Why Did Arsenal Agree To Call It ‘Emirates Stadium’?

I hate the word ‘Emirates’ as the name for Arsenal’s stadium. Absolutely hate it with a passion. I still can’t believe the club (well, Keith Edelman at the time) were so stupid as to not add another word into the title so we don’t have to suffer people calling it ‘The Emirates’ for the last six and next nine years. Emirates, the airline, sponsors Arsenal. ‘The Emirates’ is the country that the airline represents. It’s a small middle-eastern country, not a football stadium in North London.

Keith Edelman, some bald guy and a silver thing (no, me neither)

The Arsenal board did much in the years from 1998 to 2006 that has proved positive for us, but they took their eye off the ball and metaphorically scuffed the shot out for a throw in when they agreed that name. Whatever the benefits of the Emirates deal, I just can’t take the stadium name seriously. To my mind all right thinking supporters should just ignore it. Even one or two BBC commentators shunned the sponsor’s name to begin with, calling it Ashburton Grove instead, but that didn’t last long.

Unfortunately what has happened is that over the last few years even the most die-hard of those against the E-word have found it slipping into their vocabulary. Many might suddenly realise in 2017 that they’ve started saying it without meaning to. Then those who adopted it all along will point out that they were right and we who prefer not to use it were the fools and Luddites. A-ha, we’ll say, what you’re overlooking my friend is that it’s only four years until this accursed deal runs out – and then what are you going to do? Suddenly start calling it something else? Will you bow down and suck on whatever Arsenal give you as a corporate sponsor? And lovers of the E-word will be struck dumb by the logic in those questions.

Acceptance of the E-word has been helped by the fact that Ashburton Grove is a bit of a crap name for a stadium too. To be honest, anything with ‘Grove’ in it sounds a bit naff, sporting-wise. But I challenge anyone to come up with a sentence containing the words ‘the Emirates’ or ‘Emirates Stadium’ that can’t be changed to say ‘Arsenal’ or ‘Arsenal’s stadium’ or ‘the new stadium’ or some other variant that makes perfect sense. Go on, give me a sentence and I’ll give you the alternative. There is no need to use the word Emirates at all.

I don’t claim that Emirates is the worst name we could have got. At least as a brand it has something of a reputation for quality, and it’s better than the Board shunning the £100 million and still choosing something daft. (The constant references to the ‘South Stand’ at Highbury never filled me with confidence that their fingers were on the pulse.) Supporters of some other clubs that have moved have to endure a lot worse than we do, and at least ours is (in theory) temporary. But then other clubs aren’t Arsenal, so expectations are consequently lower. There are probably only three clubs in England that would find their fans similarly scathing if they took a sponsor’s name: Liverpool, Newcastle and Man Utd – and I’m not even sure about Man U. Liverpool are currently planning a move, so it will be interesting to see what they end up with (but if the word Shankly isn’t in it somewhere I’ll eat my lunch). Meanwhile Mike Ashley has already had a couple of goes at renaming St James’ Park, with predictable results from fans. To be fair, trying to rename an existing stadium is bound to irritate supporters even more than coming up with a stupid name for a new one.

The Saunders Honda / Cestrian Trading / Exacta Stadium. Jealous?

Those who have built new stadiums fairly recently are a mixed bag. You’ve got your ‘show me the money’ types who’ll take literally anything: Chester City for example, who have played at the Saunders Honda Stadium, the Cestrian Trading Stadium and now the Exacta Stadium, all in the last ten years; also Huddersfield at the Alfred McAlpine, Coventry at the Ricoh Arena. Then there’s the ‘local and proud of it’ type: Bolton at the Reebok, Leicester at the Walkers and Wigan at the JJB – though they’ve now moved into the next group, the ‘I paid for it so it’s mine’ egotistical chairmen: Oxford in the Kassam Stadium and Reading’s Madejski. There’s the ‘link with history’ type: Millwall at the New Den; Shrewsbury at the New Meadow (rather than the ‘New Gay Meadow’ – it’s political correctness gone mad!), the ‘community project’: Derby at Pride Park and Citeh at the City of Manchester Stadium, before Sheik Mansour hoved into view. The ‘too big for sponsors’: Sunderland at the Stadium of Light – which they claim is linked to the local glass industry and not copied from Benfica at all, oh no, ha ha. And finally the ones who had the perfect idea: take a sponsor’s money, but tack another bit on too. I give you Southampton at the (former) Friends Provident St Mary’s, and Middlesbrough at the (former) Cellnet Riverside.

