Should Arsenal Sign Suarez? No Way!

Luis Suarez is, let’s face it, not a very nice person. He’s unsporting, dives constantly and of course bites people. Not to mention the racism, though I don’t think he’s on a John Terry level there personally (but I accept as a white person in a predominantly white country I may not be in the best position to judge, and I’m certainly not belittling ANY racism).

It’s rumoured quite strongly that Arsenal have made a bid for Suarez, and the player is alleged to have made positive comments about this. This makes me feel ill. I don’t want Suarez anywhere near Arsenal. He isn’t the kind of player I want at my club, a club that has always had a reputation for class. Personally I can’t believe Arsene is really interested in him – however much I criticise the manager, I just think he has more class than that.

Even on a practical level, he’s banned for the first six matches of next season and given his past record surely further bans are only a matter of time? A leopard can’t change its spots.

However, when I’ve tweeted my opinion I’ve had quite a few responses saying basically, ‘Sod it – he’s a great player, let’s sign him.’ Others have said we’ve had villains in the past, such as Vieira, and divers such as Pires, and even a captain who drunk-drove and went to jail. Well, yes we have, and I don’t condone any of that. But I still don’t want Suarez. To me that is a step too far on the road to classlessness.

I have some support on twitter:suarez tweets

But as I say, many others appear to be in favour of buying the rat faced cheat.

Surely that must be because twitter is full of loonies? It can’t be because a majority really want a player like Suarez at Arsenal, can it? Not to mention that @7amkickoff has done a piece saying his playing style isn’t suitable anyway.

So let’s have a vote.

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34 thoughts on “Should Arsenal Sign Suarez? No Way!

  1. Suarez would fit very well into the Arsenal playing style in terms of passing, interlinking with other players etc. However Giroud aleady does that very well.

    What Arsenal would need to move up to the next level is a striker with high speed (ok Suarez fine there) and who can covert chances very efficiently, because the team already produces more than enough chances, especially early on in games. But Suarez isn’t all that efficient:

    Then on top of that comes Suarez’s inability to just shut up and play the game, instead of getting caught up in diving, cheating and all sorts of mind games with defenders, including racial abuse. Arsenal really cant afford any of that, frankly.

    Add that up and he cant possibly be worth 30 million to Arsenal. This must have been a tactical move to get Real Madrid moving which would make them more likely to sell Higuain and also would get Suarez out of Chelsea’s hands. Personally, I’d say let Chelsea have him – he will not last the season without creating some sort of distraction or drama there, which can only benefit us.

  2. c’ still believe gazidis ..blatant lies ?..we’re almost done for the summer as far as transfers go..some fringe players..about 8-10m in…then well flog off grevinho for antoher…7-9m…sanogo in 0…we’re there….everyone is happy…long live kroenke for running such a positive and fan friendly Arsenal…
    the big business that joker gazidis talked about was tying down nike..and he doesnt play..or what the heck do i know maybe nike is better than messi…
    get wenger out…and please arrest kroenke and gazidis promptly for disturbing the peace and ruining Our club

  3. it’s all that class shit that has left arsenal with no trophies. The main aim and don’t forget it, is someone that can score 20goals in one season! The fact Suarez does this in his sleep, aswell as the English premier league, then it’s a no brainer. SIGN THE MAN.

  4. Even if you ignore his racism, biting etc. just look at the way he is trying to get away from Liverpool – the club that stood by him through all his antics. If you thought Adebayor was bad with his Beyonce stuff, just wait till you see this guy after one season here.

  5. Higuain should be the number ONE striker target, above Suarez or Rooney. Top, top class without the extra baggage of being a psycho.

  6. We need a player like him who gets goals but we don’t need a player that’s a nut job!! Hell only cost the club in the long run

  7. As far as I can tell, there’s not a single credible shred of evidence that AFC really made an offer for Suarez. Especially given that AFC have apparently not approached Real Madrid re. Higuain, and we’ve been hearing about him for the last 500 years or so. This is all agent/newspaper/website derived BS. Might as well debate whether we should buy Messi or not (answer for Messi is no: makes kids cry by not showing up).

