More St Totteringham’s Day Fun

What do you mean I’m just rehashing an earlier picture? I’m busy here!



7 thoughts on “More St Totteringham’s Day Fun

  1. Celebrating finishing above Spurs, its embarassing lets be honest, we had a terrible run at the beginning, they had a terrible run at the end…

    We got 3rd and 4th both will go into the champions league

    Why are we celebrating it, because we have nothing else to cheer, we should finish above Spurs every season but you dont win any trophy’s for it.

    I actually think its a bad thing we got 3rd, now Arsene is going to have full faith in that squad and wont feel like he needs to add any players, which we do, as if it wasnt for my nan being in goal for West Brom today we wouldnt have won.

    • “wont feel like he needs to add any players”

      Except we’ve already signed Podolski, conveniently forgot that one to back up your weak argument?

  2. jayjay on May 14, 2012 at 8:13 am said

    the table does not lie – 3rd is still a good result.

    i spoke to a man utd fan who said fergie should be sacked cause they finished 2nd level on points with city !!!!

    Sadly Arsenal fans sound similar lately – plastic manc – plastic goons

  3. Gayjay Anybody who wishes a lower position for Arsenal . can F of too sp*ds .. Dont want you dont need you. Third means there are only two teams in this league who did better than us get it .. we will build on that.

  4. The glaring problem we have is how to defend.
    In our last 2 games, against Norwich and WBA, we started brightly with early goals. Then shambolic defending left us trailing. While we did take the lead again in both matches our dodgy defending cost us 2 points against Norwich and nearly cost us another 2 yesterday.
    I don’t think it’s a case of rushing out to buy new players but rather drilling the defence to act in a co-ordinated manner and not run round like headless chickens.
    The first thing that should be drilled into them is that the opposition are allowed to score.

    • When Wenger says beautiful football – he means score more than the opponent. He will not buy a defender that wants to sit back and defend only. I guess he is justified by Kocielny and Santos scoring the winner and leveler after conceding two goals at the back. Our defence is so weak that even small teams think they have a chance. As long as we dont change the defensive mentality- we will always be pourous.
      The 3rd position is a miracle when you look at how we started but again that should be our basic achievement and not Overall achievement. Arsenal is not at the same level with spurs because with that kind of advantage they had on us a big team should have even challenged for the title.

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