Be honest, did you even remember that ‘Friends Provident’ was ever in the title of Southampton’s new ground? Everyone always called it St Mary’s, and sod the sponsor’s feelings. Southampton were actually forced into adding St Mary’s to the name by fan pressure, and they fairly soon dropped the Friends Provident bit anyway when their sponsor changed to FlyBe (who declined the option on the stadium name). As for ’Boro, they dropped the ‘Cellnet’ in 2002, but had the foresight to have asked their fans what they wanted before that, so ‘Riverside’ was already in common use. Bingo – money and credibility.

But look at us: when the Emirates deal runs out we’ll be left without a name at all. It would have been so simple to call it the ‘Emirates Arsenal Stadium’, or the ‘Emirates Highbury Stadium’ or even the ‘Emirates Chapman-Wenger Dome’ or ‘Emirates Gus Caesar Park’. Whatever, we’d have had SOMETHING to call it, and when our Arab friends left we’d have had a transition as smooth as Steve Bould’s head. Too bloody late now though.

I went to one meeting with various Arsenal commercial people, and someone from the club was asked about this. His reply was that he expected the name ‘Emirates Stadium’ to be so ingrained by 2021 that everyone would continue to use it anyway, even if the airline was no longer sponsoring it! This is completely stupid for at least two reasons: firstly, why would someone at the club be happy that some other commercial enterprise’s name is being used for Arsenal’s stadium if they’re not even paying?; and secondly, how are they going to attract another sponsor if they don’t even think people will take any notice of it? Never mind Stuart Robson, I seriously wonder why some of these commercial people are employed.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment here or on Twitter:  @AngryOfN5

ps – just to avoid any doubt, as some people have commented, I do know who the bald guy is.


84 thoughts on “Why Did Arsenal Agree To Call It ‘Emirates Stadium’?

  1. I completely agree with AngryOfN5. I always refer to going to Highbury, I know it might not be correct. I started going to Highbury in 1963 and have been a season ticket holder since the early ’80s. A move down the road to an inferior new ground does not change anything for me.

  2. Good article and makes a change from the usual transfer rumour shite.
    Personally I never use it, I have an ST so go every other week and always just say “I’m going to Arsenal”. I hate that its called Emirates but understand why the club allowed it. I also agree with you that they could have added an extra word in there ready for the future when we won’t be so desperate for the sponsor money.

  3. It isn’t it’s called ASHBURTON GROVE and when the contract is up with the airlines we can petition to bring the proper name back.

  4. Useless name, we have not won anything yet since taking that stupid name It has zero traditional attachment to the club at all! Why not Highbury Stadium…or something…

  5. Hi mate, great blog as usual. Always enjoy reading from this site, offers something different from the usual dross about transfers and the like.

    Anyway, me and my mates just call it the ‘Stadium’ or the ‘Arsenal’… Though I admit I do find myself slipping Emirates into my sentences now and again. I agree about everything you have said. I am scared to think of what it might be called when the name runs dry in 2021.. The name for me just has no soul…no Arsenal whatsoever. I would far prefer it to be called Ashburton Grove and would happily call it that all day long if I thought for a millisecond that it would catch on.

    In my opinion, no other name will catch on after the end of the Emirates deal. Just call it the ‘Arsenal Stadium’ and just hope to god that people eventually forget about the whole thing. That to me is the only atlernative I can think of.

    Cheers mate.

  6. I think there is more money to be maid when the fans will accept the corporation on thier home. I’m just hoping we’re playing at burger king stadium next go around.

  7. I appreciate your passion and fearless critique. I have a criticism of what is happening at the E******s ( I won’t use that word any more). Most people talk financial talk in Arsenal discussions, We have money, no we don’t have money, Usmanov is an A******e, Kroenke is an A******e, Gazidis is an A******e. Some of those statements are true. What is as important is that there are unseen factors that are qualitative rather than quantitative. Arsenal have lost their luminosity. The only adjectives that now describe us are negative. This club has become boring. Football wise too. Kroenke and Gazidis (Wenger to some measure) have coloured the psychological Arsenal grey and boring. The spirit seems to have left this club. The board do not understand the more special aspects of a club. The mystique of a club. Players are no longer queing to play for us because we are BORING. Not only on the field but in every other aspect of the clubs business. Wenger, Gazidis, and Kroenke make me fall asleep. I love this club, but want to see the back of Kroenke/Gazidis for their complete unawareness of the subtleties and public image of our club.

