Arsenal – What Are We On Track For This Season?

Lack of time means blog posts here are getting fewer and further between lately, but when someone gives me info like that below, I think why not share it.I just waited till the FA Cup fourth round was out of the way.

I’m dubious about the value of many stats in football, at least in the way they’re used without proper context. However, here are a few to do with Arsenal’s performance so far this season compared to previous ones, collected and tweeted by my old friend John Pickford (@theN5er). I haven’t checked all the figures, I’m trusting him.

john pickford stats 22 JanSo in the last calendar year we have ten points more than our nearest rival in the title race, and a massive 19 more than the current champions. Shame the gap at the top currently is a lot smaller.

What does it all mean? To me it means Arsenal have their best chance of the title for several years, and (if we’re unlucky) then the best chance we might get for a while – though I hope not. But Man U won’t always be crap and the Oilies will have to be curtailed by good old FFP to keep us near them in the long run.

But the good form – title winning form – has lasted over a year now. Three more months of it with the same kind of win ratio would be fantastic. The Islington Open Top Bus Company will be back in business!

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal – What Are We On Track For This Season?

  1. Nice to hear from you Phil . I don’t think that we can maintain a title push , we just don’t have the squad. Man City and Chelsea ( who by the way never won anything ) are out again buying titles. Its a shame because these clubs distort the market and make it impossible for the smaller clubs to compete. The premier league depends on all clubs . The laundry that Chelsea has become , the money pot that man u has become for the glaziers, and the plaything that man city has become for a bunch of Arabian thieves makes a mockery of the game today. Long live the Arsenal, I have loved you since I first saw a ball being kicked , everything you ever won was earned through hard work , history has proved it . Long may the qualities that you stand for exist my love is eternal x

  2. I believe the contrary to the other comment made, i think we will win the league, we will win mainly by winning all our games against the mid/lower teams in the table and we do just enough to limit the damage against the so called bigger teams, i expect this to go to the wire but we will nick it in the end.Its between us and city, chelshit no ways

  3. Noel. Don’t forget that between them, our 2 major shareholders have spent not dissimilar amounts of money than The Russian and The Arabs have. The difference is that their money was invested in players and trophies. Our shareholders money was spent on making former shareholders unbelievably rich (or even richer). Its not that we cant compete somehow, its that our shareholders (and former shareholders) are more concerned with cash than trophies

  4. We are at the mercy of the PMGOL always have been always will be while the PMGOl is a closed shop and dictate the game with either unintentionally bad refs or intentionally bad refs.
    Our players give their all for the team and are among the best in Europe thanks to Arsene and his support team. Remember who was the Ref for game 50 and who is the head of the PMGOL. Never forget, never forget.

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