Why Spurs Can’t Overtake Arsenal

Part of the fun of being an Arsenal fan is to take the mickey out of Tottenham fans. And vice versa, of course, but we have had far more laughs at their expense in recent years – in fact in most of our lifetimes – than they have had at ours.

I like a bit of banter with the Totts, so occasionally I deliberately include the word ‘Spurs’ in a blog title, so it appears in their NewsNow feeds. Then they come flooding in like a tidal wave of bad grammar and deluded opinion. To be fair there are some you can hold a decent friendly conversation with, but many of those who want to leave comments on Arsenal blogs are not that sort.

I reposted a couple of old mickey-taking pieces just before the recent NLD, and here are a few of my favourite responses.   

“Why not bid for Messi cos you have as much chance of getting him than Di Maria and Ozil?”

Ha ha – maybe in January, thanks for the tip!

“Most of your reader (sic) already believe that Tottenham are gonna be challenging not only 4th spot, but the Title!”

I think not, my friend, but keep dreaming.

“i like the way this gooner is chatting about history when we are in the present and this is one sign that the scums are getting scared about tomorrow when we smack 3-0 come on you spurs and look at the difference between the squads and spurs have a better team than u lot who is your best player theo and your best signing this year is players u had before well done loll come one on u spurs”

That guy never takes a breath. A rare talent.

“You forget to mention in your history lesson, that Arsenal are the only club in English league history to get promoted to the top tier by finishing fifth in the second tier, oh I forgot to mention that they handed over a cheque to the league to promote Arsenal over the team who should have rightfully been promoted. And just to cheer you up there is one player coming to North London this window, Fabio Coentrao.”

1. I think you’ll find that several teams have finished fifth and then been promoted via the play offs in recent years.

2. Where is your evidence of bribery? If you knew anything about history you’d know that other clubs being caught match-fixing made it easier for Arsenal to be promoted.

3. Fabio who? That is nothing like the spelling of Ozil.

“Lmao well i’m glad you think arsenal are better than spurs, all the more painful when you get your arse kicked. All the history is nice but moving forward as a squad I know which team i’ll rather support and it’s not the one managed by an accountant”

Support who you like mate, but I hope you enjoyed having your arse kicked.

“This is quite sad. Do you not think anyone could find just as many reasons for Spurs being better than Arsenal? Sorry? How many European trophies is that?”

Go on then, find some reasons why Spurs could be considered by a logical rational person to be ‘better’ than Arsenal. More European trophies, that’s one – well done. Anything else? Do let me know.

“You have nothing else to write about. Deflect from the misery. It’s only going to get worse for you on Sunday. I’m looking forward to Wenger’s excuses. Who’s he going to blame this time for his abject failure. And what can you do about it? Absolutely nothing”

No point commenting on that one, history has already done it for me.

“The one reason why Spurs are better than Arsenal is that Arsenal are always looking backwards whilst Spurs aways (sic) look forwards”

Apart from the three decades you spent looking back at the glorious boys of ’61.

“get a life gooners, step aside for the next 5 years lol”

“Nice history lesson. But what has that to do with this and the following few seasons?”

“I see arsenal in the same league as Aston Villa, Everton, as fighting for the crumbs. Times they are a changing”

“Spurs are the Now….your (sic) the yesteryear”

Now the thing about all those last four comments is that they’re all overlooking the obvious fact that money talks in football, and there is only so far you can go without it. They have seen their team improve over the last few seasons, while Arsenal have – relatively speaking – struggled. Arsenal’s struggle has of course managed to always keep them one place above Spurs so far, but the closeness just gives them hope. One day they will finish above Arsenal, there is no doubt about that. But unless something else changes, it’s not going to be every season, or even most seasons.

They think the momentum is with them, but really it’s not. The momentum is always with the clubs who have the most money. And a combination of factors over the last 25 years or so have meant that Arsenal are in the rich elite of English football.

A successful period under George Graham and further success under Arsène Wenger gave the impetus to build a new stadium at the right time: just as the money was really rolling in for the biggest clubs. As soon as the additional money from the Premier League came on stream the richest clubs opened more of a gap between themselves and the rest, and started to become ‘too big to fail’. It’s now inconceivable that the likes of Man Utd and Arsenal can be relegated, they just generate too much money. The oilies in their current state can’t go down either, but their current state is less set in stone than the big two of the late nineties and early years of the 2000s.

Below those dominant clubs are a clutch who are also pretty much safe, but will equally always struggle to top the league – and this includes Spurs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Spurs can never have one or two great seasons where everything comes together for them and the richer clubs don’t live up to expectations, whether through bad Board decisions, bad management or just plain bad luck. A lot of football results are down to luck – how else would Wigan win the FA Cup – but you can’t rely on luck all the time, and it tends to largely even out over a 38 game season. Spurs might also have a brilliant manager, better than those at the richer clubs, but managers can only make a certain amount of difference. The best known study of this reckons on average a manager can only make 15 per cent of difference. That’s less than luck.

If Ferguson or Wenger managed West Ham, would they have won the league recently? Almost certainly not. Even if they managed Everton, would Everton have won it? Again, almost certainly not. That in itself indicates why Man Utd have employed David Moyes: the Utd Board clearly think Moyes had done the best he could at Everton, given the resources, despite winning nothing. Despite being nowhere near winning the Premier League. Rather than pay £10m a year to Pep they’ll pay a fifth of it to Moyes. Surely that’s an admission that the money to buy and pay players is far more of a factor?

So in current circumstances Spurs might have the odd great season and finish above Arsenal. But until their income is on a par with Arsenal’s it’s going to take a lot of bad management at Arsenal to let Spurs spend much time above us. Maybe Spurs will build a new stadium and attract 60,000 fans a week to it. Maybe they’ll then really challenge Arsenal and even the Mancs and oilies. Maybe. But until then it’ll be a struggle, and if they’re lucky a great season here and there. Sorry Spurs fans, that’s just the way it is.

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169 thoughts on “Why Spurs Can’t Overtake Arsenal

    • Fair enough, Arsenal do have all the bragging rites (I am a Yid). Despite selling your best 3 player in recent seasons you still play the best football and have the craftiest manager in the Premier League. I always wonder why your fans are so shit though, leaving early, demanding Wenger’s head at the slightest provocation etc. Some real hard core racists down the emirates too, I sometimes go and pretend to be a Preston supporter.
      Despite all this I really wanted to say that it is an established fact that Woolwich bribed their way into the top division so please lets not pretend it never happened. And More importantly you play the style of Football we are famour for. Redknapp might be a rag and bone man but he knows football. Very worried about AVB. We have never looked less interesting of capable of scoring. Bring back the 4-4, 4-5 etc
      AVB OUT!!!

