Arsenal and Spurs Groundshare?!

Anyone who complains about Arsenal’s new stadium, which the club likes to refer to as ‘The Emirates Stadium’ and I like to refer to as ‘Arsenal’s new stadium’, should remember that back in the 1970s the club were actively considering a groundshare with Spurs at Alexandra Palace. So not only would we have left the Highbury area, we’d have shared with them and given them access to a top class stadium! The consequences could have been unimaginably bad. Luckily, local objections knocked the scheme on the head, though I do remember rumours continuing to surface for quite a while.

Here’s Ken Friar talking about it in a 1978 Arsenal programme.

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal and Spurs Groundshare?!

  1. Lol, wtf is he on? Article on an interesting stadia sharing scheme which happily never saw the light of day, and this dude goes God punish rvp, I’m so cracked up right now. The internet is a funny place

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