Food references ‘not racist’ at all, says Ferdinand. Probably

Rio Ferdinand has waded into the John Terry race row by condoning calling Terry’s Chelsea teammate Ashley Cole a ‘choc ice’. Ferdinand denied that the term was in any way racial, saying in a series of entirely made up quotes, “I often call people by food names. I have a poor memory and it helps me remember who they are. I once forgot to do a, err, you know and I was banned from, err, I mean, I think I was, for a few months, or something. It was a long time ago.

“Look at me! I’m a cauliflower! Big round head and need to be dunked in boiling water for a long long time”

“Anyway, I often call Anton ‘cabbage’ because his brain doesn’t appear to be attached to the rest of his body, and I call Giggsy ‘tart’ for obvious reasons. Sir Alex is ‘beetroot’ because of his face, but I do get confused and call him ‘radish’ sometimes if only his nose is red. I use names of sweets as well: Ashley Young is ‘lolly’ because he always says ‘Sucker!’ to refs when they award him a penalty.

“I know I used to call Graeme Le Saux ‘fruit salad’, but I can’t remember why.

“So when I agreed that Cole was a choc ice I meant he’s quite a cold person and tries to look hard on the outside, though he isn’t really.

Can I go now? I’ve got to pick up ‘potato’ from his gran’s house on the way to training.”

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12 thoughts on “Food references ‘not racist’ at all, says Ferdinand. Probably

  1. Sick of hearing from Rio Ferdinand, he is like a spoilt child since he lost the caprtancy to John Terry, he has staged a vendetta about him ever since.

    He was behind the latest trouble with John Terry ending up in court.

    It is time he just kept his mouth shut

  2. this is a very silly blog. the term “choc ice” is like “oreo” or “uncle tom” in the US. It’s an offensive RACIAL term black people use toward other blacks but it’s not racist (yes, there’s a difference). Malcolm X famously coined the term “house negro” to refer to the slave whose life was good compared to the slave working in the fields. Rio’s explanation of the term is exactly right: it’s used to describe a black person who’s authenticity is being questioned, they’re viewed as a kind of race traitor. Rio is calling Cashley a fake black man because he’s siding with a white man Rio views as racist toward black people. You can condemn him for using an insulting, offensive term that labels Cole that way. You can condemn him for using such a term on a public place like twitter. Those terms are usually used by black people among themselves. Labels like that are often used against black people like Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice. But this blog doesn’t deal with any of that. It doesn’t do much of anything, actually.

    • Insulting a mixed-race guy for siding with a white guy – and singling out a man’s colour as part of the reason he shouldn’t be sided with – is certainly judging someone by their race, and could easily be seen as racist.

    • Yes it’s silly, I don’t dispute that. But it does do something: it takes the piss out of Rio Ferdinand. Harry Redknapp is currently unavailable.

  3. Denilson.. Get real, his younger brother was abused on the pitch by John Terry, what you do?? oh that’s right nothing!!!! and if this case was bought by John Terry about comments by Anton Ferdinand you could have bet all the money in the back of England that Terry would have won the case and Anton would have been charged by the court and by the FA…. That’s right open your eyes.

  4. i do not find this blog silly as some have stated. it highlights a) how stupid RF is and b) how stupid he thinks we are.

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