      • Avb out! You idiot, last season wasnt his team and he still managed to get the highest points tally in our history after losing modric and van der vart. How can you moan about arsenals fans demanding wengers head then demand avb’s after one season you fickle moron. This is now avbs team and you watch us rise. Yes it will take time but we will push for the title. Tbh I beleive that any of 5 clubs can push. Arsenal played well the other day but we had 4 new signings playing from the start then add rose and townsend which again are like new signings, arsenal didnt look the better team. With erikson and lamela we have the lock pockers that we need. Your best bet is to either follow that saggy chops redknapp at qpr or support arsenal as you clearly wont back a team thats going through alot of changes.

    • I suppose when you have no ambition and are happy with being London’s No.1 and scraping Champions League football you do need entertaining.

  1. Just as well spurs have started building the stadium then yeah?

    What a bloody pointless article. Everyone already knows everything you spent your time typing. Congratulations. The solution has already begun, despite your use of the word ‘maybe’.

    • Building a Sainsbury does not constitute a stadium.
      Last I read you had no firm start date. No finance in place and no stadium naming rights.
      This season is so important for the totts to show their ambition and attract a stadium sponsor. So if Liverpool, as many are predicting finish above you, enjoy your days out at the Poundland Arena.

  2. Just remember you lot finished one point above us last season and at the same time had a wage bill in excess of 50m more than ours, you should be 10 points above not one! Just take a look at the bench each week and see the strength in depth of our squad to yours, the tide is turning mate and not just for the odd season for a decade or more I bet…….

    • Try telling dat to Chelsea, who finished 2 points something above arsenal. But you won’t because even after spending so much money, Spurs aim is to finish above arsenal. That shows the “ambition” of the club and its fans.

      • Funny that, because the article is about Arsenal finishing above Spurs. So Arsenal’s ambitions are just as high as Spurs’

  3. So in other words this article is nothing more than cherry picked responses and defending the predictable Premiership where the same teams win everything/finish in the top 4

    • Your lot couldn’t even wait until the third game of the season had kicked off before they proclaimed that Spurs had overtaken Arsenal…again.

  4. spurs along with liverpool are chasing getting a new stadium arent they?

    i really look forward to them qualifying for the CL every season during those periods.

    as they wont be doing that (that will be due to the effect the costs of a new stadium has on the club/the team) they wont be doing that will cost them dearly i think. time will tell.

    • Most football fans have absolutely no clue about finances at that level. There are many ways to fund a stadium. I think the Arsenal’s troubles are about to begin. This season is an important one for Wenger and Arsenal.

    • As much as I would agree with you mate, spurs are getting help from the England tax payer to build there stadium. It’s not fair really we do things properly and off our own resources, yet the Totts and City have help from the whole country.
      How you can hold your head up and say we are building our own stadium, look how good we are, is a joke.
      When its built it really be like council housing cos the government has paid for it.
      For shame!!!

      • The truth is islington council gave WW a big bit of land and did everything they could to accommodate them.
        While Haringey has tried to suck Spurs dry from the very beginning.
        So even though the land for the rebuild was ours to begin with, we have consistantly been held up and have been saddled with redevelopment costs for the local area.
        The £25 million from the mayors office will not go towards the ground itself, but rather the surrounding area, that Haringey have insisted upon, like a park with a bandstand, or some such nonsense.

        Your entire build cost half what ours will, despite you not owning the land you built your new stadium on.

      • elkieno, what the hell are you talking about. There is no help but a venture to improve the Tottenham area as a whole. Starting with the supermarket creating 200 jobs.
        Do you really think the tax payer would build a stadium for a club while we are in such a recession.

        Get a life you knob!

      • You really do show how blinkered your lot are, and obsessed with all thing Spurs! And the public money is being spent on improving public areas if you kew anything outside of what they print inside LeArse match day programme, you would know that Tottenham (the area) has suffered from lack of public/state investment, instead other areas in Haringey such as Crouch End and Muswell Hill have siphoned off money at a major cost to Tottenham, but then I wouldn’t expect your brain to comprehend difficult subject matters such a local politics! Phuckin goons honestly you guys should be killed at birth to save us all…

      • Total nonsense from someone who has not got a clue. It’s in the public domain so you can look things up before you start typing

  5. Think it’s obvious from this piece that you’re on the run. Very happy to see it. At the end of the day, we’re both evenly sized clubs, you’d had the upper hand for a bit, it’ll turn the other way, and then probably the other way again. I think the laughable thing is the sense of entitlement. You’re not bigger than us. You’re not better than us. Our history shits all over yours tbf, why else have you got white sleeves?

    • “Why else have you got white sleeves?”!!! Brilliant! Comedy genius, right there! That is truly my favourite comment out of all the 6000-odd contributed to this blog.

    • Arsenal is a bigger club than Spurs at this point in time. More trophies, bigger turnover, bigger stadium… not to mention Spurs fans could not possibly sign someone of the calibre of Özil.

    • Ever on the alert for new ideas to advance the claims that his beloved Arsenal was the most up-to-date club in soccer, Mr. Chapman sent Arsenal out to play in their new jerseys against Liverpool on March 4 1933, at Highbury, having been granted permission to change by the Football League two weeks earlier. The jerseys did not bring us luck immediately, for we lost 1-0. Instead of the rather drab, all-red jerseys, the Arsenal players appeared in the striking new creation of pillar-box red shirts with white sleeves and collars. Their appearance on the field was greeted by delighted cries and whistles from the crowd, but neither the reception nor the defeat affected Mr. Chapman. Quite rightly, he felt that half the battle towards success, as it is in most walks of life, is to be well dressed. And the Arsenal players certainly were that. The story behind the sartorial change is interesting. Some months previously the famous cartoonist, Tom Webster, was on holiday at Blackpool with Claude Kirby, chairman of Chelsea. One morning Tom presented himself for a golf appointment with Mr. Kirby, dressed in a rather striking get-up which included a sleeveless blue pullover over a white cricket shirt. Mr. Kirby was struck by the colour combination, which happened to be that of the Chelsea team. On his return to London he mentioned the possibility of adding white sleeves to the blue Chelsea jerseys to his manager, Mr. David Calderhead. The bluff Scot was emphatic in his condemnation of the idea and there the matter rested until one evening during the football season. Webster and Chapman were discussing football matters over a drink at the Royal Victoria Station Hotel, Sheffield, when Webster mentioned the incident with Mr. Kirby. At once Chapman was interested and asked Tom Webster to sketch out the idea, which Tom did after sending for a bottle of red ink. Chapman never let any grass grow under his feet, and after experimenting with a white shirt, surmounted by a red surcoat (which was found to be troublesome in the washing), he eventually had made up the red and white jersey as it is known today.”

