Everton without Fellaini & Pienaar, Man City without Aguero, Sunderland without Sessegnon + 5 others, and scored undeserved last 5mins goals against Wigan, West Ham, ManU, Chelsea & Southampton after being outclassed for 90mins, and without Bale’s wonder goals (which he won’t do again!) you’d be mid-table. Even when you beat Arsenal you were outclassed for the whole of the 1st half and took an undeserved lead. You had your chance – you failed. you will never get another chance like this. 6th next season will be a stretch for you with Liverpool overtaking you for sure.

      Bottom line – your best ever season wasn’t better than one of worst. Dream on, jog on.

      • Actually, you are dreaming. You should just accept the fact that now Arsenal finishing around 4th spot is going to be regular. You didn’t have players like Sandro, Kaboul, Parker miss more than half season. It is just as Redknapp said: When everyone is fit we have a squad that can match Arsenal. And if we buy striker + cm this summer we will be even better. So don’t underestimate us and pray your beloved Arsenal will be even in TOP8.

      • Undeserved goals? That has to sound familiar to you as an Arsenal fan. Fulham, Villa, Stoke, Sunderland, Norwich, Man U ect ect ect. If there is 1 team that won alot of matches undeserved its Arsenal for sure!

      • We whipped you at White Hart Lane, you mouthbreather. When are you going to learn that the bigger teams know how to handle you? Ooooh, lots of pointless sideways passes in midfield to beef up your possession percentage. How scary. You do realize that Per Mertesacker’s header (which deflected off Bale) was the best you could do, right? LOL.

        This is why Arsenal didn’t manage to rack up a single win against any of the Top 6 teams, except a 10-man Spurs at your ground. Your catch-up was due to the fact that you had 3 months of one game a week, against the bottom half of the table, and against Man United the game AFTER they had anything to care about.. And you barely scraped it with a single point, largely thanks to undeserved penalties.

        I bet you even still think Walcott is better than Bale, don’t you? 😉

      • Rambo you mug!
        Arsenal have been without Jack Wilshere for nearly two years!!!
        We played the WHOLE season with ONE striker!!!
        Diably has barely kicked a ball in 2 years!!!
        If you really think have Donkey Kaboul and Carlos KickEveryone Sandro would’ve changed your season, you are more laughable than you already are!!!

      • lodatz – you’re right, we’re shit…
        WHAT A TWAT YOU ARE!!!!

      • iodatz, for the record, we don’t think Walcott is better than Bale – but he absolutely pisses over every other player in your tin-pot squad! it your deluded mob that genuinely believe Aaron Eyebrows Lemon is better than Walcott. Too funny to even argue. Lemmon averages about 3 goals a year and 4 assists. Look at Walcott’s stats. Look at Walcott’s caps. You’re a prize plank, iodatz. its donuts like you that actually make spurs look even more stupid than they already are!

    • 4/5 matches to decide CL qualification?
      You are right. That seems very lucky. Every other team had to play 38 PL matches.

    • The league table does not lie. It was 38 games and Arsenal put up more points than you, even while gifting many away early on in the season.

      If anything Spurs was very fortunate, going by the goal difference, which is normally a fairly accurate predictor of the top league positions. By that measure, Liverpool was unlucky and you shouldnt even be in the UEFA cup.

    • How about playing against 10 men two weeks in a row? Or the offside goal at Chelsea or the own goal at Wigan and the Bale goal come to think of it. But yes we had more luck! Europa Mug!

    • Action = finishing above Spurs AGAIN
      Bullshit = Spurs believing they’re better.

      You’re right Rich, you are a moron!

      • he was indeed referring to the spuds players as morons my fellow gunners… still what in the world is he doing here??
        I’ve never been to a spuds site.. spuds are bloody insecure

    • You are right Rich, so keep walking and take the rest of your joggers with you.Jog on there’s always next year!

      • You really are a bunch of childish idiots! You beat us in the league again by just one point and you think your much better than us. Let me put you straight on something that you cannot argue with. You lot got around 6 penalties awarded during this PL season, while we got none and instead received 6 yellow cards for diving in the box for six clear penalties. Imagine if we had the backing of the officials like you get, if this was reversed we would have been well clear of you. So perhaps you are better than us by one point, but only with the help from the officials, AGAIN! Two years since we’ve received one single penalty in our own stadium!

      • Let me put you straight My Heart Is White (you should have that seen too ‘cos it should be red!)

        Arsenal didn’t have ANY penalties last season – but we still finished above you!

        Sit down, shut up.
        You’ve been humiliated again with all your ‘Mind the Gap’ shit.
        Know your limits!!!