      • Though I think Ivan gets a hard time and his hands are largely tied. Mind you, the salary and bonus is probably some compensation.

    • I want to tell you what I think about this situation.

      I think Chelsea and Man City have coloured football grey. I truly believe there is zero we can do to be a colourful, healthy club in this current climate of “enter infinite money cheat” where the press and everyone is feeding from the same dirty-money trough. Really, think about it. What can anyone do?

      I know politics rule all, but in some alternate universe there is a world where the press lambast these teams for ruining football, and fans don’t hide behind the “you’re jealous” schoolyard reaction.

  8. I really could not give a flying 4uck what they call it, win a few trophies and they can call it The Queen’s Arse bth the bald guy is Liam Brady 😉 don’t know what you call the silver yoke think I saw one of those 7 or maybe 8 years ago

  9. Agree with You but please, please don´t offend our great Liam Brady. Our only great player some 30 years ago. Must agree when I speak with someone on the phone I just say Highbury and then I remember the new name of our stadion and I do not like it. Just agree with you.

  10. Our previous home was actually called Arsenal Stadium, which just happened to be in Highbury, which the new stadium pretty much still is to all intents and purposes.

    So just say your off to Highbury.

  11. Not wanting to spoil the all the agreement here but I think that the stadium is called the Emirates stadium because Emirates Airlines stumped up the cash… which we needed to get the stadium built! I know that it fashionable to criticise everything and anything now, especially when one is not responsible for any decisions or their consequences but i would have thought that it was fairly obvious why The stadium that Arsenal football club play in is named after an oil-rich middle Eastern kingdom. It’s because at the time even the banks didn’t want to lend us the money for the stadium! we had to do the best deals we could to get the stadium built. No one remembers how hard building the stadium was now that it is built and all shiny … which is probably why anyone can sit behind a keyboard and write the kind of sanctimonious dribble that criticises when it should try to understand and inform.

    Let’s be clear about this… no one in authority gave Arsenal a penny to help with the stadium. The club, no matter what we may think, rejuvenated an underused brown-field site in Islington and no one offered us a penny of government money… unlike Bayern Munich and now Tottenham, think about it. If enduring the name “Emirates” (I don’t call it that anyway) for 10 years or so is the price we have to pay for that stadium being built… so be it! That’s my own personal view. Now you can all get back to the back slapping and mutual admiration.

    • Agree with you on almost everything, but as I keep saying, all we had to do was follow what Southampton and Middlesbrough did and get the sponsor and the right name.

      • Hi Phil, I assume the article is written light-heartedly but there are a few points worth noting:

        1. The biggest sponsors wouldn’t shell out as much if it was ‘Emirates Arsenal’ or ‘Emirates Highbury’ because they are acutely aware everyone will end up using the second word rather than the first. Maybe smaller brands might be amenable to the idea, but it would be hard to extract a hefty deal from them.

        2. While the United Arab Emirates is small in area, it’s capital Abu Dhabi has the largest sovereign investment fund in the world (over USD 600 billion!) and of course are owners of Manchester City and Etihad Airlines (they’re not going to stop spending anytime soon, you can bet on that). Dubai, where Emirates is based, is home to the world’s tallest building and world’s largest shopping mall (by area), among others world-class landmarks.

        3. Emirates Airlines is among the largest sport sponsors in the world – football, rugby, sailing, golf, tennis, cricket and more.

        4. Emirates Airlines has similar values to Arsenal – they are both run professionally (or BORINGLY as someone pointed out), both boast great quality infrastructure, both are profitable – Emirates recently posted their 24th consecutive year of profits – a damn difficult thing to do in an increasingly difficult aviation sector.

        What I’m saying is that while Highbury or Ashburton Grove has emotional attachment for local supporters and ST holders, on an international level, Arsenal probably benefit as much from Emirates’ strong brand recognition as the other way around.