      But I can’t wait to hear your version.

    • Am done and am glad all spurs fans think the same including the management. We r no where equal and the fact that we only finished above spurs by one point is not a statement of the gulf , am tired of the line about depth cos if spurs fans honestly believed their hype, they would not be mouthing off they’d simply keep quiet n let their team do their talking. All this our future is brighter nonsense if very irritating and kindagrten. Honestly spurs is far from being at par with arsenal. Giving up 15 and 17 point leads ought to tell you something.I am done

  6. i hate to admit it but until we have a new staduim that seats 60,000 of us lillywhites we will not be able to compete at the highest level year in year out as the money will just not be available for us COYS a concerened Lillywhite boy x

  7. Despite being a spurs fan, and over looking the first section of you article, I have to agree with the latter part about the rich clubs (inc oilies) but I think although it will take time spurs will make the breakthrough however I don’t think arsenal will be the one who drop out I think it could be chelscum, (that’s just my gut feeling), plus a champion league quarter/semi or Final well that would be an amazing battle.

    Finally sorry for poor grammar. Never my strong point.


  8. Very good article. You’d better hope that the influx of very good players don’t gel. I can’t see us losing a match after Xmas! After all – you got Ozil (for £42m) – we got Chadli, Eriksen, Paulinho, Lamela, Chirches & Soldado for nothing!

    • For nothing?? You spent over a 100 million on players (30m for lamela, 26m for soldado being high points) and you haven’t even scored from open play! yeah your signings will develop and gel but your team chemistry will never be as close to ours, and ozil is miles better than any one of your signings

      • Bennett – you are mind numbingly stupid. Either you think that James thinks Tottenham did not pay anything for the players mentioned or you don’t understand that Tottenham’s net spend this window is minus £7m. Wow

    • not to mention you did lose your best player for the second season running, which should surely be factored in on the cost side. we lost gervinho.

      • Don’t believe the hype.
        I have seen 37 Spurs home league games over the last 2 seasons.

        Until he got injured Sandro was our best last season, and Kaboul was the season before that.
        Bale was often a passenger, until the last 5 minutes of a lot games.

      • You forgot to mention that zero clubs were in for your errm big players…..no fucker wants them. Where is the £90m bid for Jack Wheelchair by Barcelona?

      • Those in glass houses… You guys have sold your best player year on year for the last 4-5, if you think the likes of Eriksen, Lamela are really that far apart from Özil in the quality stakes then I would love to see the world through your weird goon lenses

  9. We’re catching you. Most neutrals I know think Spurs had the better transfer window. Not sure there’s a “maybe” about our stadium plans either. Delicately poised for the next few years methinks. I wouldn’t bet against this season being one of the “odd great seasons” you mention, if I were you. Wenger does have a habit of turning it around and there’s no denying that Ozil is a quality player. Just hoping your squad isn’t deep enough… An injury here and there and it starts to look pretty thin. We shall see. May the best club win. COYS

    • Arsenal brought in a proven, truly world class player in this window. Spurs have done nothing of the sort. What Spurs have done is bring in multiple substandard players in a vain attempt to replace the one really good player you had.

      You’re not catching us. Not for the foreseeable feature. Maybe under ‘Arry, or maybe last season you could have. North London is red.

    • Yes to all spurs may the best club win!
      On another note surely NLD are the best derbies in the land?
      Utd and city have one but it doesn’t seem as venomous as ours. Liverpool and Everton, same again it feels. But our rivalry is just better. Hate to say it but last few years have been very interesting and nerve wracking, it’s great isn’t it? Unless in the losing side it must be painful. When always being beaten by us, is it s bad when u get beaten again? Or would it be worse for us to be beaten by spurs?
      I don’t know and don’t want to find out. Many fans (not me) were wanting aw out for obvious reasons (8years) but now have changed their tune somewhat, they are worse that spurs fans giving it out. A major difference is our manager, lets see if avb is as good

      • ‘Always being beaten by us’??? As a Spurs fan I painfully acknowledge that we have been in the shadow of the South London interlopers for many a year – but – even the most blinkered of Gooners has to admit that the cavernous, yawning chasm that once was has reduced to a mere crack over recent season (1 point I believe). And as you all like to point out, it is over 38 games that is important? So we are inferior to you financially? – YES, and we have the inferior stadium? – YES ……but who then should be more positive about their ‘progress’ in recent years?? You should be competing year in and year out for the top two spots in PL, you should be winning trophies, you should be in CL knock-out stages….not bragging that you be the Spurs to the Pre-qualifying stages. I believe we out-performed you lot at a canter during our only outing in the CL whilst topping a ‘group of death’??
        Oh, and about ‘always beaten by us’…….have you won EVERY NLD over the last 5 years?? Check your stats.
        My point?
        Arsenal are a great club when all is said and done (that hurt!) but the sleeping giant is stirring and you cannot deny that. I believe the increase in Spurs-knocking activity underlines that. I for one reckon it would be great to see both teams giving the Mancs and Chelscum a good kicking year in year out but that’s just my opinion………

  10. I can’t wait for your article entitled something along the lines of ‘Why arsenal have gone from going a whole season unbeaten to scrapping for fourth every year and getting nowhere near silverware and how Spurs improve every year and are soon to overtake us’. Your club is a joke of a sinking ship.

    • Because Paul going unbeaten in a season can always be improved on. Winning doubles and things like that can be bettered by winning the CL next time rather than reaching the final. But then again you guys can only dream of such things. No offence but that’s the truth.

