I Will Survive – The Harry Redknapp Cover Version

At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never turn Spurs into a top four side
Then I spent oh so many nights thinking we could win the league
I was wrong, but I’ll just have to carry on

So now we’re back, into fourth place
We were up there till December, but we’ll never win the race
I should have sold that bloody Friedel, should have dropped him from the team
If I had known for just one second he’d concede more than Derby

So many matches, ended up 2-2
At half time we were winning, then we went and effing drew!
And now I’m twitching while I’m thinking, should I just sell Jermain Defoe?
Woy’s got the England job, so I’m feeling pretty low

Go on now go – Bale, there’s the door
Your form’s gone down and we’ve still got Adebayor
Oh no we can’t afford him, City still must pay the wage
I’ll get someone from the youth team who are cheap but underage

But I, I will survive
Oh, if we’d have had just two more points our dream would be alive
But Ledley’s almost dead, Kaboul’s just overfed
But I’ll survive, I will survive

It took all the strength I had, not to fall apart
When I was up before the beak for that tax evasion lark
And I spent oh so many nights trying to book Monaco flights
Cos I can’t read, so BA’s terms are all meaningless to me

And as for Modric, it’s what I feared
Wants double wages if he’s staying but the money’s disappeared
If I sell him to the Chavs then all the fans want rid of me
Is there nothing I can do, maybe I can buy that Dembele?

But I, I will survive
Levy wants the Special One because he’s got more drive
I should have gone to Liverpool, can I go back to West Ham?
I know one thing for certain, I’m better than Fat Sam!

Go on now Joe, let me out the door
Can’t stick it with these dirty scum fans any more
Tottenham have no class, my heart was always with the Arse
So I’ll survive, yes I’ll surviiiiiiiiiiiiive!

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And check out the comments, particularly if you’re an Arsenal fan. Well worth a few minutes.


38 thoughts on “I Will Survive – The Harry Redknapp Cover Version

  1. From supporters who fight each other in the stands because half of them think their manager does not know what to do to improve the teams position. Look to yourselves rather than others becaus unlike other teams yours is not improving.

    • Which is why we improved our league position? And if Podolski isn’t an improvement I dont know what is. Have fun in EL Idiot.

    • Just to make sure Arsenal beat the best Tottemham side ever?
      The truth in the song is hard for you scummy spuds to except.

  2. Please try to confine your puerile attempts at humour to the websites for those worms who associate themselves with the pile of s*** that is Arsenal Football Club.

      • No you moron, your piss poor scribblings appeared on NEWSNOW for Spurs……I am sure that eventually you will find someone who apprecites your razor sharp wit,but not here.

      • Well my below average intelligence Spurs supporting chum, you’d better take that up with NewsNow, because they decide where to place things, not me.

  3. I’m sorry, but this is utter shite! I like banter and being a spurs fan, I am used to more than my fare share of it, but this is serisouly shite. Thanks for the effort though, I appreciate you spending your time thinking about Spurs, just maybe next time, spend your time coming up with something good and worthwhile


  5. As a Spurs man I found this funny and harsh (but fair) however I couldn’t help but think a song like this could easily be created for Wenger. After all, the majority of your fans BOO him when things aren’t going your way! Hey?

  6. Actually, unless you are Spud who lacks any sense of humour and are ultra-sensitive about anyone dissing the Spuds, this piece, while juvenile and a bit irrelevant, is amusing. I like that some Spuds fans actually liked it too and that means they love Football and having a laugh as much as anyone else. For those Spud twats who take this as an insult and themselves far too seriously, ‘Arry has quite a record with sinking Clubs, like icebergs have for sinking ships and of course you have finished behind Arsenal for the 17th straight season and are in the Europa Toilet League, soooooo I guess you need to learn to laugh abit?

  7. Haha great song I have a feeling this track will go triple platinum. Dare I say your A lyrical genius son 🙂
    Poor tiny tots

  8. We had to learn to laugh years ago. But having to endure that self centred floppy chopped twitching twat is stretching even our sense of humility.
    How funny would it be for everyone if he ended up with the chavs?
    `Eden I`ll try you out in goal today, JT – left wing. Now lads towards the end of last season you started to keep your shape really well. I`d like you to forget all that. And there will be a club fine for anyone who scores from a corner. Now, self belief – you can drop that idea too`.
    See we have learnt to laugh at ourselves!

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