    • Why are Arsenal fans a minority group? Because they’re travellers and rejected their own home!
      Maybe that’s why you lot are such a bunch of dumb plumbs, because you’re originally from Plumstead. that’s two homes you’ve rejected now, gradually moving towards us. If you start getting itchy feet in a couple of years when we move immediately next door to our new stadium, you can move into our old one. I know that really you lot have secretly wanted to be Spurs fans all these years and occasionally put on your Spurs kits when no-ones looking, but soon you’ll have the chance to really live in our shoes. Imagine moving onto our old ground, all the atmosphere you could dream of and right next door to the club you always wanted to be. We have actually got real reasons to despise the Arsenal, you lot on the other hand hate us just because we’re what you always wanted to be. Ahhhhhh never mind!

      • Buhahahahahaha. This comment from you is actually very dumb! Which team has a horrible stadium and planning to build a new one and thereby following in our footsteps? Which team is begging to use our stadium for home matches pending the time you get your new stadium? Which team has been dying to finish above us for so long, so they can have something to celebrate? Why would we need to move to your wretched stadium when we have the magnificent Emirates stadium? Who’s trying to be like who now? I’m sure by now you are seeing the folly of your comment.
        A little advice for you lots though: building a new stadium isn’t easy and can impact on your competitiveness. You haven’t built a new stadium and you are barely managing to finish in the top six every season. Imagine when you now build a new stadium? It might just be relegation for you or outright bankruptcy for your club. And it will be nice to see that though, cos it will mean another scum of a club is off the PL!

      • New stadium in a couple of years are you dreaming you will be lucky if it’s ten years. You also thought you were entailed to move in to the west hams new stadium Hypocrite we moved your club tried to move.

  2. So many bitter people! I like the fact that our derbies are tight affairs with plenty of good football being played. It has been the fixture to watch now in the EPL for the past 3 season or so…..
    What I will say to all of you spurs fans is this. Your best team in the last 20 yrs still hasn’t finished above what is one of our weakest teams in the last 20 yrs.

  3. hahahah arseanal fans giving it the large cos they finished one point in front of spurs, years ago arsenal used to finish 20 points above spurs and now its down to 1. The gap is closing in. Them dressing room celebrations made everyone laugh, you really think if man utd /man city chelsea finished fourth they would be getting the champaigne out shows how much arsenal ambition as a club as fallen. You couldnt beat any of the top four this season and you still think your a top top team lol. I admit years ago you were a top class outfit with the likes of viera pires and henry nowadays i dont think any of your players would get into spurs first eleven. Still when you aint won any silverware for over ten years, you jump at any chance to celebrate anything especially being the fourth best team in england lol. How the mighty have fallen

    • The irony of all the bitter Sp*rs fans talking about our celebrations, considering 2 seasons ago your players and manager were drowning themselves with bottles of champagne labelled ‘Europe here we come’ waiving a banner with the same.

    • Don’t be silly. Arsenal traded that 20 points to build a stadium that can generate money.

      In the future, we can actually buy a “Bale” and pay for his salary rather than rolling the dice and wait for another one to pop up twenty years from now.

      By the way, do you have the $$$ to pay for his service? Its sad that you need to let him go because you cannot match the payment needed.

      Why? because you don’t have the income and your plan is going no where.

      Would you give up 20 points and build a stadium? I guess not or you’ll end up leaving EPL….

    • This from a club who released a VIDEO for getting a DRAW at the EMIRATES!!!!

      They are so funny you want to just pat them on the head and give them a biscuit. Their pain is hilarious!!! And its gonna hurt all thru the summer and right up to those opening Champion League games when the music starts playing!!!! LMFAO

  4. Arsenal will have an open top bus parade tomorrow, celebrating the incredible achievement of coming 4th and going 8 years without a trophy

    • Since Arsenal last won a Trophy Sp*rs have won – Peace Cup (Korea) 2005 Vodacom Challenge Trophy (South Africa) 2007 Milk Cup 2008 Jubileum Toernooi (Holland) 2008 Asia Cup (China) 2009 (beating Hull City 3-0) how on earth can we ever compete with that trophy haul! You keep milking those 2 bob trophies

    • Since Arsenal last won a Trophy Sp*rs have won – Peace Cup (Korea) 2005 Vodacom Challenge Trophy (South Africa) 2007 Milk Cup 2008 Jubileum Toernooi (Holland) 2008 Asia Cup (China) 2009 (beating Hull City 3-0) how on earth can we ever compete with that trophy haul! keep milking your 2 bob trophies.

    • Wait what will the spurs celebrate?finishing below Arsenal for the past edges?or the imminent exit of there one man Bale?

