Harry Kane Injury Incident Analysis: Lessons Must Be Learnt

What went wrong for Harry Kane? We all knew it was inevitable that someone would get hurt sooner or later, but with the sort of luck that leaves all right-thinking people shaking their fists at the sky, England’s SaviourTM went off injured against Liverpool in an incident that experts are calling ‘Karma’.

Let’s look in detail at what happened, because for the sake of the country and the future of professional football we simply MUST learn lessons from this.

All appears well to begin with – a high ball is approaching and Kane has spotted it, but now ignores it while he focusses on getting to the man before the ball does.


Having got close, he gets in and around (© Andy Townsend) the opponent’s legs to unsettle and unbalance him. So far so good.


Oh no! Henderson doesn’t jump! Instead he unexpectedly shifts his weight downwards and twists away, leaving our hero unbalanced at the same time as he has to play ‘spot the ball’. If he faces the man now the ref might clock that he’s up to his usual tricks.


With Henderson crouching, HK fails in the key step of getting his weight under the opponent and as the ball arrives his momentum means that he crashes to the floor. Dreadfully unfortunate for England’s HeroTM.


As Henderson runs away like a coward, the Divemeister General instinctively adopts the classic ‘Ref, he pushed me!’ pose on the ground. He may be injured and in terrible pain but his professionalism never wavers.

We can only pray for a swift recovery. #prayforharry

Twitter: @P_h_i_1


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