Which Referees Are Lucky For Arsenal?

We’ve heard a lot about Mike Dean this week – though probably not as much as Mike Dean would like.

But where does he rank in the table of Arsenal’s ‘lucky refs’? These are the ones who’ve been in charge of at least 10 Arsenal Premier League matches since 2008-09, sorted in to order of points won per match.

As you might expect, Mr Dean is quite low down, though time prevents me from speculating on reasons why for the moment.

Ref records for arsenal PL matches

For today’s match against Leicester it’s Craig Pawson officiating, so no idea what’ll happen there.

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3 thoughts on “Which Referees Are Lucky For Arsenal?

  1. Thanks for your referee chart. Makes some very interesting reading doesn’t it?

    Best wishes,


    Robert Bluffield Author, commercial writer, photographer, broadcaster

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  2. Has refereed the most games of anyone and yet the outcomes of those games is basically the worst. Like to a degree that defies the probability of being statistically random.

    One has to wonder how exactly the league defines the term “bringing the game into disrepute”.

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