    • Your argument is a joke of a sinking ship. Spurs are weaker than last season. Not to mention that Spurs don’t have players the calibre of Cazorla and Özil. You’ll have to keep your Thursday nights free for some time to come yet!

  11. Hmm, certainly there’s a big financial gap but its not permanent by any means. It’s down to the stadium really. And as Spurs’ stadium is underway and will be as big as the Emirates and the 2 clubs have exactly the same supporter demographic that gap will close. It’s actually a good time to build with construction costs lower than when Arsenal built and so much more money coming in from TV than 10 years ago. Naming rights will also yield more for Spurs as Arsenal’s was a bit if a rush job in the end. As for overseas supporters they are not the most loyal and as Arsenal haven’t exactly been ripping it up lately I can’t imagine it’s increasing. Spurs apparently saw a huge increase in US supporters last season when we signed Dempsey, I doubt many will remain. Man Utd are just a phenomenon. Due to things like having a plane crash and George Best and a genius like Fergie and the marketing they had at that time then they are way way out on their own in England. Villa are closer to Arsenal than Arsenal to Man Utd if you exclude matchday income. Another issue is a Sugar Daddy owner stepping in. I’d hate that myself but Lewis and Levy will sell as soon as its right. Chances are that’ll be after the stadium is built so very expensive. So a good chance it’ll be to someone who’ll dope it up to the max.

  12. I for one knew that the NLD was going to be a tricky affair and would equally scoff at some of the moronic boastful and premature comments made by some more over zealous fans (as you must admit you too have your fair share of illiterate pie faced goons*), but you can ignore the stats and cling on to your 6 points and a cup for your home advantage 1-0 victory if it makes you feel better and helps you fill your sample cup for your man-tadpole deposit.
    * http://youtu.be/TkN_BTi8TRU
    And maybe you can pass this on** to your fabled No1 for some training tips, that’s if he’s not plagued by the nightmares and sleepless nights…
    ** http://youtu.be/QZDJljhOb-s

  13. Teams with money wil do better than those without most seasons, Maybe things would change for the better if there was a salary cap to prevent folk like Rooney, and Yaya Toure earning 200k + a week which means only 3 teams can afford them . Ironically if West Ham stay up the next 2-3 seasons.., they’ll probably finish top 7 every year…

  14. Seriously Spurs fans do you really think for one second, if Arsenal hadn’t had to build a new stadium and had to cut the wage/transfer bill to accomodate that, you’d have gotten to within a point of us? This is as good as it gets for you guys until your stadium is built along with the ‘spud store’ to sell those dvds you’re so fond of. Come back when spudville is finished and paid for then we can talk.

  15. I don’t care if we finish above Arsenal or not I just want us to challenge for trophy’s and cl yes it’s nice if we beat them but it.s not the end of the world if we lose,and I’m sure if I posted an article on your lot’s sight you’d get stupid comments as well

  16. It’s amazing how silent you mob are, until you scrape a 1-0 at home by parking the bus, finishing the game with 6 defenders, having fewer shots and less possession than a team who had played only 2 games together…

    …at which point the same crooning, classless arrogance comes seeping back out from your mouths, as though you just won the league by beating ‘little old’ Tottenham. 😉

    Enjoy your 3 points. You’ll need them, come May, to keep pace with Liverpool for a Europa League place.

    And as for Ozil? I can’t wait until you’re brought back down to earth, where your substandard defense, predictable wingers, fragile DMs and goalkeeper who struggles to hold a starting place for Poland(!) (y’know, all the areas in which you actually needed dire help) will fail to make Ozil’s talent count for anything. Must be strange getting so excited about a player taking a step down from his previous club, having been cast aside after they bought OUR best player for a world record fee.

    Oh, and what happens if he gets Shawcross’d, and is out for 3 months..?

    My guess is you’ll be right back to holding up Wenger Out signs by November. Toodles. 😉

    • Can anyone smell what i’, perceiving,itz called beef, trust mi young man, to prove our point as gunners, tell levy 2 stop shaking, cos he actually tried to stop arsenal from signing Ozil, we dont attract rejects from CL, we attract the best,not bench warmers in their countryz (Spain, Brazil, france ……,) U knw u wished u signd Ozil……..cmon jt admit it.

    • Wow you are a deluded spud lol. I think most of what you are saying is down to anger and pure frustration that not only did we beat you 1-0 when we had spend nothing and you over 100m but also the sale of your best player. And to conclude that, we sign Ozil argubely Madrids second best player because they needed to fund the bale move, Wow I would be pretty angry to lol. All this happening in the space of 2 days must be difficult for you to process. I did like your opener I must say ‘its amazing how silent you mob are’ maybe you should direct that line at your away support because on Sunday I’m pretty sure they were imitating mimes.

    • The predictable wingers you’re referring to must be the ones that skittled past your defense time and time again last week. Oh but for Lloris huh?

    • Haha dreams! What happens if soldado gets shawcrossed? Shawcross can shawcross anyone not just Ozil. Maybe they will protect him cos if he does her hurt by rough housing then how many other super stars will not want to come? They live to say best league in world but when great players get assaulted they won’t come!
      Try again

    • Lloris was your best player coz we parked our bus, right? Dude, every team resort to such tactics at the later stages when they have a slender lead, and so did we. You are emphasizing on ‘Parking the bus’ as if your club has scored boatloads of goals by attacking on opponent’s goal! 3 games and 2 goals, that too on penalties! Yet you call us bus parkers? Shame on you!

    • You know how childishly silly and bitter you sound? I don’t get it, by the end of the season you won’t be coming on these blogs cos u will have no words and we won’t have a chance to read you back your own words, instead we will have to wait for the 2014/2015 campaign when you re-appear to run off one more time for umpteenth time. You lot are really irritating

  17. I think what is shocking is that despite the obvious difference in stadium the income and expenditure has at a large portion been exactly the same. The reason why spurs are actually ‘catching up’ on the pitch is because of the influx of young talent. The new training ground obviously helps getting a higher calibre of young talent on board. It’s very similar to what Arsenal and united did for a few seasons back but then that stopped (wrongly in my opinion) as they put a focus on buying players like Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta. players who have reached their ceiling potential-wise.