        Also, as someone pointed out, it beats having to say you’re going to the Burger King Arsenal Stadium – certainly not an association to be proud of, more so if the word ‘Arsenal’ is thrown in.

        On a more serious note, there’s no denying that Arsenal have been too conservative on the commercial front and have signed too many long-term contracts. While the deals were right at the time they were signed, the club has underestimated Arsenal’s global appeal, Arsene Wenger’s personal brand value and football’s growing popularity.

        Maybe you can bring it up in the meet with Ivan Gazidis? It would be interesting to know how he sees the commercial arm improving in 3-4 years time and it’s impact on the funds Arsenal will have to invest in the squad.

  12. I started going to watch Arsenal at Highbury in 1949. I still go to watch Arsenal at Highbury – the only difference is that it used to the ‘Arsenal Stadium’ Highbury and now it is the ‘Emirates Stadium’ Highbury. Nothing has changed for me – I have always gone to Highbury and will always go to Highbury. The ‘E’ word means nothing and is not in my vocabulary!

    • Great to see a supporter like you. I was born in 1949 but started going to Highbury in 1948 (arsenal 4 v 5 Man Utd. I lived in Highbury. I love Highbury. I love Highbury Barn, Highbury Hill, Highbury Fields, I loved that beautiful Art Deco stadium. Magic. The culmination was in the ‘Invincibles’. Magic, joy, total football ballet. Money is not our problem, it’s how to get the Magic back. We are charismatically challenged at the moment. Fantastic that you have spported our club for 63 years. Respect.

  13. A friend of mine at the club told me after this deal runs out it will be called Arsene Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

    • Would it be impolite to suggest that you’re a prize c***, Mr Bean? I find it ludicrous still that you manged to get a film out of your OCD sub-Marcel MArceau antics. Your real name isn’t ‘RAmsh*t’ is it, you bell-end?
      getting back to the nub, personally, I couldn’t give aa fook that our stadium is called the ‘Emirates’; I go to support the ARsenal at ‘the ARsenal’ and the fact that at this point in time, we lack geographical association, doesn’t play on my mind at all.

      Why the soul-searching about the naming rights, all of a sudden?

  14. I think it’s a storm in a teacup.
    I bet everyone was happy to take the 100 million.
    Ashburton Grove may be used one day,but Emirates want to chuck in a few hundred Mellon more,they can call it what they like.
    Unfortunately,the money is more important than the ground name,so accept it.

  15. You got too much free time!
    Seriously, without the Emirates money we would have NO new stadium!
    Get a life!
    If it was called ‘The Toilet’ I would still go every two weeks and supoort my club and renew my season ticket. You obviously dont have a season ticket and probably never go to games. Just sit behind your keyboard writing shit like this!
    Yeah, wouldn’t it be lovely if it was called ‘The Gun Arena’ or something cool. but it aint. Big Deal!

    • Bring not brack. Arsenal still can have a sponsored stadium but New Highbury as the permanent name – e.g. Emirates Stadium, New Highbury

  16. Why not try the ‘woolwich Stadium” with is in constrast with the first name of the club ‘royal woolwich arsenal’…nice post BTW,mate!!

  17. Such a good post and an issue I had expected to hear about more often. I am from Holloway road and am chuffed the stadium moved where it did. The naming issue is tricky and as stated already, Highbury was actually the arsenal stadium Highbury. The sponsorship enabled us to build the stadium and it what it is. It would have been better to have called it a name like the Arsenal Emirates stadium or something to make an easy transition after Emirates is dropped. I imagine they will rename it when the time comes and ask fans for their opinions.

  18. Arsenal would have died without the Emirates money. Trust me, my Mrs works for Emirates corporate HQ, Dubai and was involved in the deal. It was a win-win sitaution for both parties. For those haters of the Emirates name, think about it, which corporate would have remained with a club that’s done fuck all for seven years? Emirates remained and remains loyal. Let’s not bitch about a successful corporate putting money into an unsuccessful football club and having the stadium named after it. Next we’ll be bitching about why are there so many stairs in the stadium? . . .

  19. Couldn’t they call it “New Highbury Stadium”?
    Or simly Arsenal Stadium. Any of these two sounds like a proud name for fans to call their stadium doesn’t it?

