1961 Reasons Why Arsenal Are Better Than Spurs

In 2006 a few writers for The Gooner got together to bounce ideas around for the magazine, and I suggested “101 Reasons Why Arsenal Are Better Than Spurs”. Brian Dawes (@Gooner48) immediately said, “No – 1,961 reasons!

So that’s what we did. The feature ran for a couple of seasons on The Gooner‘s inside back page before it was replaced by something fresher, but there were quite a few more we could have added. It’s always nice to consider, particularly in darker moments of temporary upset to the natural order of the universe, just how superior Arsenal are to their neighbours.

Here’s the list of ‘1961’ reasons we came up with, printed in The Gooner from issue 168 in October 2006 (the same month Van Persie scored his best ever goal v Charlton) to issue 185 in May 2008.

1 Our foreign manager has won more trophies than all their foreign managers put together.

2 Since Spurs finally got elected to the League (1909) we’ve finished above them exactly twice as many times as they’ve finished above us (58 to 29). (This is now MORE than twice as many, of course.)

3 13 League titles, 2 League titles. 4 Years since Arsenal were in the second division: 93; years since Spurs were in the second division: 28 (as at 2020 it’s 42 years for Spurs and 106 since Arsenal played in Division 2.) 5 Spurs rated the home leg of their Carling Cup semi-final (2007 v Arsenal) as a Category A match due to the quality of the opposition. The return leg was rated by Arsenal as a less attractive Category B game.

6 Arsenal under-12s: 3, Spurs: 1 (5-3 on aggregate) (This was following the 2007 Carling Cup Semi-Final)

7 The world’s first-ever televised football match in 1936 was between north London’s two big teams – Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves. (Spurs were in the second division at the time.)

8 Spurs have still not beaten Arsenal this millennium. (Sadly this one has now changed! We had a good run.)

9 Arsenal are one of four clubs to have won the League in three consecutive years. Spurs haven’t won the League three times.

10 Number of consecutive seasons in Champions League: Arsenal – 10. Number of seasons talking about it: Spurs – 16. (All good things come to an end.)


11 Arsenal Ladies won the Quadruple last season (2007); Tottenham just played like ladies. 12 In head-to-head matches, Arsenal have a better record than Spurs in every domestic competition (Premier League / Division 1 (separately and together), FA Cup, League Cup). Obviously we never bother playing them when they’re not in the top division.

13 In the last 40 years Spurs managers have won an average of half a major trophy each. Arsenal managers have won 2.7 each in the same period. 14 One Arsenal share (£8,550) is currently worth about 6,500 Spurs shares (£1.30 each). The Fabregas to Dawson ratio is about the same. (By August 2013 the Arsenal share price was about £16,000 per share, while Tottenham’s had fallen to 40.5p. In 2018 one Arsenal share costs £30,000.)

15 When Spurs first applied to join the Southern League, they were the only one of 23 teams applying to receive no votes. Arsenal were already in the Football League by then.

16 In the last 80 years Arsenal have finished below 14th place in the top division once. Spurs have done it 25 times. (Actually got this one wrong – Arsenal finished below 14th twice, in 1975 and 1976.)

17 Brad Pitt and George Clooney disguised themselves as Arsenal players in Ocean’s Twelve. Disguising themselves as Spurs players in Europe would have looked totally unrealistic.

18 The first serving Spurs player to appear in a World Cup final was Christian Zeige, who came on as sub for Germany when they lost to Brazil in 2002. Arsenal had already won the World Cup four years earlier.