    It’s really down to Spurs to make a surge with their newly reinforced team. It’s a waiting game to see when Spurs can click. It will actually take longer than most of my fellow spurs fans would like to believe. A lot of the last generation didn’t settle from the start. I mention Bale and Modric because they took time. The difference now is of course spurs have quite a few players of that calibre at a very young age. When they do start to show signs of being settled and taking steps forward. Well that’s when you’ll start seeing me as smug as the author on here (but probably with more foundation to my level of smugness then you young-sir).

    It is something most other premier league fans have acknowledged. Arsenal fans won’t and of course they won’t. If they do they’d have to admit that building a new stadium and paying the highest season tickets prices have been for naught.

    Oh and of course you’ll get spurs fans on your case if you submit your article on Newsnow Tottenham.

  18. Confirmed (and some might say should be commited) spurs fan here. I for one like the banter with the gooners and much more enjoy the ribbing of one another more than the venom that some spout. Indeed my brother is a gooner (I sob at this and my dad has disowned him) but that’s just life.

    Anyway, I generally agree with this article, but football does come in waves, and I really feel that spurs are on an upward course, and arsene has had his day. It will be an interesting next couple of seasons.

  19. I once lived near a primary school in N. London and this hasn’t half helped me reminisce.
    It’s as if the bell has gone for break and all the kiddies have come running out into the yard screaming with their shrill little voices, full of enthusiasm and excitement and babbling away incomprehensibly.
    It explains why they’re referred to as the tiny totts no?

  20. Yawn yawn…. I have to admit to watching some goon TV on youtube after the Villa debacle, so funny. You had a goon accountant “fan” bemoaning the lack of ambition, and ratios of chief exec pay scales for Gazhideous, turnover ratio to this…blah.. comparison to other FTSE 250 etc etc….. ok yah! Fan? He was as interesting as ditch water! the presenter loved his “real” grass root fan insight…..hmmmmm
    As a Spurs fan I have seen many false dawns….. dreamed on about so much…. but I still have one thing that goon will never have or enjoy….. the hope and sheer passion of someone in a lilywhite shirt making a Ginola like run against Barnsley or ricky villa in that cup final…… that is priceless! forget your balance sheets…. love your club for what it is… at Spurs its free to do that! probably at that FTSE 250 palace they will areas of “enjoyment” where you have to pay extra to be a little noisey….. or if you want to shout get a special pass £50 extra a match… good business sense! but not real football… take your calculators and balance sheets and enjoy…..

  21. Ha! Arsenal, king of the feeder clubs still think they are contenders.
    Mediocrity is beckoning, your slide has begun and the desperation signing of one player (Mesut Özil) is going to do nothing to abate that. The tide HAS turned in north London.
    History is exactly that, HISTORY. Crow all you like about your 1-0 home win, we all watched the match and we all watched you defend (at home) against a team that has basically never played with each other before.
    Our team has depth, your team is out of there’s

    Good luck goons, your gonna need it. COYS

  22. A club qualifies for Champions’ League and attracts one big name for an inflated price. As someone said earlier but for Bale going to Madrid he would have probably snubbed you. On the other hand players are queuing up to join ‘Little Old Tottenham’ one even giving up Champions’ League to do so. How poisonous must the atmosphere be down the road for players to be unwilling to join a club that appears to have so much to offer? Here’s a clue: Teach your playerthat they don’t have to copy their gaffer’s permanent scowl and stop being so bloody obsessed with all things Tottenham.

  23. Spurs Supporters. You have been gifted two matches and 6 pts so far this season. Talk when you score a goal from open play, or even a kick from anywhere other than the PK spot. Your side is full of mediocre Europa league players.

    You come in and talk all your noise about what maybe, but this is what is true:
    Arsenal are in Champions League
    Arsenal finished the league ahead of Spurs
    Arsenal are worth more than Spurs.
    Thus Arsenal are a bigger club.

    Arsenal had the better opportunities than Spurs on Sunday. As an Arsenal supporter I did not ever feel the match as in doubt, your play was elementary and easily defended. That was very close to a 3 or 4 goal victory for Arsenal. After watching the game for the first 15 minutes there was never a doubt on the result. You move the ball at a donkeys pace, no creativity.

  24. Thank you so much for shooting yourself so accurately in the foot. I absolutely agree that it is about resources and that Spurs will be lucky to consistently finish above Arsenal at present. What you fail to then recognise is that that very fact illustrates what is wrong with Arsenal. You have massive resources, mega rich owners and the highest ticket prices in the world. You ought to be challenging for the title every year. You ought to be able to keep all
    your best players because of high wages and the
    chance of glory. You ought to attract any top player
    not just a last minute one. Ozil is quality but you missed out on all the players you need to make a title
    challenge…Higuain Suarez a centre back a DM and a
    decent keeper. Niklas Barndoor is your back-up
    striker ffs. So despite your resources you battle each
    year for the Fourth Place Trophy and beat Spurs by 1-
    2 points at best. That is pathetic. You should be 10-15
    points clear when you look at resources and player
    salaries. You should be up there with Chavski and the
    Mancs. Instead you scrape home in 4th ……just
    enough to get into CL but nowhere near winning it.

    Wenger has earned £63m in wages since you last won
    a trophy. £63m. And you have the nerve to laugh at
    Spurs! Look at your own argument as to why Arsenal
    will continue to finish above Spurs and apply it to why
    you shouldnt be satisfied with 4th place. Spurs are at
    your heels and you know it and your ‘few seasons of
    mismanagement ‘ have already started. Despite the vast disparity of resources we are now almost level with the Underperforming Champions of Europe. You should be ashamed but thanks for explaining so clearly why your clubs complacent attitude is a genuine bonus for both Spurs and all the other big clubs

    • Love the Highest prices stuff. Its a wonderful media narrative they use to kick us, based simply on headline prices:
      North Bank lower = £985 for 26 games = £37.88 a game
      North or South Stand Lower Center = £795* for 21 games = £37.86 a game.

      Same price pretty much. Only ours give us the champion’s league, and we get to watch the little cup for a tenner. (Except when we play you for some reason). Plus we are playing that in a shiny new stadium. Do you think if and when Levy gets yours done the prices will stay at current levels?

      *I know the cheapest over there are £765 or £36,43 so slightly cheaper, but we have around 16,000 seats at that price, moving into the areas where you guys pay £40 – £50 a game, so it evens out.

