How To Be A Phenomenal Success

This is a review of a recently published novel, Gary’s Guide To Life: How I Am Going To Achieve Phenomenal Success, And How You Can Do The Same, by Michael Nabavian and Phil Wall – yes, that’s me.

The blurb:

Most people would give anything to be as successful as Gary Speedwell is going to be. Now, in Gary’s Guide to Life, Gary puts that dream within your reach too by unveiling the strategies that are going to lift him out of ordinariness and set him – and you – on course for phenomenal success.

Let Gary steer you as you get in touch with your inner child, discover your true self and learn how to influence others to do your will – in a highly moral way, of course – then get your life in the fast lane to success by following Gary’s Five Commandments! You simply cannot go wrong.   

Conventional wisdom holds that only people who have attained some measure of success are qualified to write self-help books, but Gary begs to differ. Brimming with self-belief despite mounting debt, tricky personal relationships and a life seemingly spiralling out of control, Gary is a self-help expert like no one who has gone before.

Gary's Guide To Life - Front cover

What do you want from life? Perfect freedom? The admiration of your peers? Fresh seafood on demand? Whatever is on your list, Gary thinks he can help, and he’s keen to tell you how. Unfortunately if success means fabulous wealth, then Gary doesn’t really have the answer – for one thing that arrangement with the son of the rich Ivory Coast merchant never came off. But eventually life teaches Gary what true success is for him, and maybe there’s a lesson there for all of us.

There are some funny gags” – Ian Stone, Comedian

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