We could also have added:
19 Arsenal may be renowned for our foreign contingent, but Spurs are the only club ever to have serving players from a country we were at war with.
20 The top-flight fixture played the most times is Arsenal v Everton. Spurs will never feature on that list.
21 The Independent awarded Arsenal the title “Team of the Century” for their record between 1900 and 1999. Spurs were surprisingly high at sixth.
22 Tony Adams captained Arsenal to League titles in three different decades. Spurs haven’t won the title in three different decades.
23 Arsenal played ten finals, semi-finals and Community Shield matches at the Millennium Stadium. Spurs played one – losing the 2002 League Cup to Blackburn.
24 Arsenal have played 41 times at Wembley, a record. This is more than twice as many as Spurs, on 20. (As at 2006 – they had to take over the stadium to catch up)
25 Arsenal have remained unbeaten for a whole season at home in the league five times. Spurs haven’t.
26 Arsenal 13 FA Cup wins, Spurs 8 FA Cup wins.
27 Arsenal have won the league in 7 different decades. Spurs have won the league twice.
28-30 Arsenal hold the following Premiership records:
– scoring in 55 consecutive games
– scoring in 46 consecutive home games
– scoring in 27 consecutive away games
31 Arsenal broke the record for the most consecutive Champions League clean sheets in 2006, with ten. They went without conceding a goal for 995 minutes.
32 Spurs failed to show up for our annual League fixture from 1928-1950 and again in 1977-78 because they were in the wrong division.
33 Arsenal are the only club to have a tube station named after them; Spurs don’t even have a tube station.
34 Arsenal were featured in the world’s first ever football radio commentary, first televised match, and first Match Of The Day.
35 We’ve never announced details for the sale of tickets for a League Cup Final that we weren’t even in (as Spurs did during half time in the famous ‘1-0 down, 2-1 up’ semi-final).
36 Arsenal have never been beaten in the first round of both domestic cups in the same season, unlike Tottenham
37 No living Arsenal fan has seen their team play in the Second Division
38 Arsenal have never had to play a League game at Bristol Rovers or Mansfield Town
39 League and FA Cup doubles: Arsenal 3 Tottenham 1
40 FA Cup and League Cup doubles: Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0


75 thoughts on “1961 Reasons Why Arsenal Are Better Than Spurs

  1. It never ceases to amuse me why Gooners are so obsessed with Spurs, grow a pair and stand back this season and admire your neighbours because for years that is what I have had to do but Arsenal will do no more until Wenger has gone.

    • ahahaahahahahahahaha £100,000,000+ well spent! Remind me, how many goals has Soldildo scored that haven’t been penalties? I think you’re the obsessed fan coming to an Arsenal blog and commenting. Silly spuds, all so deluded..

    • LOFL
      We’re top
      Your £109m flops r still struggling like you done for years
      Your never beat the arsenal ha ha ha ha
      R u in 4th rnd of Fa Cup ….NO HA HA

  2. The one reason why Spurs are better than Arsenal is that Arsenal are always looking backwards whilst Spurs aways look forwards

  3. U will always b a south London club. Has r summer spending upset U has it?????? I’m sure Wenger will bring bk another reject to 2 bolster ur squad. 😀

    • That summer spending spree was brilliant wasn’t it. Especially that 25million forward. He only scores penaltys hahahah. Tottenham will never be good. All they do is get laughed at, like your ridiculous comments. Prat!!

    • Ha ha ha
      Muggy comments backfire again

      Staledado 1 goal from open play

      BUY 1 player for £42m
      To your wanky £109m spuds

      Reason were looking behind and u look forward
      Is due to our league positions

  4. What a bell end whoever wasted there time writing this up! Just goes to show the gooners are worried and getting desperate! Enjoy Sunday you mugs!

    • Sunday was gr8
      So was the Fa Cup 3rd Rnd
      So is being Top

      The cannon fires us to the top

      Your chicken got roasted on his basketball

      Your better off having Barney as your rivals as there nearer to your home of middlesex

  5. Sorry, what’s all this? You’re giving us recognition? If all these flimsy, dick-pumping, medals of bravado ring true, why do you see a need to bring them up? I can smell the fear.

  6. Really intelligent stuff. Are you lot now that worried about the only true North London club that you have to trot out this mindless & out-of-date garbage to prove that you are the ‘best’? Not sure how points such as having a player on our books who is from a country we are war with is relevant? Presume you mean Ardiles. If you check you facts you’d actually know that we loaned him out to PSG just because of the existence of mindless idiots making exactly those sorts of comments………. All this from a club who had to move from South of the river to avoid going out of business and then to cheat your way into the top league at our expense. Karma is a good thing my friend….it may take some time to come around but it will 🙂

    • Arsenal have been a North London club for over 100 years. You spuds only became part of London in 1965. Who’s the “only true North London club” again? Let’s see if your small mind can work it out…

      • yes, yes, i see, there’s me thinking my fav team Tottenham were a London club, when all a long I was wrong…they’ve only been “Half a London club” – one half from 1882 – 1965 as a Middlessex club , then the other half 1965 – 2015 as a London club .So that means Arsenal are more of a London club than Tottenham because they were born in London and remain in London ever since! Tottenham did the double in 1961 as a Middlessex club…so Arsenal were the first London club to do the Double….! Wow! That means anything Tottenham won before 1965 doesnt count as a feat achieved by a London club…! Yes, yes…that all makes sense now….so my gran was born in Tottenham in 1909…and my sister was born in Tottenham in 1966..so my sister is a Londoner but my Gran isnt….pure logic!!!
        Seriously, mate, how old r u?