      Its pretty similar throughout the stadia, and Just don;t get me started on Chelsea 🙂

  25. To be fair u did beat us, but it wasn’t a convincing victory. Ozil is a great player and will no doubt be a great signing, I just think that he is not what Arsenal need at this moment. Spurs have bought well and bought young talent for the future, we certainly won’t win the league this season but I am sure will be in the mix for Champions League. Just an honest opinion.

  26. That’s precisely the kind of complacency that has plagued Arsenal Football Club for the past 8 years. We have made massive strides whilst you have trodden water during that period. The end of season ‘celebration’ at finishing one point above us illustrates this.

  27. Serious question from a Spurs fan to an Arsenal fan; would you not have preferred strengthening your defensive positions with a few perhaps lesser known but still quality players than sign Ozil? He’s a great signing for you no doubt and will improve your team but is it really enough to push you on to a higher league position considering all the other expected top 6 teams (other than Man Utd) have more drastically strengthened? What I just don’t get is that your hierarchy know that you only had the quality to finish 4th, and close run at that, you have the funds available to improve, but instead wait until the last day to buy a player in the position you least need to improve. Forget the rivalry with ourselves for a moment and look at yourselves and your own will to be title contenders…can you honestly say you’re happy with what’s been done to further that aim? I know I wouldn’t be, and I know I haven’t been in the past when we’ve failed to improve what’s so blatantly needed. But at least after this window we’ve shown an ambition to not just improve on last year but attempt to do so significantly. Whether it works or not, well unfortunately that’s just football and we’ll have to wait and see but I’d rather have the excitement of trying than the tedium of sitting still.

    • Honestly, I’m OK with the defense, and yes on challenging.

      We have 2 quality left backs, right backs.

      We’ve strengthened at keeper — and everyone writes Szczesny off, but the kid is 23; which is barely out of nappies for a number 1.

      We are short a center back, but what do you do? Go for a world class guy who might disrupt what we have — as a reminder (no dig) last season Arsenal conceded 37; Spurs 46, so not exactly crap. OR go for someone who is happy to be 3rd/4th choice as cover? Last time we did that it ended so well right? (Squillaci).

      I think Flamini is a far better recruit than people give him credit for, even after Sunday, which adds to out strength. Defensively we have looked strong, well since the loss to you lot last year. — Sunday you threw everything at us, and the biggest scare we had was from a deflection.

      What we really needed was a striker (thought the jury is still out for me on Giroud) and something special upfront. When we changed formation a bit to give us more protection at the back, we lost a cutting edge in attack.

      Now we have just about the best Attacking midfielder in the world right now, which gives that little bit extra.

      • Did you actually watch that game? Rather than highlights and listening to the pundits?

        It was a freak result (and that is being polite to the ref).

        3 Substitutions due to injuries (2 in the first half), conceding 2 penalties — The dodgyness of the second will depend on who you support. Which then leads to a red (undeservedly) for Koscielny a bit later

        2-1 down with 25 mins to go and we are still dominating. Lose the third when we are pressing for the equalizer with 10 men and get caught on the break.

        Bottom line, take away the hows, whys any excuses, it was a bad day at the office and don’t expect it to happen again anytime soon.

        By the way, run ragged, 10 men and 54% possession do not compute.

      • Rufusstan, you were routed, the score line said it all, you can argue the ref decisions all day but you didn’t here me say a word on the Soldado push that should have been a stonewall pen. Get over yourselves already

      • And by the same argument you were well beaten on Sunday, by a side with 4 (and a half) of the first team squad out, 2 ‘lasagna’d’ and pre-Özil.

        My point about the Villa game is not to argue over the individual decisions (obviously we’ll disagree), but to suggest it is dangerous to draw any conclusions from that result.

        Equally, Spurs played on Sunday like a bunch of players who had barely met (surprise, surprise), and us beating you really doesn’t say anything about the long-term possibilities of that squad. From painful experience, you’ll not know until at least Christmas.

        The Soldado incident? We might have got lucky, but you’ll say he got pushed, I’ll say Koscielny touched him and he fell over, and that ref agreed with me. On another day?

  28. This blog should be renamed “Lord Snooty of Islington”. Yes, you live in the big house and have pots if cash but using that as a reason to look down your long nose at your neighbours is actually distasteful to supporters of most other clubs throughout the land. Like life, most things get so much easier the wealthier you are, but continually rubbing our faces in it speaks volumes. Arsenal are the sporting equivalent of the Bullingdon Club. Personally, I prefer supporting the underdog in sport – its a sense of perspective thing. The day will come my friend when joy and sorrow are redistributed. When that day comes you’ll deserve all the trolling you get.

    • Bang on! The prosecco brigade of a plastic club. Empty seats, booing when their poor little team loses to a ‘lower’ team. The Bullingdon Club is a perfect analogy.

    • Having use all twelve digits on both your hands to count snobs with, a strange hobby indeed, I suppose it was inevitable that you’d eventually utter the semblance of a statement.
      What a disappointment it was an extract from an old edition of Socialist Worker.

      • Prawn sandwich fans, plastic club. You accuse Spurs of living in the past when that’s all “the” Arsenal do now. Mugs.

      • Yeah StokeSpur they were double winners a decade ago, almost as long as their cup and title dry spell, there are nuns that have seen more action than your trophy cabinet

    • LOL, you poor little lamb, how rattled are you by this blog…you obsessed little man. Look at you hovering over it, waiting, praying a gooner posts…just so you can call them…wait for it…a snob….(slow clap for fishy, he’s got fuck all else to do)…Poor little spuds with their little stadium…forever stuck in our shadow, and dont you soap avoiding, bacon dodgers know it 🙂

      Up the Arsenal (Thierry from the halfway line : )

  29. im really convinced that arsenal supporters are jealous seriously because all they can talk about is spurs… im proud to be a spurs supporter and i know that spurs will do much better than liverpool and arsenal…

  30. Rememba dat it was dis same arsenal squad dat made it to champions league lst season n nobody left xcept 4 de deawoods who didnt do much 4 arsenal.Nw check it dis way,if dis squad can make it 2 top 4 lst season,wat do u tink they wil do dis tym wit de addition of MESUT OZIL huh?….use ur head mate.

  31. Just thought I’d say that both clubs as in all clubs have there fair share of deluded fans an arsenal have many of them too.