  8. we all no the guy a twat but if means arsenal maybe winning the league again because that how good he is then I’m for it it’s been to long

  9. You wont be signing him anyways lads, you couldnt afford him.

    Stop deluding yourself that you have a choice.

  10. The author of the above article is not an Arsenal fan. Maybe he is a Chelsea one. He is happy to see our team to be in this cup draught forever. If Suarez does come to Arsenal we truly could be one of the title challengers. I personally would welcome him with all my heart. He is a terrific goal scorer.

  11. I’m a Liverpool fan and there’s a few things I think you are missing here;
    The fact that a player is a diver, which Suarez is, never seemed to bother you when you went crying to UEFA about Eduardo’s diving ban…..I assume that was an act of ‘class though’
    Arsenal will never buy a player of his ability/price because Wenger won’t do it. He used to be a good manager, now he’s an also-ran. It’s a ploy to keep you buying tickets believing that you’re in for all the big players in Europe….don’t bet on Higuian coming either on that front.
    £30m is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard too. If you actually wanted to tempt Liverpool in the slightest the bid would have to be way over £40m given that we paid £25m for him ourselves.
    Last of all, HE HATES ENGLAND so why would he go to another mediocre club (just like we are at the moment) just to take the same abuse?
    On a personal level, in one way I want him to stay as he is, in my opinion, the best striker in the league, which is debatable but it’s my opinion. However with the racism thing, the biting and now the sheer brasin assumption that Liverpool should give him what he wants after supporting him though all the shite he has given us, I’d happily see the back of him. Saying that, not to another English club. If Bale is worth £80m (which only a moron would pay) the Suarez is worth £100m….more realistically though If we sold him to Madrid/Bayern for £40-50m I’d be happy…ish

  12. He’s a winner, an excellent footballer, PL adjusted, has his best days in front of him, can play in any 4 forward positions, and is easily one of the top 5 players in the league

    • It’s hard too see Arsene Wenger spending so many years instilling a sense of social responsibility in his footballers, investing years in building squad harmony etc – and then signing Suarez, no matter how good he is.

      There is another possibility which is that by setting the ball rollng on Suarez, Chelsea can be induced to splash a huge load of cash on him – and then offload Torres to Arsenal for cheap.

      People forget that for ages before Torres joined Liverpool, there were constant reports of Arsenal tracking him. But they didnt want to pay 18-20 million for a somewhat unproven 19 20 year old striker, so he ended up going to LIverpool. But there is a history there, so it wouldnt be surprising if Wenger slyly went for him on the cheap from the Chelsea scrap heap, as he basically knows what he is getting and probably would have a plan for how to fix him.

      For Torres, it would be a good move in a world cup year a league he knows and a manager who has been interested in signing him for many years.

      This for me makes more sense. I cant see that offering 10 million below Suarez’s release clause was ever in danger of being accepted. Would be more logical as a way of smoking Chelsea out on Suarez and thus forcing Torres out.

  13. Giroud done something stupid in the build up to our CL Run in.
    ppl makes mistakes, think of Lehman 2006 CL final, hopefully Suarez will learn and grow, granted Suarez’s mistakes have been bigger, but there’s no question of his professionalism away from the pitch, which can’t be said of Rooney, if talk of smoking and problems with weight ect are to be believed

  14. As a LFC supporter I would not like to see him go anywhere but abroad. He is an amazing player and maybe not as bad as people make him out to be. He is highly strung and then ends up doing daft things. As for racism, I don’t believe he is,Evra even admitted it and he was never charged for it add to that his Grandfather is black. Diving, yes he did a lot at the start but has improved a lot since. The media haven’t given him an easy time compared to people have been worse, particularly racially. He has done wrong and has only himself to blame but the press have just grabbed a person to hang as high as possible, until a better story comes along. AS for AFC, I like Wenger and think he is one of the best managers in the EPL and rate him even higher that Fergie personally, but I don’t think he was really after Suarez he knows 30mill wouldn’t be enough, it’s a smoke screen. But I am convinced if AFC went for him they would be serious contenders to win the EPL and even as an LFC supporter I would love to see that happen as I know we are far off and I would love to see Wenger finally get something for the work he has done.