  7. OMG!!!
    a boxer boasting about the size of his willy before the match.
    This is so pathetic that you should feel embarrassed.
    Give your club and Wenger SOME respect!!

  8. Ah, writing about the mighty Spurs again. You’ve got to rehash this. Trying to find some solice from the pain of signing absolutely nobody. What a joke Wenger is. He insults all the goons from on high and you just have to take it. Millions in the bank, so they keep telling us, and the most expensive ticket prices in the prem yet you haven’t spent a single penny. Absolutely mugged off. No wonder you have to trawl up this rubbish. You have nothing else to write about. Deflect from the misery. It’s only going to get worse for you on Sunday. I’m looking forward to Wenger’s excuses. Who’s he going to blame this time for his abject failure. And what can you do about it? Absolutely nothing… Say it again.

      • Enfield is a completely different London borough. You might as well have said Scotland. Nice try at humour though. Have another go.

    • Absolutely nothing……Say it again. You idiot ! We still have money in the bank while you lot spent 110 million on a bunch of wall flowers. You take yourself and your collection of nancy boy’s back to where ever it is you bottom feeders hang out and don’t ever attempt to compare yourselves with class. It is a concept you neither know nor understand.

    • What can you do about forever being in our shadow? Absolutely nothing… Say it again. Even Roy Keane knows you spuds are “idiot’s”. Oh and signing absolutely nobody? Ozil…who we didn’t even need to beat you…twice….this season. Enjoy the rest of your season with your Gooner manager.

  9. Its not about the past its about the here and now and the future – even as an Arsenal supporter I will admit Spurs are much stronger than Arsenal now. Shame on Wenger for allowing this to happen with the resources he has at his disposal. I really hope that this is the last season for Wenger – time to put Arsenal first and not cling on to hope that Wenger can make us into contenders again because he cannot and will not. Wenger out !!!

    • I have no problem with criticism of AW, he deserves every bit of it. I consider him to be an arrogant and indifferent manager when it comes to the feelings of the fans . However what I want fans to focus on is the efforts that the players are making. They have been fantastic. Their commitment to the cause and belief in what they are doing is total. Spurs may have a house , but Arsenal have a home.

    • You don’t no what your taking about mate. You ain’t a arsenal fan neither do Tottenham have a stronger squad than us. The table sais it all you prat!!

  10. Intelligent stuff. Are you Woolwich lot so worried about the only true North London club now that you are forced to trot out such pointless (and out-of-date) garbage? Just how do points relating to players who are from a country we are at war with help to determine you as ‘better’? Presume you mean Ardiles? Check your facts – we loaned him to PSG for a season for the very reason that mindless idiots would judge and make comments based on his nationality. I guess you still hate all Germans do you???? All this from a club who had to move from south of the river because you were almost bankrupt and then you had to cheat your way in to the top flight at our expense with some very suspect dealings. Karma may take its time to deliver in some circumstances but it will come around my friend. Carry on being ‘angry’ my man……I think you could be that way for some time….even if you do beat our ‘de-stabilised’ squad with £105million worth of new talent on Sunday…….. 🙂

  11. oh how sad that you haven’t had something else to think about over the close season, i think that looking back is all you will have to cheer you up this year. 1961 reasons why you WERE better than Spurs.

  12. Lmao well i’m glad you think arsenal are better than spurs, all the more painful when you get your arse kicked. All the history is nice but moving forward as a squad I know which team i’ll rather support and it’s not the one managed by an accountant COYS

  13. I know its the NLD tomorrow, but you muppets are so obsessed with us it’s frightening. Continue worrying about Tottenham and we’ll carry on doing our business.

  14. The thing that the Woolwich supporters do not understand about their current predicament is that supporters of THFC understand it better than them.

    The first THFC team I supported was the 77/78 side that had been relegated and played one season in the second division. They improved season after season and eventually won trophies in the early to mid eighties. However, even when that side became successful an element of our own support would always look back and compare them to the double team and European pioneers.

    No matter what THFC achieved in the early seventies and eighties it always fell short of the double team’s unique achievement. The 1930’s were a distant memory in the eighties and the majority of those who remember that period, on both sides of the NLD, would admit there was nothing between the clubs until AFC won the league in 89.

    Rational supporters know that these events are cyclical. AFC enjoyed a golden period from 1996 – 2005. Running parallel to this THFC had a very mediocre period of mid-table obscurity. The last eight seasons have seen AFC decline and THFC emerge from their slumber. At the moment their is nothing between the two clubs once again. AFC have won nothing for 8 seasons while THFC have picked up one pot and steadily improved.