    On the stadium spurs actually have the vast amount of money already saved for it. They have been very clever as they have not spent any money on players for a few seasons now. All they have spent is what they have made from player sales and even then they still made a profit. Under redknapp as well spurs spent hardly anything again making profits. This and the fact they already own the whole area around white hart lane and the fact the new ground will be built in phases on the same plot of land actually keeps the price down. Also the regeneration of the area where they are selling and leasing land also brings in a lot. So they won’t carry as much debt as arsenal did. With almost the grounds capacity now on a season ticket waiting list they will fill a new 60,000 capacity ground.

    As for the north London derby lets not forget that there aren’t many teams who come to the emirates and dominate possession. Arsenal played for the vast amount of the game on the counter attack. Something they do well. The goal came from a mistake spurs made. The fact that for the last 20 mins arsenal were pinned in there own half defending for there lives is actually a credit to spurs especially when you consider wenger added more defenders on. Like your manager said it takes time for a team with that many new players in to gel. There wasn’t much creativity in the spurs team and dembele has been poor. For spurs the game came too early. I know arsenal were missing players but there team was still balanced. Spurs were missing there creative players with Lamela only coming on for 15 mins. The manager takes some blame for this as Lamela and siggurdson and holtby were available to play. Eriksen and Lennon were not so with those players in the team and better service to Soldado spurs will have a good all round squad and there won’t be much difference in terms of quality between spurs and arsenal except maybe the ozil factor. But if you do some research between ozil and Eriksen the stats show that actually although younger Eriksen has slightly better stats. You can argue that it was in a weaker league to what ozil played in but then again an assist is only an assist if the player you pass to scores. Ozil had Ronaldo, benzema and all those other world class players to set up. Eriksen didn’t. It’s going to be a long hard season with 6 clubs going for top 4 it won’t be easy but one thing spurs definitly do have over arsenal is squad depth.

  32. You know over the years when teams have got a lead against United, and then the reds pepper their goal with pressure in the last 20 because, actually they are the better team? Didn’t you feel that was going on at the Emirates? That result papered over the cracks, my friend.

    Obviously, your seasons regularly pick up once you’ve been knocked out of all the cups (February/March) and you’re down to one game a week. The question is: how far behind will you be THIS year?

    • This analogy works very nicely up to the point where you remember that in the United case they actually go on and win or at least draw the game.

      Where in this case, the better side sat back, and let their opponents batter impotently away at their defense and won the game. 1-0 to the Arsenal; I think I have heard that before somewhere…..

  33. No one can deny Arsenal’s success over the past 20 years. However the new Spurs stadium will be built and then it will be interesting to see who in North London actually has the majority of support. Have a look back at the historic attendancies for both clubs before all seating came in.

  34. Blimey you’re obsessed with us. Rather like macho blokes who keep on about how they hate gays, you have to wonder what is really going on.

  35. An entertaining post of two halves.

    You’ve had enough comments on the spudbaiting, I’d like to focus more on the concluding comments. You are of course absolutely right that success is linked closely with financial clout. Whilst I’ve not quantified it myself, I also believe that managers can add 15%, such as Fergie or Wenger during his early years. They can also subtract 15% and Wenger’s deliberately operating with hands tied behind back in the last few seasons has evidently had that effect. The owner and board at Spurs have performed beyond their means in recent seasons and AW has hade them look even better than they are. With Arsenal’s turnover and wage spend any number of managers could do a better job of keeing us ahead of Spurs.

    To my mind the clear conclusion is that the pendulum won’t swing decisively back towards Arsenal whilst Arsene “Value Subtractor” Wenger remains at the helm.

  36. Another article about Tottenham by an obsessed Arsenal fan. At least you had the decency to say it was a wind up. Being bored at work I have newsnow on my laptop and will draw a simple conclusion. Arsenal are obsessed/worried by Tottenham. Even though they have a turnover that Tottenham can only dream of, they are no longer contenders for the 2 trophies they want to win and, having forgotten how to win, are struggling to win the minor cups as well. Tottenham fans are not obsessed by Arsenal – they are enjoying the progress of their club against those with rich owners or twice as much turnover as this is what tends to dictate success in this horrendous new era of football. When it doesn’t clash with Tottenham I go to the Emirates with my company. It is a joyless and soulless experience. The ground has so many non Arsenal, non football fans pretending they have always loved football and getting basic facts wrong. The atmosphere is poor except for what has become the Cup Final against Tottenham, the team the pretend not to care about because they aren’t a threat. There is so much wrong with Arsenal now it’s sad. Talking to those I call the ‘real’ supporters who ‘get it’ there is an undercurrent of being fleeced by the Yank and not understanding what the club is about anymore. They, like me, hate the pathetic over the top, wind ups on so many Arsenal sites. It basically used to be where you lived and family history about who you supported so the banter was full of respect for this quirk of fate. Now that such a huge amount of Arsenal ‘fans’ are Johnny Come Lately’s who have chosen to align themselves to a successful club and have no passion, but just want to discuss it with senior management at work the banter has become pathetic and malicious. This article being a classic example. I have loads of Arsenal mates coming from North London and they respect what Tottenham are doing. I respect the fact that they are frustrated that they are going slightly backwards every year. We all miss the great days of the 70s and 80s and the electric atmosphere on the terraces. We all wish people like you would just give it a rest as you are embarrassing.

    • Not much work on then and Why is your company visiting out illustrious ground rather than your shitehole. Tell why. cos want to watch a decent team play decent football in a decent ground just like Sunday gone (1-0)
      You sure you’re not a secret “Johnny come lately” Arsenal fan too.
      Atmosphere in the emirates is no different to Old Trafford or any new big stadium. Ever been to Wembley recently. It’s a lot easier to sound noisy in your little shed than it is when you’re in our wide open state of the art stadium. When you’ve built one like that and can fill it every game and maintain the same noise levels you generate in your little cave then come back I me and we’ll talk. In the meantime know your place and accept you will never have the success we’ve had over the years no matter how much money you spend. Now get back to your filing.
      Always in Our Shadow. 52years and counting.