  20. I have to be honest, I think Emirates is fine. Anything is fine within reason. I think older people who supported Arsenal in the glory days criticising the name probably also say things like, “In my day music was better, this was better, this was different,” etc. etc.

    It’s just a name. And I think it being named after a middle eastern country is actually quite fitting of where the modern game is going. It’s our sponsor, so that’s why it’s called Emirates. And we were desperate to secure sponsorship in the beginning? Actually, I prefer The Emirates to Ashburton Grove for no good reason other than that I don’t like the sound of Ashburton Grove.

    I love your site, by the way!

  21. “To my mind all RIGHT THINKING supporters should just ignore it”. Who gives you the birthright to decide for people what’s right and whats not; who’s a RIGHT THINKING fan and who’s not!! The nerve of you. You don’t like it? Fine you are free to your own opinion. But, don’t push your agenda on other to follow you. For me, I LOVE IT!! It sounds regal, like royalty, which is what Arsenal is.

  22. since moving to the e-stadium and doing the e-word on our jersys we’ve not won anything.remember chevs when they were using fly emirates?they neva used 2 win.get back O2 on our lovely tops.

  23. great post guys, but first i do understand the need for sponsors and the vast amount of money it brings to our sport these days and so with Emirates airlines, so i would like the format changed & as a fan to know where that money has gone OK 100mil we know this time has helped build the stadium, as for naming rights i would have prefered Arsenal stadium proudly sposored by Emirates, as for the next sponsors it would be nice for us fans for them to say PEP ha wishfull thinking has identified 3 players at a total cost of 100 mill and we are giving Arsenal the money to buy them, then us fans could see and watch the investment on the pitch rather than to see nothing only the C.E.O driving a new Bentley.

    Keep on posting lads Keian,,, a Gunner

  24. Without d emirate we wont have any stadium by now,,,,we wil still be using d old highbury but think the money they paid to sponsore the project or it it arshburton groove that wil build the stadium it self?

  25. Cheers for a positive about St Mary’s. Saints going back to their roots. Obviously Arsenal have to make up history, but I always loved the woolich arsenal name. Great idea to use the gun as well. Possible nickname there. You reap what you sow.

  26. Wake up to reality. It is worth an awful lot of money, and is a great business decision.

    More important is that we are managing our debts, and hopefully will start spending the money on the right players

  27. Er ,if iam not mistaken our old ground like the new is in highbury..and our old ground was called “the Arsenal Stadium”….the film was called the Arsenal Stadium mystery,not the Highbury mystery…………southamptons ground name was ST Marys Provident,after their backers hows that for history?

  28. interesting read and agree with most of what you say, the some bald guy in the picture is im quiet sure liam brady is it not or did you not know that ?

  29. I think it was needed at the time. if I am not mistaken 100m was paid up front and as a result we managed to pay off a lot of the debt in advance. I think this decision as well as the ones to sell the retail rights and others made at this time are the reasons we cant buy like Liverpool, and Spuds or even Man U. Man City and Chelsea are a different kettle of fish that it would take impossible sponsership deals to catch them. i think this highlighs how well Arsene does and how important he is to us. Name another manager that could keep us in the top 4 while selling players? He is doing eaxactly what has been asked of him. make the highest income at the lowest risk.

    I think the man is the best there is. Dont forget, when it was a level playing field we were very succesful with Arsene. I honestly believe that without the Russian we would have won a coule of trophies in this very important time in our history.

    I believe we will get through this, however, for every Chelsea and Man City it sets us back a couple of years. However, they wont keep us away for long. Once the stadium is paid and the sponsership deals are sorted out. Plus a couple of our current crop reach peak, Ramsey, Gibbs, Whilshire, The Ox, maybe Theo we will be a force with funds.

    Now that is mouthwatering,


    • brdgunner
      Wenger and Gazidis have said there is money to spend on players. Why do you negate what they themselves say? Who do I believe you or them? Why do you make this stuff up?

      • The money they talk about is relative. In comparison to a club living by its means we are competitive. But the market place is skewed. Man city and Chelsea have inflated wages of players they would not even go for. So every player and their wages are 20% higher. In addition, wenger is renowned for his eye for talent. So it adds to a players value when we take a look which agents use to their advantage.

