David Dein discusses the Premier League

It’s not a great day to be an Arsenal fan, so why not go back to a simpler happier time when Arsenal were champions and the fantastic new Premier League was shortly to begin. Here’s young David Dein to tell you just how great it would all be, interviewed in the Arsenal programme from the opening day of the 1991-92 season.

Dein assures us that the Premier League is not all about money, though he is good enough to admit that “Money of course plays a significant role” and “market forces must be allowed to prevail”. But of course “spectators” – I think he means supporters – would be best off, indeed they would be the “ultimate beneficiary”. And also the England team would prosper due to more time for the manager with players, because of course the Premier League would soon consist of only 18 clubs. I’m not sure when that’s happening, must be due any day now I guess.

To be fair, the extra money has certainly meant that the exodus of star players we were experiencing from England such as Brady, Platt, Gascoigne and, er, Hateley and Waddle did reverse. Now we have all the stars in the English league, from Manuel Almunia to Nikola Zigic. ALL the stars.

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4 thoughts on “David Dein discusses the Premier League

  1. I think this season has proven more than ever that football is all about money.

    And patience for the rest of the clubs.

  2. Typical arsenal – booting out the man with vision, PL creator and worldwide contacts to settle for a yank to suck off the club like a vampire for his US sports teams & PHW can be ensured his Arsenal lump-sum pension. For arsenal it is all bout Money but in a different way to certain individuals

  3. Seems so absurd that a majority owner would not see the obvious need for a football expert to collaborate with the pitch manager. One can only assume the board is strictly about money.

  4. The worse thing this club ever did was kick out Mr DEIN.Should have been those W****rs PHW and Fiszman booted out instead.Still if rumours are to be believed and he pitches up at Anfield Arsenal deserve all they get.Dein wanted a foreign investor to put money in because he thought it wasn’t right that the Self sustaining business model was based on fleecing the fans.He thought that it was wrong that the traditional fan base was being priced out of seeing their team play.All this is in Alex Flynns book “Arsenal the making of a modern superclub” for those that accuse me of talking nonsense.Dein was spot on;this club is being run by charlatans and idiots,and the worse thing is half the fans yak on about self sustainability like its some sort of moral victory.IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO INVEST IN A FOOTBALL CLUB.Arsenal has no moral high ground to sit on.At least City fans don’t have to take out a second morgage just to see their team play.It is disgraceful that Arsenal only want the middle class at the Emirates;those who are happy to trill “only 1 Arsene Wenger” and “By far the greatest team” coz these are the only bloody songs they know.Arsenal football club RIP.

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