Is John Terry fit to lift the biggest trophy in club football?

John Terry is banned from the Champions League final tonight for stupidly putting his knee into the back of Alexis Sanchez, but it’s understood that if Chelsea win he will be allowed to lift the trophy at the presentation as club captain.

After the sending off in the Champions League semi-final, Terry was told he appeared to knee Sanchez and replied ‘I would not do that.’ He said he ‘wasn’t the type of player’ to try and deliberately hurt someone, or raise his knee to them. Then he was shown the video and said ‘Sanchez was darting in behind me’ (he wasn’t), and ‘I’ve raised my knee, which maybe I shouldn’t have done in hindsight’. You don’t say!  Even leaving aside his actions in the semi-final, his weasel words afterwards and his ban for the final, is Terry the sort of person who should be put forward to represent his club or country? He’s the only person to be stripped of the England captaincy twice for his behaviour. As he awaits trial on criminal charges – the only England captain to face that – here are some highlights from his career. You be the judge.

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3 thoughts on “Is John Terry fit to lift the biggest trophy in club football?

  1. He may be a decent footballer, but his off-field antics are a disgrace and I for one don’t understand how Chelsea have both put up and stood for this for so long. And to answer the question raised above, there should be no way that he should be allowed to go up and lift the CL trophy, should Chelsea win. Oh and on one final point, I see that he was named in the England squad for the upcoming Euro’s, but my understanding was that he was persona non grata at the FA, so do you have any idea how this is possible?

  2. Decide yourself, but I believe Maradona is one of the greatest most skilled footballers ever but as a person in his past he has been a true shite person. Some of England’s own past greats have turned out to be much less than perfect. We can’t all have DB10 as a role model. I think club level he can for sure and he deserves it, at Country level never.
    an Arsenal fan

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