      • Exactly the response I expected. Occasionally, an Arsenal ‘fan’ will respond with some sensible comments like I did, but it’s rare. I will answer though. The company also has hospitality at Tottenham, which they prefer for many reasons not least the way they are treated and served, but that’s not relevant to football. Lower yourself to abuse by calling Tottenham’s ground a shithole/little shed/little cave (make your mind up) if it makes you feel better. I am glad you did not deny that there are many Johnny Come Latelys and I assume by that that you are one. Then finish your response about knowing our place and never having the same success as Arsenal. Then slip in the 52 years since the last title win. Well done as this continues to make my point. Arsenal ‘fans’ are utterly obsessed by Tottenham and I have no idea why and no one will explain it. Every day another newsnow article pops up with an Arsenal ‘fan’ talking about Tottenham. It’s just not healthy. Going to the Emirates IS a joyless and soulless experience – as you acknowledge in your response. It’s a shame and that was simply another point I am making. There were also many occasions last year when thousands of ‘fans’ didn’t turn up and enormous amounts left well before the end. There were far to many occasions when half time and full time were met with booing that was off the scale. Why? I look forward to your ‘Tottenham are little/shit/will never win anything response. For what it’s worth, I struggle to see Arsenal win anything anytime soon as they are short of a goalkeeper, reserve centre half, holding midfield player, forward. With investment from the massive turnover, Arsenal could really challenge, but the board don’t seem to want to take that final step. Why not? Give me a well thought out response rather than your previous pathetic comment.

  37. Unfortunately you have made a fundamental, childish mistake in your analysis. However at first glance this seems to be written by a schoolboy/girl so I wont be too harsh. With your economical model in mind, please explain to me why both Manchester City, in the last five years and Chelsea in the last ten years, have overtaken Arsenal. Both clubs resided in the lower leagues until relevently recently. Both have smaller grounds than you but richer owners! Thats the reason little boy/girl. Now embrace your decline and move on!

  38. If we’re so obsessed with Tottenham, how come there are roughly 3 or more Tottenham fans for every one Gooner posting comments here? It’s funny that the best counter argument some of you Spuddies can dig up, is to pick holes in peoples grammar.

    • Why not engage your brain before writing that comment. The article is a deliberate wind-up by an obsessed Arsenal ‘fan’. It appears on newsnow as it deliberately has ‘Spurs’ in the title. A lot of Tottenham fans see it on newsnow and are therefore responding to and article about THEIR club. They are not writing articles about another club. Is that simple enough for the hard of learning?

      • Got you though didn’t it. Maybe a few home truths in article has upset the swamp dwellers.
        Keep up the good work Phil

      • Oh! So there are no obsessed spuds writing blogs to bait Gooners? Difference is we have enough confidence in our club not to bite. When you upgrade your 36k seater cowshed, then come talk.

      • Gremlin Gunner – it’s all about who’s got the biggest stadium is it? We can only comment when we upgrade our cowshed. I actually thought it was about football. The confidence in your club is measured by the amount of booing at the Villa game presumably; the calls for Wenger to go and the desire to get rid of the Yank and replace him with the Russian. You are a very blinkered and deluded little boy

    • Here here
      just can’t accept their place in the grand scheme of things…
      only ambition in life is to try and finish above us every season even if its only 2nd from bottom.
      Bale left so they’ve just trolley dashed and bought a few half decent players and now they think they’ve arrived. They had a much better team when Bale, Pavlyuchenko, Modric and VDV were there and they still couldn’t top us. dreamers

      • Strangely the ambition of Tottenham is to punch above their weight and try to compete with clubs with larger stadiums and rich owners. To recognise that they need a new stadium and try to raise the money to build it. To not accept ‘their place’ in other words. Strangely, Arsenal’s ambition has become two fold – to end 4th and to end above Tottenham. Arsenal have accepted their place in the grand scheme of things i.e. they know they cannot compete with Man City, Chelsea and Man United and the top European teams. That is what is so ironic about your comments. Tottenham, daft little pointless Tottenham are the club with ambition desperately trying to compete, buying players who Arsenal should have bought – lloris, Vertonghen, Capoue to name a few – clinging onto the dream of getting into the Champions League and getting a little bit better every year without bucket loads of money. Arsenal delivered ‘the new stadium will enable us to compete against the top teams in Europe’. What has happened? They are just managing to end 4th, one point above Tottenham. No, it’s Arsenal who HAVE accepted their place.

  39. There’s no getting away from the fact that Arsenal have been a bigger club than Spurs in the past 20 odd years. They were bigger in the 1930s too. But then we were bigger than them in the 60s and most of the 80s. For most other periods we were on the same sort of level ..although, overall, the history and the glory, and the reputation for attacking football, has always been with the Spurs ..although Arsenal (damn it) have been great to watch for pure football reasons in more recent years. Now, after 20 years, the tide (and I think Arsenal fans are fearful of this despite their bravado) is showing signs of turning. Yes, I know that (like Arsenal admittedly) we always seem forced to sell our best players, when holding onto them would propel us forward more quickly and stop the constant rebuilding, while Arsenal have already got the stadium question out of the way (on this question we seriously can’t consider ourselves a massive club until we get past the 36,500 attendance barrier). I can’t help feeling too that despite our massive spend, Ozil should have been part of the Bale deal. On the positive side, even though the jury is out on youngsters, Lamela and Eriksen, I’m sure they must be the answer to our ‘creative’ dreams while it’s important to have that power/energy in midfield (Dembele, Paulinho, Capoue, Holtby, Sandro). I just hope the new boys, along with their strength, talent and dominating play, all gel properly soon, and acquire the passion quickly ..something they lacked (along with creativity) against Arsenal. Understandable, as that game came to early for them. Soldado, as a box player, needs creativity behind him more than anything ..plus flair is in our blood and throughout our history ..but i think that AVB will get it sorted. He needs to, very quickly, so that we can make it 3rd season lucky on the CL front ..rather than simply have ‘potential’.

  40. Don’t worry Spurs fans, Özil farted In a jar and It’s In the post to you right now.

    You too can get a sniff of a world class player.

  41. Strangely enough, today marks the 100th anniversary of Arsenal’s first game in Highbury, Islington, North London. Poor Spuddies, still haven’t gotten over it.

  42. Not too long ago we might have said the same about CFC – the gap between Arsenal and Chelsea seemed unbridgeable. And if, as you say, it’s mostly about money, imagine if the OS had been rented out to THFC and not WHFC – that alone would have narrowed the money-gap, perhaps even closed it. Or alternatively a benefactor owner, another Roman. Perhaps even Usmanov, if he tires of playing second fiddle. And another thing: Levy has outspent Wenger by £60m this summer – so if Spurs fail to overtake us, you’d have to say it must be the 15% due to AVB.

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