New Spurs Champions League DVD! Out Now!

The latest Spurs DVD, on sale now, celebrating their record-breaking 2012-13 Champions’ League campaign – the shortest in history!

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D’oh! Foolishly put a version of this up first of all without my userid included on the graphic. No doubt quite a few copies taken already.


9 thoughts on “New Spurs Champions League DVD! Out Now!

  1. to think some of their revolting lot turned up in “mind the gap” tshirts to The E******s only a couple of months ago is now so laughable.Some of their adoring press(James Olley etc)had as usual talked about “the shift in power” and encouraged the more deluded amongst their fans to start making wild predictions and as usual they have had to crawl back under the shells they came out of.If The Arsenal had failed to qualify for The C.L we would have to put up with predictions of “financial meltdown” and a “mass exodus”,funny how Tottenham’s “brave,have a go heroes” aren’t subjected to the same bullshit.Don’t mention Joe Lewis bailing them out either as it doesn’t sit well with their image of being a club “at a huge financial disadvantage”.

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