    • Look, stop dragging out the old excuses and red herrings about Suarez. “His grandfather is black”? So what? Therefore his couldnt possibly have said…the words he admitted saying, while admittedly in the act of winding up Evra. Everbody’s ancestor comes from Africa anyway, so I guess we can also just conclude that racism doesn’t exist.

      Spare us this stuff please. Suarez said what he said – they are things nobody should say – and he was punished for it. Beyond that I dont care who his grandfather, grandmother, maid, tailor or his playmates in kindergarten were.

      Bottom line is unfortunately that the guy is s loose cannon. He does not know where to draw the line and he shows that time and again. Arsenal just cant afford that kind of headache and distraction

  15. I don’t want to see Suarez at Arsenal. He is a lose cannon who is likely to spend as much time serving a ban on the bench as playing football. I cannot stand players who dive or who raise their hand with a “yellow card” gesture towards the ref in an effort to get an opponent carded or worse. I don’t care what team they play for. Players who spit at or bite opponents have no place on any sports field I don’t care how good they are. Arsenal are an honorable club with a reputation for integrity that is respected the world over.Signing him would would suggest that Arsenal are more interested in silverware than winning with class and that is a commodity he does not possess. Arsenal have always won with style and panache. With very few exceptions, our players have always had class both on and off the field. There are other strikers out there that are cheaper and classier than this guy. He does not tick any of my “good for Arsenal” boxes.

  16. All we need is result and i solely believe suarez is a type of player that can be good at that. And considering that he is growing matured now with age, so there will be less of these misbehaviours. Gunners till i die.

  17. Personally I’d take Suarez over what we are going to end up with… A 5 year old French kid. Hurts being a gooner doesn’t it?

  18. I really don’t see the issue. So he called someone a name and bit someone. It really isn’t the biggest deal; in fact I found it all rather funny in a playground way. He’s simply been made the pantomime villain here and people actually genuinely fall for it. It’s this peculiarly british obsession with puritanical hypocrisy and self-righteous indignation that has blown everything out of all proportion. The guy’s a great footballer, a winner who will do anything to win. To pretend like there is such a thing as sportsmanship in this ridiculous sport is frankly laughable. He’s probably right – spanish people really wouldn’t give a shit so long as he played well and their team won. I wouldn’t either. They’re all a bunch of horrible little shits. At least he doesn’t pretend to be a good sport.

    • Calling an opponent racial names is not a minor matter in any way. Its massively insulting to an entire category of people, it is corrosive in the locker room and it turns off fans.

      Nor is it a British matter. If Suarez did the same in any of the American major sports leagues, he would probably get a one year suspension – minimum. In other words he got off easy.

    • It is clear that you “don’t see the issue” . We are talking here about a grown man, who seems to believe that it is perfectly OK to racially abuse one opponent and to bite another one while plying his trade as a professional footballer. To describe him as a “pantomime villain” is being disrespectful to players who have been victims of racial abuse not to mention those players who have been spat at and bitten. British puritanism, hypocrisy,or self righteousness has nothing to do with the behaviour of a South American footballer who believes that the “British media” are hounding him out of the country for nothing more than a minor misdemeanor. He may be a great footballer, but he is a very poor example of a mature and intelligent adult.

  19. If Chelsea or City or even united signed Suarez then everyone would complain that a world star joined our rivals & we didn’t get involved. Like let’s be honest here, the guy is exactly what we need…he’s a pure finisher, has great pace, good at set plays (which is something Walcott never will be no matter how many we let him take) & he’s always a handful for defenders.
    I don’t care if he dives, so does Rooney, Ashley Young, Bale & I’d sign any of them too!!
    The sooner arsenal realise that we’re not here to have class, certainly Chelsea & city don’t have any & united with Fergie over them could hardly claim that they always had class!! So why should arsenal, Suarez is exactly the type of player that we need & I’d gladly sign him.