  5. moderator cant take the truth so dont post most messages all arsenal scum off back to south london where u belong

    • I’m happy to be enlightened on ‘the truth’ if you can manage it without just dishing out a string of four letter words like the ones I just took out of your first comment. Over to you – what’s ‘the truth’ then?

      • the truth is your the most fickle fans in england, not so long ago most of you muppets were calling for wengers head now its all changed cos you managed to finish fourth lol. Say what ever u want about spurs we back our team no matter what. COYS

  6. This has been an intentionally good wind up for the spuds….if you put spuds up in the title instead of sp*rs then they would not have looked.

    I find it sad that spuds gloat about us not winning anything for 8 years -which is true but in that time we should have won a league or two until some bstard from birmingham broke Eduardo’s leg, we had our goalkeeper sent off in 10 minutes in a Champions League final, lost two Carling Cups etc but I do not recollect the spuds in any final other than losing the last Carling Cup? We have been a more consistent and competitive team, surely?

    Which brings me onto 1961….it has been a looooooooooong time since spuds won the league…at least we celebrated winning the league at Tottenham High Road in 2004 and in Invincible style too! For me, I will always cherish that memory no matter whatever happens and there is colour TV footage too!

    Let’s set this straight, since we built the Emirates we have suffered financially but it is incredible that a manager like Arsene keeps us in the top four with the financial reward it brings – which is why the spuds are so angry on missing out on this. Liverpool, spuds etc talk about a stadium but we just go on with it and will reap the rewards soon, of course at a cost. Of course we sold some great players in that time, but in a double dip recession Arsenal did what it had to to ensure it survived and we are in a good financial situation now.

    Question is, if spuds cannot win the league now…what will happen when you begin to build your stadium? In that time our revenues will keep outstripping you and from £420 million Arsenal now owe £98 because of selling the Highbury property. I am not overly bragging, just trying to show you that this is a major excercise and comes at a massive cost as you will see. Arsenal is a Global brand and more marketable thanks to the board now. We even have two billionaires onboard and they do not even put one dollar in and I am proud of the way we are run.

    Now you see what a genius Arsene Wenger is for his vision of London Colney and building the Emirates Stadium as well as the trophies he delivered.

  7. spurs celebrated making it into the top 4 just like arsenal did, just nobody can remember it because it’s yesterdays news. so did ac milan last week. even the chelsea players had a small celebration after the villa game, as they knew that it was now nearly impossible for them to finish 5th. would arsenal have celebrated if they clinched 4th with a couple of games to go? yes, but not to the level of sunday. the reason they celebrated so much on sunday was because it was a straight shoot out for 4th on the final game of the season against their local rivals. this was also arguably the worst arsenal squad in the whole of arsene wenger’s tenure at the club, an arsenal team that was written off at the start of the season by most pundits and journalists, the majority of which said they’d finish outside the top 4 (as they’d said the season before too) for sure this time. are we supposed to believe that spurs wouldn’t have celebrated if arsenal hadn’t beaten newcastle? of course they would (probably even more so than arsenal). and they would’ve been told how wonderful they are for doing it too. so is that because of a media double standard? or is it because tottenham are the smaller club of the two? you can’t have both.

    • O nicely said….still think u guys are goin thru alot trying to convince them (spuds) wat they already know.its as simple as this.yes its been 8 yrs for us but how long has it been for u

  8. Lets play Sp*rs bitter bingo – Woolwich☑ Refs☑Lucky☑4th place Trophy☑open top bus☑8 Years☑ Brain dead parrots in an echo chamber, comes to mind.

  9. So spurs fans aren’t just losers but they are Trolls too? All the bitterness and jealosy being displayed here by spurs fans shows how depressed they’ve been since sunday. We are better than you guys in everything, you don’t even have enough bloggers to help you ease your pain and you have to look to us again for an outlet to vent your frustration after our boys caused massive depression for you lots on the pitch. If you lots are really current, you will know that AC Millan ( a club that has won the Champions league many times than any team in the PL) celebrated their fourth place finish wildly too. It is a senseless assumption that ManU, City and Chelsea will not celebrate if they are the ones who have to come from where we came from to snatch fourth from you! That you admit that we are mighty is a testament that you will forever be in our shadow but we haven’t falling, at least not below you. Our gaze is set higher and not on you. Perhaps if your team spend time thinking about winning the league rather than obsessed about finishing above Arsenal, they might achieve something worthy of a mention other than Gareth Bale. By the way, what would you guys have done if you had finished fourth? An open bus parade with Gareth Bale as trophy ? You lot should just crawl back into your shell and wait for your SPURSday night football.

  10. Not that we have made it to the group stage as of yet, but Sp*rs fans always moan about seedings when we avoid Barca, Real, Bayern, Juventus etc, but what about Sp*rs, they’ll avoid Wigan & Swansea in their group stages!

