How to get rich on Spurs’ failure

I posed this question on Twitter earlier:

The fact that 50 per cent went for the most massive figure shows that either they were aware of the magic of doubling numbers or they could be bothered to open Excel and do a calculation.

However, as is usually the case when I attempt maths I think I made a mistake, and the correct answer should be £300 trillion rather than £580 trillion. Some people thought it was even more, but that’s because they’ve overlooked that before decimalisation in the UK in 1971 there were 20 shillings or 240 old pennies in a pound. Yes, Spurs not only won the league in black and white, it was also in £sd.

Here’s my corrected (I hope) calculation. If I’ve still got it wrong, please tell me.

Either way it’s still a staggering sum when you started with a penny. But does it say more about maths or more about Spurs?

I could try the same calculation for Newcastle United, but I think I’m reaching the limits of Excel functionality unless I start writing clever macros, which let’s face it ain’t gonna happen.

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17 thoughts on “How to get rich on Spurs’ failure

  1. If I were you me old mate I’d go of and play with your little tinky winky. Enjoy your Thursday nights at the library. COYS!!!!

    • No success , no stadium , and your address is still a boring ‘High street’.
      Bet when the riots were on in N17 you were only too glad to hear someone cheering

  2. The Spuds are just copying Arsenal now … new stadium, selling key players, losing their opening home game – now if only we could get Kroenke to take over them (and lose us, of course!) I still don’t understand how Kroenke got a majority share holding, given how adamant the board were to not allow a single person majority share ownership. He contributes nothing to Arsenal, so that’s not a reason, and there are loads of other people they could sell to if they wanted to cash in, or they could’ve equally split the shares between Usmanov and Kronk as you know neither of them will budge in selling a share to each other.

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