    The NLD wasn’t really a contest during AFC’s golden period. For THFC it was damage limitation. Martin Jol changed all that and THFC began to compete. The gap has closed to nothing. The thing is both clubs have reached this crossroads from different perspectives. If you support AFC look at it like this. If THFC lose tomorrow will it be perceived as a disaster by their supporters or will it be quickly forgotten?

    Then look at it the other way round. If AFC lose this game will it be a disaster, be spoken about repeatedly for the rest of the season whenever AFC have a poor result or performance and used by critics of your manager as evidence he is no longer up to it?

    Most of you know the answer to that one if you are honest. This means that it is only a matter of time until THFC embarrass AFC in one of these games and Wenger will leave by mutual consent. It could be as soon as next week. He might last until Christmas but; it is going to happen sooner rather than later. Wenger’s past achievements are holding AFC back at the moment because the two parties are reluctant to part company.

    The invincibles AFC team will always be the benchmark for your lot from now on. Every team representing AFC, whether successful or not, will inevitably be compared unfavourably to that team. It will be a generation before their achievements are forgotten and it is that team that put you ‘forever in their shadow’. THFC are actually enjoying one of their most consistant periods in the league since the 1960’s. Six top five finishes in the last eight seasons is as good as Tottenham have been in the league since their last golden period.

    If THFC started to win a few trophies your nightmare will be completed. THFC have done this very quietly and very stealthily. All the evidence suggests that the time has come for THFC to have success.

    straws you clutching are at.

    rearrange and ponder goons.

    times up.

    • I think ‘times up’ for Mr Sherwood already, you know, your manager…the Arsenal supporter. How many managers have you been through while Mr Wenger has won 3 league titles and 4 F.A cups with us?

      Arsenal fans look back at the invincibles with fond memories, we don’t use them as a benchmark unlike you admit to doing with your club.

      You seem like a more intelligent Sp*rs fan than most other spuds on here (though that’s not difficult and I don’t agree with 99% of what you wrote), but why is it so hard for you to admit we’re the better team/club who have clearly been more successful than your lot for the past XX years? Every football fan knows this except the deluded spuds.

  15. You forget to mention in your history lesson, thta Arsenal are the only club in English league history to get promoted to tthe top tier by finishing fifth in the second tier, oh I forgot to mention that they handed over a cheque to the league to promote Arsenal over the team who should have rightfully been promoted. And just to cheer you up there is one player coming to North London this window, Fabio Coentrao. The Arse Wanderers might have to crawl back south over the river to where you belong to be the big boys in the very near future.

  16. We the fans who live outside UK compare our teams with the likes of man utd,barcelona. As arsenal have the most supprted club in ethiopia the spuds have no a single supporter. So please left the spuds and compete with other top flight clubs. Now a day many arsenal fans are becoming other club fans like chelsea,man city thanks to Wenger,Gazidis,Kroenke and fans live there who kept silent wen the likes of nasri,cesc,Hleb,Viera,Henry, Song,Van,Cole,Clichy,…left the club; don’t even threaten to boycott attending players like squilachi,gervinho,bendtner,santos,… at our club

    • Wait – Tottenham don’t have a SINGLE fan in Ethiopia?! Well that’s ruined my weekend…however will the club survive…

  17. Arsenal were a once mighty team who ruthlessly destroyed or neutralised all before them. They made history going a whole season unbeaten. Since that golden age, they have huffed and puffed to make the top four and struggled to trouble the top two. This Sunday they address their greatest ever challenge: the rise of a newer, more dynamic force of nature intent to tread upon them in their remorseless path to the very summit of the premiership Arsenal once knew, long ago.

    If you lose will Arsene Wenger take early retirement?

  18. Woaw,y’all are just a bunch of jobless babies fighting over nothing…I know it’s a rivalry but y’all don’t gat to be so tensed up,we’re north londoners,show some love y’all.

