If Arsenal Aren’t Champions, Who Is The Least Worst Option?

I want Arsenal to win the title. In fact I would love it, LOVE it. It’s a four horse race right now – with two big bloated rich subsidised horses, and two slightly smaller horses who’ve been around ages and are still buying their own hay. I think that’s the common metaphor these days.

Anyway, if Arsenal don’t win it someone else has to. That is an unfortunate but very real fact. I’ve just been having a twitter discussion about who is the least worst option, and it appears there are differences of opinion among the Arsenal fanbase. Who would have thought, eh? There was me thinking we were one big happy Gooner family. Anyway, there’s only one way to settle this: vote here.

All these options are bad. Very bad. Let’s be clear about that. But it has to be someone.

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12 thoughts on “If Arsenal Aren’t Champions, Who Is The Least Worst Option?

  1. Vote for Manchester City. Chelsea, it’s just a total no way. London Rivals, disgusting manager, I hate and despise everything in their existence. Liverpool, we need to keep a way to laugh at them. Plus, a BPL title would make them have a huge lift for the 3 next years, we don’t need them to be able to compete in a regular way. Liverpool’s fans are already unbearable. We can’t let them win. Also, they have more titles than us, that’d be nice to be able to catch them, even if it will take time.
    Finally, Man. City. Even if I do not like the way they are built, it’s the less shitty option. Their fans don’t particularly bother me…

  2. Agree with ArsenalGenes. City are the least OFFENSIVE of the lot. Liverpool are the worst option for me. I just cannot stand their supporters.

    • Have to agree about Liverpool fans!They think they are the best supporters and most loyal supporters and loudest supporters etc etc….
      I’ve stood on the Kop-and yes it’s a good atmosphere for the big games-but I’ve been there when u could hear a pin drop too!!!
      I think City would be the least offensive option to the Hub cappers,and as For Bourinho’s lot-they disgust me-especially The Spiteful One!!!!!!!!

  3. Man City. They don’t have any players I particularly dislike (Nasri is borderline) and despite not respecting any achievement of a club that’s spent huge sums of a billionaire owner’s money to get to the top, would be much easier to swallow than:

    Chelsea – scum manager and fanbase, several players I detest
    Liverpool – annoying fans and it would make it even more painful to miss out given the failed transfer of Suarez knowing he wanted to move here. Would also give them a chance of maintaining title contender status for next couple of years rather than falling away again.

  4. I’m not sure if mancity can win the league coz Chelsea r strong in de back n city’s kompany is out n aguiero however Liverpool can only rely on de forwards de back is not gud enough n arsenal I’m not sure this is frm arsenal fan

  5. Cannot stand any of them . If a gun was put to my head I would say City just because I hate the other two more. If Liverpiss never win another title it will be too soon. As for Chelsea their days of milk and oil are numbered . Seems that Mr A may have run into serious problems as a result of his ex father in laws antics in the Crimea. The freezing of cash assets won’t be long in flushing out the rats !! Can’t wait for the explosion !

  6. As much as I dont like Nasri, the simple thought of Liverpool or Chelsea winning is horrendous! Chelsea worst manager and players and Liverpool the absolutely worst supporters! Still, Arsenal have lived to fight another day thanks to todays win. Next Chelsea!

  7. Should be Man City can’t stand Mourinho and Chelsea fans. Liverpool is a historical rival and their fans are unbearable.

  8. Can’t believe the amount of people saying Liverpool. Obviously can’t be Londoners or over the age of 30 🙂

    Respect the club but be happy if they didn’t win the league ever again.

    My childhood was a misery because of all the London born and bred Liverpool supporters who wouldn’t be able to find Merseyside on a map constantly giving it the biggun when LFC ruled the 70’s and 80’s.

    A lot of us can still remember their era of dominance. They can go another 20 years without winning it.

  9. Liverpool for me, because their fans (unlike Arsenal fans) have a big influence over what goes on at their club.

  10. ^^LOL

    Liverpool fans have no influence at all what happens at the club!

    If they did, they would have a new stadium instead of the dump they have! And they would have won a pl title by now.

    Their fans are Deluded their club is in downfall and everything about their club is laughable. They do nothing but talk about history, live in the past, talk about their trophies when there wasn’t any other club in England able to compete with them lol!

    Its like throwing Mike Tyson in his prime, into a ring with amateur boxers.

    Now that there is 4 or 5 clubs fighting for titles, Liverpool have not won in what? 20 years or more, the fans of LFC are a joke. Every year..this is our year lol

    They are the most deluded fans and MUFC will take their place in the top 4 this season. Fact.

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