The Glory Of The Gunners Part 1

In 1971 Arsenal won the Double for the first time, becoming only the fourth club in history to do so, and only the second in the 20th century. To celebrate this momentous achievement the Daily Mirror produced a magazine called The Glory Of The Gunners. Here is the first half of it. (The front and back covers were identical.)


p10 p11p12p13p14p15p16p17Second half to follow . . .


6 thoughts on “The Glory Of The Gunners Part 1

  1. great post !..back when we where a football club and not an american franchise..good times indeed..and how sad it is to look back,knowing that we have become nothing more than a brand…
    a plaything for an american owner who cares about nothing else than a quick did we allow it to come to this…??
    The Arsenal is dead…welcome Kroenke As….

  2. I felt the same…but knew every page inside out of the fab Arsenal,Arsenal! Hard back book which celebrated the 71 double. There was even a special edition with gold leaf pages ….any one know what they go on eBay for?

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