Arsene Admits It – He Hates Paying The Going Rate

I hesitate to mention the S-word again, as their fans already think I’m obsessed, but unfortunately there’s been no actual proper football going on lately, so I was looking at quotes from Arsène Wenger before the NLD. He was asked about the Totts and Gareth Bale.

As it was leading up to the match, it was somewhat predictable to say Spurs’ signings would take time to gel and spending is no guarantee of success. His comments that led on from a question about whether Bale was worth £86m are more relevant:   

“I don’t think at all that the prices are linked with the quality of the players, during this summer especially.

The prices today are just linked with the financial power and the desire of the buyer. But it is impossible to assess a market where you can say ‘this is the normal price for this player because that is his quality’. That has gone completely because in transfers you go from zero to £10million and afterwards from £30million to £80million but that is not linked with the quality of the players, just the financial power of the buyer.

For me, there are very few players who you can justify paying over £50million for.”

Yeah, hold on Arsène – haven’t prices always been linked to the financial power and desire of the buyer? The only difference is that there are more very rich clubs than there used to be, so more high prices. Even so, it was one of the old guard rich clubs who broke their own world record price with Bale, not the nouveau riche vulgarians of the Etihad, PSG or Monaco.

What Arsène appears to be saying, apart from opining that Bale wasn’t worth £50m or more, was that he wasn’t prepared to pay what is now the going rate for top, top super quality. As I’ve said several times, he has his valuations of players and he refuses to bid higher than that. In many ways it’s a noble stance, but it clearly has disadvantages. It also explains why the Suarez negotiations stalled at £40,000,001.   

Arsène went on: “In our job, there is a technical risk when you buy more than three players because you unbalance the stability of your squad a little bit. It’s always difficult when you bring so many players in.

“We will not panic buy, that is for sure. You can believe me. It is not in my [nature] to panic.

“If we cannot we will not do anything stupid just for the sake of saying that we have done something. We will do what makes sense.”

Arsène must have been going against his nature in 2011, then, when panic was the order of the day and five players came in just ahead of the deadline and just after a panic-inducing 8-2 loss. Still, a man is entitled to change his mind.

A couple of days later Ozil was signed (I don’t do umlauts). Arsène went against his better nature/his earlier misdirection (delete as desired) and signed a player for £42m. Why?

Well firstly, he’s a damn good player, and although we haven’t seen him in Arsenal action yet I’m sure he’ll be great for us. Pretty much every team in the world would be enhanced by adding him, so I’m not against the signing ‘footballistically’. I’m not against the price either. The money was there, that and a lot more, and I firmly believe it should be spent for the purpose of strengthening the team. If not, they may as well give it all to the Arsenal Foundation so some good comes of it. Spending the available money to strengthen the team and do your best to win is surely the raison d’etre of all football clubs.

I’m sure the Board are all breathing huge sighs of relief that someone became available in the last couple of days of the window. Ivan would have been washing egg off his face for months otherwise. Even funnier, all the twitter know-it-alls would have been forced to shut up for a while, but Arsène saved them all at the last minute, while he was saving himself.

I hope he realises that buying the player is actually the easy bit. Now said player and all his fellows have to perform and some luck has to come our way with injuries.

Anyway, for the record, my Arsenal predictions for this season are:

  • Premier League – 3rd
  • FA Cup – 5th round
  • League Cup – Quarter Final
  • CL – last 16

I fear the squad is too small to challenge in the cups, which would otherwise be the best chance of silverware. So more of the same. As long as Spurs aren’t first or second, I’ll take that.   

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8 thoughts on “Arsene Admits It – He Hates Paying The Going Rate

  1. Who are the know it alls the ones who had faith in the management or the ones who went on about how Arsenal would not buy any players?

  2. Although, as we are repeatedly told, Ozil is not exactly what we need, he is one of the best midfielders in the world, he is definitely worth his price, he will attract other players to the club, and he represents a huge change of direction for Arsenal.

  3. Lol still looking back to the quotes before the derby, reminiscing about the good old days before we beat the scum or signed anyone, back when the fashion of mocking wenger withim punity was still at its peak, back when you were happiest..

    while we’re reading all the new stories about ozil, watching clips of him and getting excited about seeing him play.

    Sucks to be you buddy

  4. Am Tired Of This Ill Luck People Predicting Where Arsenal Fc Will End Up At The End Of The Season, Are U God??? Tell Me, Who Can Believe That Chelsea Can Win Champon League In 2012? So How Can U Just Open Ur Mouth And Foretell Fiuture U Aren’t Seeing, Sorry Lad, Better Look For Good Article To Write Cos This Is Suck, Do U Think We Can Not Win Trophies This Season, The Joy Of Every Club Is To Win Even Those In Relegation Still Have Hope Of Coming Out, But Why Is Arsenal Fans That Always Predict Doom On The Club, Bible Said; As A Man Thinked In His Heart So Is He, So If The Fans Are Saying Bad Thing About Their Clubs Do They Want Smeone To Say Good Abt It, Let All Unite And Begin To Say We Are Winning AtleastPREMIER LEAGUE, FA AND CARLING CUP AND IN CHAMPIONS FINAL/ WIN CHAMPIONSHIP.

  5. Good predictions. I can see us doing serious damage in the League next season but this season might be too soon.
    Hopefully when players come back from injury we can go further in the Champions League though…

  6. Dammed if he doe’s dammed if he doesn’t that makes you a fence sitting idiot and who the the hell are you giving predictions a nine year old could come up with.

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