  11. Y am I sensing some bad stomach here from spurs fan. A win is a win. U always think ur gonna do better bt u dont. Everton is on ur heels dumb asses. Besides, ur gonna finish above arsenal wen dragons begin to fly…..oh……that can never happen. Spur Loosers

  12. i wonder why spurs were trying to inherit the olympic stadium?

    it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that daniel levy knows how much money they’ll have to shell out to build their own one. it had nothing to do with the fact that it would put them in the same debt as arsenal.

    we’ll see how much of a bigger team spurs really are when they manage to move stadiums, sell it out every single week, make the champions league every year and keep hold of their best stars and manager every year…..
    ….or so they try to make you think. the reason you haven’t done it yet is because daniel levy is sitting there thinking “if this is what happens to arsenal when they buy their own stadium, heaven forbid what might happen to spurs”.

    in ten years from now, what arsene wenger has achieved by keeping arsenal in the champions league with city, united and chelsea will look remarkable. especially if arsenal start to reap the rewards in that time too. perhaps it will take a new manager to win a trophy, but arsene wenger’s legacy is about more than trophies. it’s about how he turned an already big football club into a global force on a budget. something that no team other than manchester united or liverpool could have done.

  13. for most of humankind a dream lasts a coupla minutes day or night BUT the spuds been dreaming of besting Arsenal for ages now.Like they got npthin better 2do? With the likes of Adebayo to egg em on,it will remain just so-a dream soon awaking nightmare!

  14. One of the Spuds wrote ‘You beat us in the league again’ what he/she/it neglected to add was ‘for the 18th consecutive season’. That means there are Spuds out there who can now legally drink but whom have never seen the Tiny Totts finish above Arsenal in the League. Quite incredible.
    I can’t speak for all the other Gooners but I celebrated like mad when we won at Newcastle. Not because we finished 4th but because it was St.Totteringham’s Day – the day on which it becomes mathematically impossible for the Spuds to finish above Arsenal in the League

    • Dey all r crazy pricks. Spurs wont know talent even if it hits them in d face. Hw many spurs player can fit into arsenal. Adebayo scored 30 in arsenal and could do it nowhere else, bale is good but who else? Our position speaks for itself

  15. Eighteen years of St. Totteringham’s Days. Forever in our shadow, you will be.

    “You didn’t have players like Sandro, Kaboul, Parker miss more than half season.” Yes we did: Diaby. That’s the limit of the players you mentioned: They’re no better than Diaby, who’s not very good.

    “We whipped you at White Hart Lane, you mouthbreather.” No you didn’t. One goal offside, the other the result of a yellow-card foul where play would have been stopped by an honest referee. You haven’t “whipped” us in about 20 years.

    “I bet you even still think Walcott is better than Bale, don’t you?” He is. The stats prove it. Each man was involved in 35 goals this season, and Walcott played in the Champions League, Bale only in the Europa League. Walcott did the same thing, and did it against tougher competition.

    “You really are a bunch of childish idiots! You beat us in the league again by just one point and you think your much better than us.” Learn when to use “your” and when to use “you’re” before you call anyone “idiots.”

    “Let me put you straight on something that you cannot argue with. You lot got around 6 penalties awarded during this PL season, while we got none and instead received 6 yellow cards for diving in the box for six clear penalties. Imagine if we had the backing of the officials like you get, if this was reversed we would have been well clear of you.” You’re out of your mind. No team in this league is hated by the officials more than Arsenal. Witness the Hand der Vaart incident at your dump of a ground last season, that handed you a win you didn’t deserve. Maybe if Bale didn’t dive so much, he’d have gotten the benefit of the doubt on Sunday. He dives so much (and has hair so bad), he thinks he’s already in Spain.

    “Why are Arsenal fans a minority group? Because they’re travellers and rejected their own home! Maybe that’s why you lot are such a bunch of dumb plumbs, because you’re originally from Plumstead.” And you’re originally from Middlesex. Arsenal have been in North London since 1913, Tottenham only since 1965. Look it up, it’s true.

  16. It really is amazing to see the lengths to which spuds will go in order to defend 18 straight without surpassing The Arsenal. The pic in the post says it all–words mean nothing; the table means everything. Honestly, I don’t think Gooners would gloat so much about this if AVB hadn’t opened his mouth about the “negative spiral” and his squad hadn’t repeatedly talked about how they would top Arsenal. You lay in the bed you make.

    Look out Europe, here come Spurs:

    • Because if I mention Spurs in the title it appears on all the Spurs fans’ NewsNow feeds. Then I reel ’em in like a fisherman with a tasty bait.

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