Arsenal Record Share Price 2007-2018

It looks as though there will shortly be no more trading in Arsenal shares for the foreseeable future, as Stan Kroenke is determined to own every last one of the 62,219 issued shares. So for the record here is how the price has risen over the last decade – coincidentally since Kroenke’s involvement. A casual observer might be tempted to think some of this increased value is down to what Kroenke has done, but it’s not. The only positive thing he’s contributed is a complete refusal to interfere in the day-to-day football side of the business. The increased value is partly down to the scarcity of shares driving the price up, but mainly the huge riches that all Premier League clubs now share from broadcast deals.

As it was, the share price ended up about 20 per cent higher than Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov thought it should have been, given that their recent deal was at a price of £29,419.64 per share.

So although the club may (probably will) one day be valued at a higher total than the £2.3 billion that a share price of £37k indicates, there may not be any shares traded to demonstrate it. Oh well. it was good while it lasted.


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