Harry Redknapp’s Brilliant Legacy

It’s been an up and down career for H Redknapp Esq. Mostly down once he legs it, to be fair. The man truthfully has no equal in English football.

1983–1992 – Harry Redknapp manages Bournemouth

               2002 – Bournemouth relegated

               2008 – Bournemouth in administration , docked points and relegated

1994–2001 – Harry Redknapp manages West Ham United

               2003 – West Ham relegated

               2009 – West Ham relegated

               2010 – West Ham saved from bankruptcy by £100m bailout by new owners

2002–2004 and 2005-2008 – Harry Redknapp manages Portsmouth

               2009 – Portsmouth delay payment of players’ wages three times in four months

               2010 – Portsmouth become first PL club to go into administration, making 85 people redundant; relegation follows

               2011 – New owners take over and last 4 months before going into administration themselves

               2012 – Portsmouth into administration for the second time

2004–2005 – Harry Redknapp manages Southampton

               2005 – unusually, Southampton relegated BEFORE Redknapp walks out

               2008 – Southampton players have to be sold to avoid administration

               2009 – the old familiar tale: Southampton go into administration and are relegated (again).

2008–2012 – Harry Redknapp manages Tottenham Hotspur

               2013 – ???  (fingers crossed)

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4 thoughts on “Harry Redknapp’s Brilliant Legacy

  1. If you haven’t already seen it check out ‘ SWISS RAMBLE’ and read his article ‘HARRY’S GAME’. It’s absolutely brilliant!

    • I’m not saying he’s directly responsible for everything, just that at every club he’s managed he does not leave a legacy of success.

  2. It’s still a stretch. As loathsome as some think he is, he’s not as horrible as he’s made out to be here. In any event, before he entered the business he was an Arsenal supporter. Leave the old man alone.

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