Man City: The Least Of Three Evils

Here’s the result of the poll from a couple of days ago:poll - who do you prefer to win PL if not Arsenal

So Man City are hardly overwhelmingly preferred as champions if Arsenal don’t win, but they are considered the least offensive of the three other options.

My reasoning for a City vote was fairly well summed up by a commenter on the previous post:

“Can’t believe the amount of people saying Liverpool. Obviously can’t be Londoners or over the age of 30 🙂

Respect the club but be happy if they didn’t win the league ever again.

My childhood was a misery because of all the London born and bred Liverpool supporters who wouldn’t be able to find Merseyside on a map constantly giving it the biggun when LFC ruled the 70′s and 80′s.

A lot of us can still remember their era of dominance. They can go another 20 years without winning it.”

Liverpool had enough success in the first half of my life to last the rest of it. They still have several more titles than Arsenal, so I don’t want to see them add to their total until we’ve gone past them.

As for people who voted for Chelsea, I can only imagine they are Chelsea fans who stumbled across the poll. Surely no Arsenal fan would want Chelsea to win the league unless it was between them and Spurs, and even then it’s close.

Here’s hoping for a win at Stamford Bridge on Saturday so Arsenal are still firmly in the race and there is less chance of this horror occurring.

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