Maximum Arsenal Share Price, 2007-2012

Here’s a table showing the increase in the highest price paid for Arsenal shares in the last 4 years, according to Plus Markets website.

I must point out that the Plus Markets site doesn’t include the huge blocks that KSE bought from the other directors almost a year ago, and may not include other trades, so these are only the highest prices paid ‘on market’.

And what is going on with that share sold for £11,756.51 on February 9, 2011? That must have been a tough negotiation. Or a hell of a typo.

05/11/2007 8,400.00
09/11/2007 8,500.00
29/11/2007 8,750.00
15/02/2008 9,000.00
07/10/2008 9,500.00
25/03/2010 10,070.00
29/03/2010 10,200.00
13/04/2010 10,500.00
15/09/2010 10,800.00
27/09/2010 10,950.00
01/10/2010 11,300.00
04/02/2011 11,500.00
08/02/2011 11,600.00
09/02/2011 11,756.51
29/03/2011 11,800.00
18/04/2011 11,900.00
04/05/2011 11,950.00
05/05/2011 12,000.00
20/05/2011 12,500.00
25/05/2011 14,000.00
21/11/2011 14,700.00
16/01/2012 15,000.00
03/02/2012 16,000.00
14/02/2012 16,500.00
27/02/2012 16,750.00
23/03/2012 16,800.00
03/07/2012 17,000.00
17/08/2012 17,250.00

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5 thoughts on “Maximum Arsenal Share Price, 2007-2012

  1. Stan paid 11,750 pounds per share so currently is sitting on a pretty profit, almost 50% and with a probably buyer in Usmanov. This share price should increase with the great TV deal coming through next season and the renegotiation of the commercial deals. If he is sensible he will realise a trophy is important. But he will also realise that he can fill the stadium most weeks (even more likely with differential pricing just introduced) so the business is fine in the short term. However if he is really savvy he will look at the Man City shirts being worn by some kids in London (and lots of Chelsea shirts) and realise he is losing future ‘customers’ ie season ticket holders in 25 years time. However he may not be planning to stick around that long and may not care…

  2. This is Usmanov’s strategy (the only one available to him). Usmanov is driving up the share price by buying up any shares that come on the market at ever increasing prices. He hopes that Kronke will take the money and run by selling out to him, which could happen. However the opposite is just as likely with Stan happy to sit and get richer at Usmanov’s expense. Watch out for Usmanov switching his affection to West Ham when the Olympic stadium issue is resolved. Alisher has always loved West ham!

  3. Stan has a major problem if his intention is to turn a profit: the only buyer in town is Alisher – which means that Alisher (not Stan) will dictate the selling price. The Silent One miscalculated: he expected the Uzbek to sell out to him. And Alisher has made clear that he won’t be going away. So Stan has laid out upwards of £400m (mostly borrowed) and still isn’t sole owner. In effect his hands are tied: he can’t sell out to anyone but Alisher (and Alisher will probably regard that as payback time for the way he’s been treated) and if he doesn’t sell, the Club’s revenue is likely to fall without success on the pitch which, in turn, requires serious investment in quality players – something it seems he is not inclined to do. Against all the odds, Arsene saved the day by qualifying for CL. But it will be even tougher do so again, with no RVP (probably) and all the rival clubs massively strengthening. Only one winner in the end, I think.

    • Kronke doesn’t need to be sole owner, he has complete control as demonstrated by refusing Usmanov a seat on the board. He can sell to whoever he likes and in case you didn’t notice the share price of Arsenal currently makes Stan’s investment worth nearly twice what he paid for it. In the battle for Arsenal Usmanov lost, it’s over, but he’s too rich to face facts and hangs around like a bad smell

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