The Glory Of The Gunners part 2

The second half of my favourite magazine from my childhood. See here for part 1.

p18 p19 p20 p21 p22p23 p24 p25 p26 p27p28 p29 p30 p31 p32Twenty years later the same picture of the unnamed little boy above featured on the cover of the first edition of Fever Pitch.

I was assured a few months ago by Mirror journalist John Cross that Ken Jones, who wrote most of this magazine, was still alive and well. I hope that is still the case.

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One thought on “The Glory Of The Gunners part 2

  1. Why that subject now Phil ? Great moments yes I remember them well, but not now. We are in the middle of the most serious period of the clubs modern history and people like you need to be focused. AW stated on Friday that we were “not close to signing anybody”.. We lost Higuain, we don’t seem to want Caser not that he is the greatest around , but he has experience and that counts .As for Suarez ! Whats going on ? I don’t know what sort of mind games are being played here but experience tells me that the man in charge is once again going to try and make a silk purse out of a sows ear ( that is a euphimism for “gettin some guy from the U20s”). He consistently and stubbornly adheres to the notion that some day soon he will unearth a new Henry or a new Cesc. Its too late for that Arsene and you know it . I am really cheesed off now because I was led to believe that the club were going to embark on a programme of rejuvenation .That we were going to strengthen the areas that needed strengthening, that we were going to go out and get players who knew what they were about and who could do the business. Instead we have been kept in the dark, All you get on the website is garbage about the Asian Tour and photos of players having a good time. NOT GOOD ENOUGH . Its past time for those in charge to get stuck in and make the deals, get the players in and regain our rightful place as the club who plays to win. Time is running out and so is my patience.

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