Football Fans: Do You Want To Be In A Film?

Or at least, do you want your face in a film, and maybe your opinion?

An animator and producer – a very talented animator and producer – called Kristina Hoffman is making a short film, provisionally titled Game of Numbers on the subject of money in football: how much the players get compared to how much fans earn and pay to watch. The message is that the game is nothing without us, the fans. And in particular fans who go to the matches, without whom there’d be no matches.

The film will get a wordwide audience through the New York Times website.

Kris is looking for two things. The first is pictures of real football fans that she can draw and then make into cards to feature in the film, like this one:

fat geordiedrawn from this photo:

fat geordie photoAs you can see, that is a fat Geordie. If you’re an Arsenal supporter, you’re probably better looking than that. So if you have a picture of yourself, preferably at a match in the act of supporting your team, and you want to be immortalised in the film, just go to the Facebook page here and upload it. If you don’t have a picture of yourself at a match, any picture will do. It just needs to be a picture of you that you are happy can be used with your name – for copyright reasons pictures can’t just be taken from the internet, and in any case they should be real pictures of real football fans

The second thing Kris wants is your opinions: what do you feel about money in football? What bothers you and what doesn’t bother you? Do you care who puts money in and who takes it out? Do ticket prices affect your attendance? Again, go to the Facebook page or leave a comment here – even tweet me if you can get it under 140 characters.

More about the concept of the film is explained in this short video.

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One thought on “Football Fans: Do You Want To Be In A Film?

  1. Football is nothing without the fans fans are nothing without there mum and dad there mum and dad are nothing without there mum and dad all the way back to Adam and Eve the start middle and end . What a load of socialist tosh

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