Are Arsenal Making ‘Progress’?

This is a much debated topic on twitter. I don’t have time to go through the whole thing, but here is a handy Progressometer chart so we can tell at a glance whether progress in the League has been made or not.

There was one dubious year where the position stayed the same but the points tally went down but the number of points away from first place also decreased. Is that progress? I’ve written to Stephen Hawking to ask, as no Arsenal fan can agree. As you can see, we have made more progress in the second half of Arsene’s reign – the barren years – than the double-Double-winning first half! Which must surely be absolute proof that he is right to say recent years have been his greatest managerial achievement.  premier league progressometer

Don’t take this too seriously. The fact is you’ve either won the Premier League or you haven’t, and if you’re always in the top four then you can’t progress to that, it’s a constant (for us spoiled Arsenal fans only, of course). ‘Progress’ is essentially meaningless, as clubs go up and down in points and positions year by year, and just because you did better than last year doesn’t mean you’ll continue to follow the same trajectory. Too many variables.

That’s it. I’ve already written more than I was going to.

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One thought on “Are Arsenal Making ‘Progress’?

  1. I would say that no progress has been made in the Premier League since 2006. However, there has been little opportunity for progress in that time due to circumstances beyond Arsenal’s control. The good news is that Arsenal have not regressed, but have maintained a level of consistency not seen before in the club’s history.

    “Progress” is a rare thing in league football. It tends to be a boom / bust where a club has a single change that results in an almost overnight change in fortunes (e.g. a new manager with different philosophy or a huge injection of cash).

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