  19. i like the way this gooner is chatting about history when we are in the present and this is one sign that the scums are getting scared about tomorrow when we smack 3-0 come on you spurs and look at the difference between the squads and spurs have a better team than u lot who is your best player theo and your best signing this year is players u had before well done loll come one on u spurs

  20. Spurs fan since 1972….now, this is funny…i was smiling right thru this and i’m a Totty fan! its kind of mental that someone would want to point out over and over again why they are better than someone else….hinting at 1961 – the year that bugs Arsenal fans the most (and players – that’s why they went hell for leather winning a double at the start of a decade …1970 -71 – sort of trying to beat your neighbour’s achievements by doing something similar). I could easily do a “1,971 reasons why Spurs are better than you, nah , nah, nah, nah ,nah” starting with no London club winning a major trophy until Spurs won the cup in 1901….then it took another 30 years till a different London club could manage to win something! Babyish attitude…my Tonka toy’s better than your Tonka toy….nah, nah, nah-nah, nah. I like the bit where he’s showing off about the Arsenal women team , then slagging off women by making a sexist comment about the tottenham team playing like ladies – huh? Hypocrite.
    Ethiopia – now that’s some country….no wonder they’ve got so many Arsenal supporters.
    There’s so many loop holes here…lets just deal with a few…ummm…ok, this one; Arsenal were
    never promoted fairly – they were sort of corruptly plonked in the top league – sort of like Chicago gangsta behaviour – and they’ve been there ever since…thanks to the Devil. “Team of the century”? my bottom….”Cheats of the Century”…Then there’s the bit about TV…Arsenal versus Arsenal reserves? that’s not a match – more like the Chicago Mafia organizing a match their club cant fail to lose..eg Al Capone versus Al Capone reserves “i’ll make u an offer you cant refuse” or “I’ll make a match we cant lose” The fixture featured most Everton v Arsenal…ya, but, Everton got in the top flight fairly, whereas Arsenal cheated their way into the top league….god, I’d be ashamed to support Arsenal.
    could go on for ages..what the heck….its childish nonsense. Just to say, if Arsenal’s achievements thru history are so much greater than the Spuds FC , then what is their record compared to other clubs, like, say , Liverpool, Man Utd,Real Madrid etc – see, that’s the point, stop harping on about little ole Tottenham who have never won the European cup or the league in 55 years, instead , you “Gunners” ( Grrrrr, tough nickname that) should be concentrating on the real threat, namely, Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Man U etc
    Ps…to all u Tottenham fans out there…lets hurry up and get that new stadium built – more fans means more money…should be able to win things then…but we really need the luck of landing a good manager…

  21. Well ‘Lord Of The Flies’ it seems you are deluded.

    “hinting at 1961 – the year that bugs Arsenal fans the most” I wasn’t born then like a lot of supporters today.

    1970-71 We wanted to be the first LONDON club to do the League and FA Cup Double which we did. A Middlesex club achieved that in 1960-61 but it meant little compared to a LONDON club doing it.

    “starting with no London club winning a major trophy until Spurs won the cup in 1901” – You were not a London Club at that time so best start somewhere else mate.

    As for the circunstances we were promoted to the League, it was totally above board. Our boardroom members met with fellow members of ‘Whites’ at their exclusive club and they discussed the need for a Southern LONDON Club to be added to the northern clubs in the league. Spurs were not a LONDON CLUB and the Spurs boardroom had no member of ‘Whites’ because they were too riff raff. Also the League size had been enlarged to accomodate this and it caused a bit of administrative confusion.

    You and other Spurs fans think Arsenal Supporters are obsessed with Spurs. Firstly you’re supposed to be our North London rivals (we’re the only two top flight clubs in North London so it’s a REAL derby) and secondly finishing above any other team just isn’t as sweet. Obviously we know Chelsea is our main rival now and it’s deemed THE North London Vs South London Derby. When you play it isn’t because you are no more a rival of Chelsea in the League than you are to us.

    If it wasn’t for Arsenal supporters and their club acting like a pacer for Tottenham, the proverbial carrot in front of a donkey encouraging your club to try harder each season to finish above us, where would you be? Content being like Aston Villa and other clubs who just want to avoid relegation to be happy and hope they get a good a good run of opponents in the domestic cups. Villa did last season until they met us and got hammered 4-0 …. but they were happy with their loser medals and the fact they stayed up, This is where you would be if it wasn’t for Arsenal … and with no new stadium in the planning either to compete with Arsenal and their new stadium.

    We’re very good for you club and remember Forums and blogs are just an extension of the chants in the stands. It is called banter and one of the best things about football => Bragging rights.

    Spurs 1 – Flamini 2

    • Two footed Flamini…still getting away with the Ryan Shawcross challenges and Wenger, always condoning two footed air challenges from other teams players, defending him.

      • Condoning? should read ‘condemning’ other teams players.
        Wenger only condones his own players doing it lol.

    • And yet your fickle fans boo the team at any slight blip. Booing the team off first game of the season was a real low a couple of seasons back. For a club that has won so much! it is a shame they have attracted so many poor supporters. You could hear a pin drop against Southampton the other day! when your players needed lifting to help win the game.

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