      • brdgunner

        Exactly it is relative and not absolute. To insinuate we cannot join the transfer market, for financial reasons, is presenting an unreality as a reality. We have never bought players at inflated prices and no one is suggesting we do. Henri, Viera, Bergkamp, Overmars, Nasri etc etc were not bought at inflated prices. So just as examples, Marvin Martin, Olivier Giroud, Huntelaar, Capoue, Giovinco, our own Podolski…etc. there are many good players available, within our financial capabilities, in the market. Please state your case more accurately or some people, with that inclination, will accept as true that which is not. There is NOTHING wrong with buying players to challenge for trophies.

      • My point was that we needed to sell the stadium name to get the funds for the stadium. It’s not relative to discuss the morales of buying players. I agree we need to buy, however, we can’t compete with city and Chelsea st this moment in time. I would love us to sign players we just need to sort the stadium out first. Or so it would seem

        Come on the gunners

  30. ive never used the “E” word, it disgusts me. i still use highbury or The Arsenal and if my son uses the “E” word in front of me he gets a spoonful of english mustard for using bad language. As a club we go on about the great Arsenal tradition etc… but all that goes out the window when money’s involved. DON’T USE THE “E” WORD it’s un-Arsenal

  31. Couldn’t agree more, it seems just lazyness as they don’t want to have to bother with coming up with a proper name so they’ll just take the sponsers. Arsenals commercial department have already shown how useless they are on a number of occiasions, especially with sponsership and to make up for there failings not only do we have a lazy named stadium but the higest season ticket prices to make up for the fact that we are a top ten club but are top twenty commercially. But for me the most criminal aspect of the commercial departments failings is when Wenger has to sell players , key ones at that to make up for there incompetence. If you run any type of buisness and you have to sell keyarts of your key buisness every year just to turn a profit and keep the share price high then there is something seriously wrong with your buisness no matter what it is. This is the position the commercial department has put us in, along with the board. Its like running a tech company and selling your crucial patents each year, to then relie on unproven tech which could be better but is a gamble. Your tech company will do well in the short term but long term your strategy is flawed. AW is finally realising that what the board insist on him doing is unfair and unsustanable, they bleet in about how there are employing a sustanable model but they couldn’t be bullsh*ting us more if they tried. I can’t even watch Gazidis talk anymore it gets to me as this is no way to run a buisness no matter what the board say. If your going to the AST Dont let him off the hook, the failings of the commercial department are directly linked to the pitch and they will deny it but then otherwise why sell key core buisness assets?

  32. Glazer Stadium; Allam Stadium – Hull City ?? …and although they haven’t vied into sports sponsorship yet, imagine Durex [http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-04-01/sports/30010164_1_extra-time-board-durex-condoms] clinching a sponsorship deal?

  33. And we are the only club to have a tube station named after the club. Arab sponsors, American and Russian major share holders Give me the old days back at highbury any day.We are club deep in heritage but that is quickly ebbing away.I know the move was a necessity but at what cost.An extra 22000 seats half of which are for corporate nobodys who barely watch a game.Players who will come and plead loyalty and be a gunner for life, only to be tempted away by money, and the end result is that the paying fans and the club drift apart more and more each season .I support the club first and foremost but the modern game sickens me.

  34. Spot on Kelsey.

    I find it so hard to except that Man City and Chelsea should be adhered to or congratulated. It may be to the dimise of the Premier League. If City and Chelsea dominate for 5 – 10 years (Man U will drop once Fergie goes, remeber Liverpool after Dalglish?) no one else can compete. How many people will get into a sport only two teams can win? Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, Tennis all sports that could benefit from this. I genuinely believe this.

  35. Honestly, is it really the name of the stadium that bothers you or the fact that the club has happened to underperform in it? If Arsenal had won a few Premierships in Emirates, I suspect you’d find yourself warming to it. It’s a name, nothing more. Remember what Shakespeare said about that?

    And let’s be honest, this is the way the game is going. Most new stadiums nowadays are sponsored, and when the financial fair-play rules kick in, you’re going to see a lot of older stadiums sell their naming rights, too. I don’t think even Old Trafford will be immune.

    • Yes, it’s the name that bothers me. Trophies wouldn’t make any difference, different subject altogether. The club is in control of the name.

  36. Well, they’ve agreed to keep calling it Emirates Stadium until (at least) 2028, so you should probably come to terms with it. It’s just a name.

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