  20. It’s articles like this that make me laugh. Fans getting on their high horse calling players wrong uns and making it out like we should be above signing players like Suarez and Rooney.

    I bet these same people weren’t complaining when big tone came out the slammer and lead us to trophies, so give the ‘holier than thou’ approach a rest. We’re a football club, not a place of worship.

    Same sort of blokes who won’t date the really beautiful woman in the office, she’s interested but they’re worried what people think and say because she’s fucked Jeremy from accounts and Dave from marketing.

    Suarez is a top, top footballer. His signing alone doesn’t make us title contenders but it gives us integrity when talking title credentials. As it stands all we can really be prepared for is ‘we tried to sign x, but….’ and another season of a 4th placed battle.

    It’s not a different summer and it only feels different because of Gazidis’ billybigbullocks rhetoric at the AST.

    Patience I keep hearing, like all the summers gone by. It’ll be wait until we’re back from Asia, then wait until the emirates cup, season hasn’t started yet, window isn’t closed yet…. January definitely then…

    Let’s not sign top players because they aren’t saints, then when we scrape 4th these same people will whinge and blame unforscene factors like referees, away games after cl games and other nonsense that’s nothing to do with the quality on the pitch.

    Ooh a bit of a rant that…

    • I agree with this. People say crap to each other on the pitch to wind each other up all of the time and while we are all human beings, you have to accept that people on your team might be loathable characters. Every team has them including Arsenal. To pretend otherwise is ridiculous.

      Cheating is cheating – from wasting time over goal kicks to wiping the ball off for 30 seconds to ensure a throw in becomes a corner. Again, every team has them and it is almost a foregone conclusion that all players cheat.

      Suarez is a quality player and although he is angling for a move from Liverpool in a disgraceful manner, how many players have we had that have done the same? Many

      Unfortunately, this is modern football and it’s many parts that people hate – from the big money to horrible players

      • There is no reason why racist abuse should be acceptable in football. Not in the stands and not on the field, either.

        For Arsenal, signing a guy like Suarez would mean that you can just pack in all this activity and send the people working on it home:

        What you’ll find is probably that excusing Suarez correlates highly with a view that the above activity is a waste of time.

    • Louis Suarez is a top footballer and I won’t argue with that . To compare him with Tony Adams however is to miss the point I’m making. Any individual can fall foul of a personal weakness and Adams payed a hefty price for his Alcoholism is not an inherited disposition it is an acquired condition. Racism on the other hand is learned as it does not occur naturally,( ask any five year old) it is an acquired taste if you like.They fact is that this bloke has received a ban amounting to a total of 18 matches on the bench for his conduct on the field. Thats half the season ! Let Chelski have him and we can take a punt on Torres .

  21. Obviously not.

    OK, on the outside chance you could overlook the racist incident, you are talking about a player who has bitten an opponent during a game. Another one-off to overlook, except he has done it twice.

    He dives and playacts theatrically — sometimes managing both together, One well publicized time he dived to try and win a penalty, a defender shoved him in the back as the game moved on and suddenly he rolls around clutching his head.

    He is more than happy to have a sneaky kick at opponents off the ball.

    He’s a great talent, but a horrible person on the pitch. I say the same for him as with Rooney: A player with his skills would be a great buy. We just need to find a player with Suarez’s talent who isn’t Suarez.

    Even if you ignore all that: he’s already banned for six games, and will be under the microscope as soon as he restarts playing. Put him in an Arsenal shirt on top of all that and he’s a total liability. Imagine — Eduardo wins one dodgy penalty, and they get the torches and pitchforks out. Would Suarez ever not be banned?

  22. Forgot to add, if we put in a lowball bid (or planted a story that we did) for Suarez, It would have been for one of 2 reasons: either as leverage against Madrid, or to grease the wheels with Madrid, by helping to unsettle the player they want.

  23. Luis’s racism is trivial, as is most so-called “racism” (which blacks are always too ready to accuse whites of). We need MORE people like him, not less.

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